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Top facts about Sander Berge, the Norwegian prodigy

Sander Berge is actually a good ball carrier capable of driving into space and break defensive lines. Read on to find out more facts about Sander Berge, the Norwegian defensive midfielder.

A midfielder for EFL Championship side

Sheffield United

and the Norwegian national team, Sander Gard Bolin Berge (born 14 February 1998) is a Norwegian professional footballer who now plays for the club and the Norwegian national team.

As a member of Asker's youth academy, Berge has excelled.

Sander Berge’s age

is 23. Here you can find the most important facts about Sander Berge, the modern midfielder.

The first fact about Sander Berge is that he began his career at Asker Fotball and later moved to the first division club Vålerenga Oslo. He made his Tippeligaen debut on July 11, 2015 against Sandefjord Fotball.

In January 2017 He joined KRC Genk. He made his league premiere on January 21, 2017 in a 1-0 win against KAS Eupen in Division 1A.

At the end of the 2018/19 season, he was able to celebrate the Belgian championship with the club. At the end of January 2020, he moved to Sheffield United in the English Premier League.

The Norwegian international was previously United’s record signing, costing around £22m when he arrived from


last January, and is keen to get back on the field and show the promise that persuaded the Blades to shell out such a fee for his services.

Top facts about Sander Berge:

An important fact about Sander Berge is that he played for almost all Norwegian youth national teams and also made his debut in the A-selection at the European Championship qualifier against Northern Ireland (0: 2) in Belfast on March 26, 2017. He scored his first goal on September 5, 2019 in a 2-0 home win over Malta.

Sander Berge early life

Berge was born on February 14, 1998, in the Norwegian town of Brum, and regarding

Sander Berge’s childhood

, it should be mentioned that he was destined for a sporting career.

Speaking about

Sander Berge’s parents

, it is worth mentioning that both of his parents and elder brother have represented Norway in basketball, while his grandpa, Ragnar Berge, was a professional footballer who was capped once by


and played for Valerenga in the Norwegian league.

Sander Berge personal life

As of today, Sander Berge is single and has no children. It is no surprise that Berge hails from a basketball-playing family; his father, Swedish mother, and elder brother have all represented their countries at the international level.

His brother has also played for top-flight clubs Centrum Tigers and Asker Aliens, as well as for the national squad.

Sander Berge professional career

Sander Berge made his debut as a 16-year-old for his hometown, third division club, Asker Fotball. He made the short move along Norway’s south coast to Oslo, joining Valerenga, a week before his 17th birthday.

International recognition was his reward for his ability to showcase his talents on an entirely new stage in a short space of time.

Sander Berge club career

A notable fact about Sander Berge is that he began his professional football career as a junior player with Asker Fotball, and he made his senior debut for the club at the conclusion of the 2013 season, while they were competing in the Norwegian second division.

Prior to the 2015 season, he signed with Vlerenga, a top-flight squad. He made his league debut on 11 July 2015, coming in as a substitute against Sandefjord, and then went on to make his first league start the following week against Rosenborg, immediately establishing himself as a crucial player for the team.

K.R.C. Genk

On January 2, 2017, he agreed to terms with K.R.C. Genk on a four-year deal. On the 21st of January, he made his first team league debut as a substitute in the 0–1 victory away at Eupen.

Against Royal Excel Mouscron on February 17, he made his first start and played the entire match at home, and he quickly established himself as a key member of the team for the remainder of the season, which included an impressive run in the Europa League that culminated in a quarter-final appearance against Celta Vigo.

Sheffield United

An important

fact about Sander Berge

is that he signed a contract with Premier League team Sheffield United on January 30, 2020, becoming the club's all-time highest-paid signing.

He agreed to a deal that would last four and a half years. Sheffield United defeated

Tottenham Hotspur

3–1 on July 2nd, and Berge scored his first goal for the club in the victory.

When Chris Wilder spent about £22 million to bring Berge to Bramall Lane in January of 2020, there was a palpable sense of anticipation in the air.

Nobody will ever forget the atmosphere at Crystal Palace, when there was real enthusiasm at the prospect of the Blades acquiring a fantastic midfielder who has the potential to become a world-class player.

Things, on the other hand, haven't exactly turned out the way we imagined. In his first few games with the Blades, Berge failed to reach his best form. Then, after finally getting his act together against the likes of Tottenham and Chelsea during the lockout, he had a horrific injury that forced him to miss all of the last season.

A notable fact about Sander Berge is that he was able to recuperate during the summer. However, he only got to play in five games this season before being forced to sit out with Covid. He subsequently returned for one game before suffering a hamstring injury against Preston, and he hasn't been seen or heard from since.

As a result, with Slavisa Jokanovic acknowledging that Berge is still a long way away from returning to the first squad, it raises the question of whether United supporters will ever get to witness the best of Berge, or even if they will ever see him at all.

During the summer months, there was almost continual updating. Sander Berge is being sniffed about by a number of different clubs. Various sources suggested that teams in Italy were interested in signing him, while


is a renowned fan. Spurs were also said to have made a £17 million deal for the 23-year-old.

That offer, of course, would have been categorically rejected. Several sources stated that United was seeking a price closer to the £35 million release clause before even considering selling Sander.

United did not win a single game in which Berge was involved throughout his time at the club. Some believe he is too sluggish in the middle and is not a good fit for this team. Of course, his abilities are readily apparent to everybody, yet there is some validity to those statements as well.

Finally, with a poor injury record, no apparent position in Slavisa Jokanovic's starting XI, and entering the last two years of his contract next summer, it's possible that the Blades should have taken the money and moved on.

Sander Berge's dismissal will almost certainly have an impact on this squad. However, given the current state of affairs, it seems that United have passed up an opportunity to raise some more revenue for the club.

Sander Berge international career

An important fact about Sander Berge is that he made his international debut for Norway on May 2, 2013, when he played for the under-15 squad against Canada U15. Later, he went on to represent Norway at every level up to and including the under-21 level.

He made his senior team debut on March 23, 2017, when he was 19 years old, coming in as a replacement in the 76th minute of the Euro-qualifier against the Republic of Ireland.

Against Malta in the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying stages on September 5, 2019, Berge scored his first international goal for Norway. It came in the 34th minute of the match.

Sander Berge style of play

Because of his physical presence on the field, the midfielder stands out. He has a large frame for his height of 6'4" / 193cm.

He makes excellent use of his physical presence, being able to shield the ball or a player with ease, shrugging off defenders and defending set pieces admirably. This greatly contributes to his excellent dribbling ability, as he is able to hold off defenders.

His size can cause him to be quite heavy on his feet, and he can be slow to react. In contrast, the midfielder has strong running ability and can get some decent speed on the ball. He's also good over short distances, which helps him in 50/50s and loose ball challenges.

Berge has excellent game reading skills and was able to make interceptions and challenges with short bursts of energy. Having said that, his lack of agility can cause him to lose his man if they are able to move quickly and with agility in their movements.

Despite the fact that he lacks speed, it has no effect on his game. Defenders find it difficult to get close to him when he has the ball, and he doesn't give them much room to run at him. He is rarely put in a position where he must recover the ball or pursue a player down the field.

A notable fact about Sander Berge is that he is well-aware of his responsibilities and gets along well with his midfield partner.

His eyesight is clear, which he acquired as a result of his awakening. Even if his placement is good, he could put in more effort at times in order to be more available to teammates, particularly when they are under pressure.

Often, he takes up a position deep in the deeper buildup between the center backs and commands play from that position as the ball advances up the field.

An important

fact about Sander Berge

is that he is a contemporary midfielder with good dribbling and passing abilities, and he is capable of breaking up play. He brings a degree of toughness to the midfield that is difficult to find in other midfielders, particularly given his level of technical talent.

He has exceptional line-breaking ability and the ability to advance the ball. At the age of 23, he still has time to refine the smallest of aspects in his positioning and passing.

Sander Berge strengths

Assuming that his height makes him aerially dominating and that he depends on the ball being brought up to him, like

Manchester United

does with Marouane Fellaini, would be a lazy assumption.

In his natural position, Berge is a deep-lying midfielder, but he has the awareness to be called a defensive midfielder as well. He could play as an anchor in a midfield, as a member of a midfield two, or as a box-to-box midfielder in a three-man midfield.

He's got a nice feel for the game for a large guy. His skill and intellect are so impressive that while he's playing, it's his performance rather than his physical appearance that draws people's attention.

A notable

fact about Sander Berge

is that he has a subtle but effective impact from the base of midfield when the ball is in his hands. When he plays as a first receiver, he drops deep between the centre-backs before turning and attempting to play vertical passes through the defensive block of the opponent.

As a result, he is at ease receiving the ball with his back to the goal and does not waver readily under pressure. He demonstrates maturity beyond his years, as well as elegant ball control and the ability to withstand pressure by using his spatial and positional awareness and understanding.

This is something that all great midfielders must be able to accomplish these days, with so many teams attempting to win the ball back in dangerous parts of the field via the use of strong pressing.

However, it is his occasionally daring style of play that distinguishes him. Because many teams are increasingly focused on maintaining possession, many midfielders are reluctant to take the chance to thread an incisive ball into the path of their attackers for fear that it will not be completed successfully.

Despite the fact that it is considered patient play, it may sometimes be little more than sterile possession. He does not fit into such group, and if an opportunity presents itself, he will take advantage of it.

Players in deep regions are often seen attempting to turn the opponent around, but they fail to complete the pass effectively despite the fact that it seems to be quite simple. Berge, on the other hand, manages to pull it off, and the opposition is forced to hustle to cover the gap they've created behind their defensive line.

In this season's exhibition, he's shown that he would be helpful in a side that controls possession and pushes the opponent back because he's confident enough to thread passes between the lines, but that he would also be useful in a counter-attacking style.

After winning the ball back for his side, Berge tries to thwart any possible counter-attacks that could occur. He is effective in doing so, demonstrating tremendous acceleration as well as a strong determination to get to recovery.

People may complain he's out of place at first, but players do walk about on the field. What's most revealing about his response is how he reacts. He's precisely the kind of midfielder that virtually all of the clubs in the English Premier League could use, and he's not going to cost you a fortune to get him.

Sander Berge flaws and shortcomings

They're very evident for a guy of his age, and they shouldn't be a source of worry for any prospective teams. When he's in an offensive position, his last pass may be a little more accurate at times, but it could be due to the fact that he hasn't had enough exposure to those types of scenarios yet.

His placement might be a touch shaky at times, but this is something that will improve as he gains more knowledge and experience.

Increasing his offensive production will be necessary for him to maintain his position as a box-to-box midfielder in the long run. So far in his professional club career, he has only managed to score one goal, and his shot selection leaves a lot to be desired.

Sander Berge technical abilities

Sander Berge’s first touch is strong, and he receives the ball with authority. His passing is accurate, and he moves the ball effectively.

A notable fact about Sander Berge is that he is a skilled passer who can get out of tight situations by utilizing a variety of pass types and different parts of his foot well.

He is able to play efficiently out of a press, making quick passes through spaces, and his body posture did not seem to have a significant impact on the direction in which he was able to pass.

He is, on the other hand, fairly one-footed and seldom utilizes his left foot, but given his ability to adjust to any scenario with his right, this isn't a major problem.

Berge does not have a wide variety of passing options, and his passing selection might be straightforward. However, he does a good job at retaining possession for his side. However, he makes good forward momentum, finds open players, and is able to maintain control of the game.

 He is patient in possession and has a strong understanding of the game, waiting for the ideal pass to arrive at the right moment.

The midfielder has the ability to regulate the pace and generate momentum with his dribbling and the variation in the speed of his passes. He makes just a few long passes, and when he does, they are almost always right off the kick off.

 He doesn't try to throw players in behind via wide channels very frequently, and his efforts have met with varying degrees of success due to a lack of consistency. He doesn't seem to switch plays much with chipped long passes, which have met with varied degrees of success in the past, and he needs to develop more consistency with them in the future.

However, despite the fact that his large body might imply poor dribbling abilities, the Norwegian is really an excellent ball handler. He has the ability to drive into open space and burst through defensive lines to gain an advantage. He has good press resistance and is capable of getting out of a press.

He has good, tight control and is capable of running at a reasonable pace. He is a strong runner who is able to outrun opponents with ease, resulting in a high number of fouls.

He doesn't rely on his agility and quickness, but he doesn't have to. Because he can drive into small gaps and defenders can't do much to stop him as long as his touches are close together, it's an incredible sight to see.

He can only handle the ball with his right foot, and he is not always able to shift direction as easily as he would want. If his touch becomes heavier throughout the race, he will be more likely to lose the race.

The 23-year-old performs well in the air. He defends corners effectively and can be tough to play against at times, however he could make better use of his physique. His headers on loose balls in midfield, when unchecked, were accurate to the feet of teammates and demonstrated his knowledge of the situation.

Berge does not seem to dive in defensively, save for when a loose ball is sent his way. He shuts down players swiftly, utilizing his massive bulk to prevent them from moving forward or shrugging them off of the ball when they get near to the ball.

He puts his body and lengthy legs between the other player and the ball, shielding it effectively and securing control of the ball for himself.

Sander Berge mental abilities

Berge exudes self-assurance when he is on the ball. With his basic sideways passing, he often invites pressure by pulling in defenders and creating space for other players in the process. Prior to release the ball, he takes his time drawing in the presser with the ball.

He maintains his composure while in possession of the ball and seeks to drive towards midfield. He may be a touch reckless at times, but he didn't make any noticeable mistakes as a result.

His sense of awareness is exceptional. He is continuously monitoring the field, in and out of possession, and his shoulders are checked while he is receiving the ball. When under duress, he is able to make rapid passes since he is aware of where his teammates are located.

His finishing touches are excellent, and he creates space for himself by recognizing where the press is coming from. It also enables him to play the ball as rapidly as possible after he has gained control.

His decision-making is good, yet he might be a little too conservative at times. He does a good job of retaining possession for the team, but he does not always meet forward runs or reach the wide channels when the option is active.

Sander Berge future

Sander Berge is just 23 years old, it's easy to see why so many elite teams are keeping a close watch on the midfielder from Aalborg.

However, despite the fact that he has only been at the club for a little over a year at this point, a number of Premier League teams are keeping an eye on his position and are ready to make a move if the right opportunity presents itself.

Berge was a transfer target for Arsenal and


during the summer transfer window, but no official offer was made, and he remained with the Sheffield United squad. Following his continued success this season, reports appeared suggesting that Liverpool were interested in bringing the midfielder to Anfield, with a possible move in the works for him.

He came up through Asker's development system and made his professional debut for the club, which was then in the Norwegian third division, in 2013. He instantly drew attention, and it wasn't long before Valerenga made the decision to bring him on board.

There, he broke into the first squad and continued to play consistently in his country's top division, garnering the attention of teams from other countries.

It was Genk who was responsible for obtaining his signature. After selling Wilfried Ndidi to

Leicester City

, the Belgian club was in need of a midfielder to take Ndidi's spot in the center of the field. They spent around £1.7 million to get the player's signing.

In a long history of players who have played for Genk before going on to larger and greater things, he is poised to become the most recent in that line.

Belgian players such as Thibaut Courtois, Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City, Christian Benteke of Crystal Palace, Sergej Milinkovic-Savi of Lazio,

Kalidou Koulibaly

of Napoli, and Leon Bailey of Bayer Leverkusen are just a few of the players who have benefited from the club's development in recent years.

According to a report from The Athletic, Arsenal have utilized Sheffield United player Sander Berge in their own recruiting process at The Emirates. Berge is currently on loan from the Championship club.

The article goes into depth on how Arsenal is attempting to enhance their scouting system at the club in question. One of the Arsenal's goals is to be able to recognize potential as early as possible, often even before player databases have picked up on certain individuals.

And, perhaps most interestingly for Sheffield United, it seems that Arsenal has employed Berge to locate these new scouts for the club. In addition to current Gunners loanee Joe Willock, it has been stated that Berge and Willock were used practically as test subjects for prospective employees.

The management of the Gunners demanded detailed scouting and analytical reports from its players. Berge, to the delight of Blades supporters, is a player who has been connected with Arsenal in the past as well.

According to rumors, the Gunners would have to spend £35 million to sign the Norwegian international. In the meanwhile, Berge's future at Bramall Lane is still in question.

Arsenal have suffered from a lack of leadership on the pitch in recent years, so such gushing praise for the Norwegian's ability in this area will no doubt pique the curiosity of the Premier League club's fans.

While playing in the Europa League, he made an average of 2.3 tackles and 2.2 interceptions per game, while also completing 40 passes with an 82.1 percent completion percentage. Furthermore, when he had the ball in his hands, he averaged 0.5 critical passes and an amazing 2.2 dribbles per game.

When it comes to winning possession, the youngster's abilities would be much appreciated in an Arsenal midfield that is missing players who can mix bite with brains.

Nonetheless, his ability to control the ball and maintain possession, especially while under great attention, is something that Arsenal might benefit from. Last season, tactical expert Tom Payne examined the Gunners' inability to maintain control of the ball.

"Despite the fact that we play with three central midfielders and do not have any positional instruction, only one of them often drops back to collect a ball from the centre-backs," he said.

There are two disadvantages as a result: (1) the defenders don't have as many choices to advance the ball to, and (2) if the center midfielder does obtain the ball, he is then detached from the other two midfielders, which makes it more difficult for him to advance the ball.

During his time in the trenches, Berge has shown a desire and ability to receive the ball from his deeper team-mates, as well as a clear knowledge of his role within the squad. Arsenal's build-up problems might potentially be alleviated if both of these characteristics were present.

Sander Berge social media


Sander Berge social media

, it should be mentioned that he has an Instagram page (


) with more than 93k followers. On the page, we can see various pictures of him with the fans and his family.

Sander Berge body measurements

Speaking about

Sander Berge body measurements

, it should be mentioned that the player is 190 cm and 88 kg.

Sander Berge net worth and salary

At the age of 23,

Sander Berge’s net worth

is about 5 million dollars. Sander Berge's main source of income is as a successful player. He is a native of Norway. Sander Berge, who plays for Sheffield United F.C., makes £33,000 per week and £1,716,000 per year.

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