Muller returns to Germany?!

Germany coach has been urged for the return of Muller with the player being open to that option.
Muller returns to Germany?!

After their 6-0 loss to Spain, Germany’s coach Joachim Low was urged to recall Thomas Muller to the international squad. Following their failure to qualify to the next round of UEFA Nations League many wished that the coach would bring back some of their former players.

Among those who are eager for the return of Muller is Jurgen Klinsmann who said: “The team lacks a leader, it's sad to see.”

"It lacks a personality that after the second or third goal sends out some signals, does something, does a foul, interrupts the game, gets in the face of the Spanish players, and that raises the big question about Thomas Muller.”

“Muller is a leader. He's the leader of the pack at Bayern Munich still because he keeps the young players in line. Leroy Sane, Serge Gnabry... they all follow Thomas Muller on the field and that's why Bayern is unbeaten in I don't know how long in the Champions League.”

“It's a big problem for Germany when we're just six or seven months out from the Euros.”

Bayern Munich star, Muller also talked about Germany painful loss to Spain saying: "That certainly hurts. Of course, you suffer for your team-mates in the club, with the players you know, with whom you have played - and also a little with the spectators.”

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