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Fowler scores a legal win against Brisbane Roar

Sun 29 November 2020 | 13:21

FIFA finds Brisbane Roar guilty in the case of dismissing Robbie Fowler.


Brisbane Roar


Robbie Fowler

was handed a legal win by FIFA after being wrongfully dismissed from the team. According to the announcement, the A-League club is obliged to pay both Fowler and his assistant, Tony Grant, for the damages they caused their former employees during last season.

It was in June that Brisbane Roar announced the dismissal of Fowler, but according to

the Herald

their reason for terminating his contract were his comments about the club’s damaged reputation.

Fowler, who won the case against his former team, revealed his wish to donate a sum of the money to charity.

"For me it was just a case of clearing my name - and this letter [from FIFA] proves I never walked out and that's a big, big thing,"

Fowler said.

"That's why I went down the FIFA route in all honesty. It was never about money, it was about getting my reputation intact and letting everyone know the real truth - I never walked away, because we were on the cusp of doing really well.”

"I'm happy. And now I can come out and thank the fans for treating me well and getting right behind me. It's a shame how it all worked out, but it's obviously proved now it wasn't my fault."

Though the Roars’ chief executive, David Pourre, took the blame for their mistakes, he still believes FIFA ignored the rule of law in Australia.

"It is however disappointing that FIFA appears to have refused to recognize the rule of law found in the Fair Work Act in Australia,"

said Pourre.

"It makes operating commercially in this country difficult when FIFA, it appears, can refuse to apply the law of our country.”

"FIFA it seems has in effect punished us as a result of the coronavirus interruption to the A-League season which is clearly unfair and means that foreign coaches are in a better legal position than the majority of Australians who have suffered from stand downs as a result of the pandemic."

source: SportMob