Parma threw away another 2-0 lead

Mon 14 December 2020 | 0:00

Parma boss Fabio Liverani is left with regrets after they threw away another 2-0 lead with Theo Hernandez's late equalizer for Milan.


’s side were ahead with two goals at San Siro, just like against Inter, but they couldn’t hold it as

Theo Hernandez

picked up his brace with a late equalizer.

They have also been lucky as the Rossoneri hit the woodwork four times and a disallowed goal.

“We started well, took the lead, then certainly Milan pushed hard for 20 minutes, they hit the woodwork four times, so objectively they deserved to equalize,” Liverani told Sky Sport Italia.

“After that, we doubled our lead with a well-worked move, but the disappointment is that after the 2-1, we basically didn’t run any risks until stoppages.

“There are regrets that we were so close to the victory, but we live and learn. We should’ve done better on the equalizer, as we had the defense in place, we had the numerical advantage in the box, yet we allowed them to get two shots away.

“It’s impossible to be perfect this early into the project, we’re working on it and improving.”

Liverani was asked whether he is surprised after his side’s show against unbeaten Milan.

“Milan are unbeaten since March in Serie A, so naturally they are strong, but I thought we could cause problems with Gervinho in the gap between Davide Calabria and Matteo Gabbia, which is where the first goal came from.

“Naturally, if you have Gervinho and Karamoh, you have to play directly and not try to build it up from deep. We have to find other alternatives and play to those strengths.”

source: SportMob