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Facts about Arnaut Danjuma

Knowing about young professional footballers has always been an interesting topic for the football fans who are interested in predicting the future legends of the football world. Here is a closer look at top facts about Arnaut Danjuma, the young Dutch winger.

Arnaut Danjuma is a young star whose talent, skill, and playing style have led him under much consideration by outstanding clubs. Danjuma was born in Lagos, Nigeria and currently plays as a winger for Villarreal, the Spanish club. Arnaut is also a member of his Netherland national team.

Reportedly, Arnaut Danjuma, the outstanding young winger, has attracted much attention from several Premier League clubs, such as Liverpool. Villarreal, his current team, which following winning the Europa League, will appear in the Champions League this season, has the 24-year-old footballer as one of their players.

Let us not explain more and postpone into the bodyن of the article because the top winger has a lot to share through his long bio. So, stay with us until the end of the text and get not only the facts about Arnaut Danjuma's professional life but his personal. 

Top Facts about Arnaut Danjuma

In the following article, we have prepared a perfect summary of top 

facts about Arnaut Danjuma

, including his boyhood to adulthood. Covering the most notable info in the winger's life journey, from the days he was a child to now that he has earned a reputation in the football world, our team has presented a shortlist of his general info. If you glance at the items, you will get much data about Arnaut Danjuma as fast as possible. 

  • Full Name: Arnaut Danjuma Groeneveld

  • Nickname: Arnie

  • Age: 24

  • Date of Birth: 31 January 1997

  • Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria

  • Height: 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)

  • Teams: PSV, Jong PSV, NEC, Club Brugge, AFC Bournemouth, Villarreal

  • Position: Winger

  • Number: 15

The long way which Danjuma has spent from being a homeless kid to reaching his current position in the sports world as a championship star has a long story to share. The transforming story behind his personal life is full of events, which make his biography a bit different from others. So, now without more ado, go through the details regarding the 

facts about Arnaut Danjuma


Arnaut Danjuma Erly Life

Born on 31 January 1997 to his parents, Arnaut Danjuma Groeneveld has the nickname Arnaut. As the third child of the family, Arnaut experienced an unbearable phase of pain in his life when his parents got divorced.

At the moment, he was only a 4-year-old child, which tolerating the situation was so hard for him. Though Danjuma's parents' separation had caused much hardship for him, he could use paternal rights from his dad. 

Reiner and Lisette, Arnaut's elder brother and sister, were the two closest characters during 

Arnaut Danuma early life

, which he grew up by spending time with them. Finally, Danjuma found football as a way to flee from the painful ordeal of divorcing his parents. Football was such a great consolation for him which could keep him away from the sad atmosphere in their home. 

Although Arnaut and his siblings experienced many difficulties in their early life due to his parents' problems, there was one good thing about them. The children's education was a significant issue for the parents, and they did not let anything impact their success negatively.

Thanks to their parents, Danjuma and his elder siblings educated well. His father took him to school and picked him up at closing hours. The young child, who had found football as a way to escape the problems in his life, started to play when he was four and found all aspects of it so attractive.

After a short while, Danjuma joined FC Oss, the youth football academy. Thankfully, it was in the city his father had settled, which abled him to take his son to the institute after school. The situation earned him the opportunity of playing with other kids and get trained at the sports institute. 

Arnaut Danjuma Family 

Arnaut was born to his Dutch father, Cees, and his mother, Hauwa, from Nigeria. As we mentioned earlier, his parents divorced early in his childhood, which the new situation caused many problems. After the divorce, Danjuma, his mother, and his siblings were homeless.

Though it was a short period, experiencing it was a painful experience for all of them. With much difficulty, his mother could get a suitable job and cater to the demands. Meanwhile, he spent much of his early life in foster care. 

Due to his parents' separation, Arnaut, Danjuma, and his siblings have faced a distressing financial crisis, which lasted for a short while. Before things broke out,

Arnaut Danjuma family

was an average one, but the separation caused the finances to deteriorate.

Bearing the new situation for Arnaut Danjuma's family was so hard. At the time, Arnaut and his siblings spent nights in the car or at some of their friends' houses. When Danjuma became 11, he had to leave his foster home. At the time, his family had gained a balance situation, and Danjuma could grow up like other kids from a family with a middle-class base. 

Different ethnicity of Arnaut Danjuma's parents has earned him the boast of owning dual citizenship. Being the child of a Dutch father and a Nigerian mother has led Arnaut Danjuma to have the chance of playing for either country by his choice. 

Arnaut Danjuma Wife

Arnaut Danjuma's handsome look has attracted plenty of female fans, who follow him seriously. Amongst them, many girls wish to be Arnaut's choice for beginning a romantic relationship.

However, as the young footballer has behaved and shared on social media, starting a relationship is not his preference. Due to focusing on his profession or any other reason, he has no intention of falling in love now.

For those who are curious regarding knowing about

Arnaut Danjuma wife

, there are no more facts. If they want to try their luck to be his choice as his girlfriend or wife, they might have to wait a little longer. 

Arnaut Danjuma Children

As you read in the former section, the Dutch midfielder has not been in any romantic relationship. So, for those who are interested in knowing about 

Arnaut Danjuma children

, we can say that he has not experienced the feeling of being a father.

Arnaut Danjuma Instagram

The current talented winger of Villareal has recorded many memorable and top moments of his profession in 


. Until now, 59.8k of his fans have followed 

Arnaut Danjuma Instagram

, and he has done it for 58 pages.

If you glance at the photos he has shared there, you will see that most of them relate to football. However, recently he has posted a new one, in which he is praying in a mosque. Among a large number of photos with the theme of football, there is one in which Arnaut is hugging his sister warmly.

As many gifts behind them and the sentence he has commented, "Eid Mubarak from me and my sister," Arnaut is celebrating a religious occasion with his family. Various interesting photos regarding football have made @danjuma an attractive page to follow, especially for the Villarreal fans. 

Arnaut Danjuma Net Worth and Salary

The latest news about 

Arnaut Danjuma net worth and salary

 refers to 19 August 2021, when he signed a €25 million contract with La Liga club


, by which he will play for the team until June 2026. There are not many details available about his net worth. Only several websites have mentioned the amount of his net worth, which is between 1$ to $5 millions.

Arnaut Danjuma Early Career

Following the court's rule, he left the foster care and stayed with his father when Danjuma was 13. As he was a lucky boy in this field, he moved to the youth academy of PSV Eindhoven during the same year, and it became the starting point of Arnaut Danjuma's early career life.

Due to Danjuma's family's history in his childhood, the type of his character, or any other reason, it was difficult for Danjuma to keep up with other children. By reviewing the days, he remembers his experience and has described them as "When I first joined PSV, I was a big talent. Initially, everything felt good.

But, as I grew older, it became difficult to secure my place there. At 16, they usually give contracts to the players they believe in their playing. However, they did not offer me any deal back then." It was so disheartening to Arnaut when he saw that his club did not offer him any contract. At the time, he judged football as an unfair sport. 

Danjuma, who had begun his youth career in 2008 with PSV, kept playing for them for the following eight years. However, during the years, Arnaut only appeared in one professional competition for the club.

His career life had taught him that football was not only about talents and skills. Most of the time, some series of political events have been behind it. Eventually, by the unfair treatment of PSV with Arnaut, he decided to leave the club, which through signing a contract with NEC, Arnaut joined the club on a free transfer in 2016.

After only five months, Danjuma gained the promotion to join the first team. Due to owning attacking instinct, Arnaut displayed playing, which kept the defenders at bay. His excellent playing style had made many managers astonished.

There is no wonder why many clubs wanted to make him their players after watching his unfathomable prowess, which amongst them, Arnaut chose Club Brugge to sign a contract in 2018.

Arnaut Danjuma Career Statistics

To know the skillful Dutch winger, we have presented an overview of 

Arnaut Danjuma career statistics

. The info describes his performance with each club in his history well. During the 2015-16 season that Arnaut played for PSV and Jong PSV, he only appeared in one match and ended it without scoring any goals.

In the two following seasons, Arnaut moved to NEC and finished his playing era with them after making 46 appearances and netting 14 times. During the 2018-19 and 2019-20 seasons, he played for Club Brugge and recorded five goals after appearing in 25 matches in his career history.

Afterward, Arnaut joined AFC Bournemouth, a football club based in Kings Park,


, and spent the two previous seasons with the team. He appeared in 52 competitions and scored 17 goals, more than any other club in his history.

Some months ago, he signed a contract with Villarreal, which through it, he will play for them until 2026. Over the past few months, Arnaut played in seven games and could net three times. 

Arnaut Danjuma Achievements

In the following section, we have prepared a list of 

Arnaut Danjuma achievements

, the winger who started his senior career in 2015. During these six years, he has recorded three honors in his professional history. One of them was the Belgian Super Cup in 2018, which he gained when he was a player of the Club Brugge.

He also has achieved two Individual honors, including Championship Player of the Month in April 2021 and AFC Bournemouth Player of the Year in the 2020-21 season. 

Short Facts about Arnaut Danjuma

  • Arnauts' skin color is a feature that he has inherited from his maternal ancestry. Born in the most popular country in Africa, Danjuma owns an appearance, which is his African Heritage. On the other side, Danjuma, the winger with an African face, has Dutch ancestry from his paternal. Due to owning dual citizenship, the young player could appear as a player for Netherland national team. 

  • Through an interview on 28 May 2021, he described himself in 12 months and said, "It has been a roller coaster, and there have been a lot of pros and cons, a lot of ups and downs." He also added, "I thought we started the season well so, it was a positive feeling for me. Coming here was the highlight of my career. So, in the beginning, I was buzzing. "Additionally, he explained that suffering two injuries was frustrating for him. What he wished for himself during the following season was having a memorable one.

  • Arnaut Danjuma has described his personal ambitions and mentioned showing his best capabilities and proving himself for his team as his significant dreams.

  • Arnaut Danjuma's goal celebration has aroused much curiosity amongst his football fans. He usually put his hands together and says "Alhamdulillah," which is an Arabic word for "Thank God." He explained, his religion has been the inspiration source for the celebration. Indeed, it is a way to be thankful for the goal he has scored. 

  • The skilled Dutch winger has an interesting life out of the football world. Since he likes to stay busy, he usually reads books, watches lectures, and follows debates, particularly religious ones. He talked about a video of a conversation between an atheist and a Muslim from Oxford University on YouTube. As Arnaut has said, he likes following these kinds of shows because listening to various arguments helps him learn.

  • Reading books about outstanding people, such as Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who inspired him a lot, is one of his hobbies. Arnaut believes that reading books keeps him busy off the pitch and develops his character. 

  • Arnaut Danjuma explained his full name in an interview and said that Arnaut and Danjuma are his first name, but the latter is his Nigerian one. Then he mentioned Groeneveld as his surname and Adam as his Muslim one. He additionally stressed that all published stories about his name are not correct.

  • To answer the main difference between playing in Holland, Belgium, and England, Arnaut found the answer so easy and said that if we do not call the Premier League the best, it is one of the best leagues in the football world. He added most participating teams in the competitions play good football. Arnaut has found it a strong motivation for doing his best at the highest level and his complete capabilities. 

  • Arnaut Danjuma has introduced African, English grime, Dutch, and old school as his favorite types of music, which listening to them is so enjoyable for him.

  • Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, and Mike Tyson are three of his favorite characters, which he would choose to be if he could swap places with any sportsmen. 

  • Arnaut believes that his religion has never had negative impacts on his preparation for matches. Contrary to most beliefs, Arnaut thinks that Ramadan, during which the Muslims must fast for one month, makes him stronger. However, it sounds weird that it affects my body well and makes it stronger. 

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