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Boateng blames white players for not helping against racism

Sun 27 December 2020 | 15:00

Former Barcelona and Milan striker, now at Monza in Serie B, says white players have never done anything to help him stand against racism.

Kevin Prince Boateng

has always tried to raise awareness and combat

racial injustice

, beginning in 2013 when he walked off the pitch in a friendly match between



Pro Patria

in the face of racist tormenting.

“Those facts caused me a painful wound. I had made so many sacrifices to play in one of the strongest team in the world. I thought I had put behind me the dark days I lived when I was a child. I could no longer accept such behaviour," he said.

“Perhaps, the situation has also worsened now. Let’s have a look at what is happening around the world, the killing of George Floyd for example. They kill people in front of cameras, even for trivial reasons. The Black Lives Matter movement was born, but too little has been made to tackle this phenomenon.

“White players have never helped me in this fight against racism. Some of them remain quite because of fear, others because they believe it is more advantageous not to expose themselves. White people command, if they raised their voice, we would be heard more,”

Boateng said


source: SportMob