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Top facts about Faiq Bolkiah, the richest footballer in the world

Here we would feature some of the most intriguing top facts about Faiq Bolkiah, who is known as the richest footballer in the world, even if many football fans have not heard his name.

While he is a member of the Bruneian Royal Family, he is also a Bruneian professional footballer who currently features in Thai club Chonburi as well as the Brunei national team in the position of midfielder, while he has taken the responsibility of captaining his national side.

While his father Jefri Bolkiah, who is the Prince of Brunei and brother of the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, their family has a whopping amount of fortune that is reported to be around $28 billion as of October 2019, indicating that Faiq's family is even richer than most club owners too.

But back to his early career, he first joined Southampton in 2009 as an academy player and following spending some spans of his career at


and Chelsea, he got contracted with Leicester City in 2016.

While he had not played a single game for the Foxes, he left them in 2020 and headed into Portugal, joining Maritimo in September 2020.

Just the same as before, he failed to appear in a single game for Maritimo's first team, yet he could feature several times in the club's B team and then he was released earlier last month.

Although many speculated that he would not continue his football career, it took not a long time that he made a new agreement with


Football Club in the top division of Thai football, as they announced his signing on their official Facebook page.

Moreover, he appeared six times for the Brunei national team, having scored his first, and so far only, goal against Laos in 2016.

Top facts about Faiq Bolkiah you need to know

Here is everything there is to know concerning the Top facts about Faiq Bolkiah.

Faiq Bolkiah quick facts

General information

  • Full name

    : Faiq Jefri Bolkiah

  • Date of birth

    : 9 May 1998

  • Age

    : 23 years old

  • Place of birth

    : Los Angeles, California, United States

  • Religion

    : Muslim

  • Education

    : Bradfield College, Great Britan, Woolton Hill Junior & Thorngrove Prep School

  • Horoscope

    : Taurus

Personal information:

  • Siblings

    : Abdul Hakeem Jefri Bolkiah, Bahar Bolkiah, Hamidah Jamalul Bolkiah

  • Parents

    : Jefri Bolkiah (Father)

  • Girlfriend

    : N/A

  • Uncle

    : Crown Prince Hassanal Bolkiah

  • Cousin

    : Ukasyah

  • Grandfather

    : Omar Ali Saifuddien III

Physical status

  • Height

    : 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)

  • Weight

    : 70 Kg

  • Built

    : Lean

  • Eye colour

    : Black

  • Hair colour

    : Black

Football information

  • Position(s)

    : Midfielder

  • Current team

    : Chonburi

  • Jersey number

    : 11

  • Net worth

    : US$20 billion

Faiq Bolkiah childhood

Faiq Jefri Bolkiah was born on the 9th day of May 1998 in Los Angeles in California, USA, being a member of a set of twins born to his low profile mother and his father, Jefri Bolkiah who is the Prince of Brunei.

While he was born in America and has dual nationality of American and Bruneian, most of

Faiq Bolkiah childhood

was spent in the United Kingdom accompanied by his guardian, Dennis Wallace who is an ex



He grew up in Berkshire in the UK alongside his cousin, Ukasyah, and just from his early childhood, he was very passionate about football to the point that he took a huge delight from going out on fields with a ball at his feet.

Therefore football was an indispensable part of his childhood, and even before going to the UK, when he was in his native country, Brunei, he had already a potential enthusiast for football that urged his affluent parents to support their son passion.

Thereby they sent him 11,000 kilometres from Brunei to study and establish his football career in the United Kingdom, away from the interruptions that may come with his family's excessive wealth.

Due to the supervision and strictness of his guardian, Dennis Wallace, Faiq could successfully blend academics at Woolton Hill Junior in Berkshire with playing football for the village’s side — Woolton Hill Argyle.

Then he went to study at Thorngrove Prep School in the nearby village of Highclere, at the time when his guardian started making moves that earned 11-year-old Faiq to play for AFC Newbury's in 2009.

Faiq Bolkiah football career

Although he could stand out in his first season at AFC Newbury’s for his outstanding skills and intelligence with the ball, it took not a long time that he miserably came down to earth, to the extent that only a few management staff accidentally were aware of his prosperous family background.

While he was still part of A.F.C. Newbury, in 2009, he made a one-year deal with the


F.C. Academy, where he had very low-key dispositions too, remaining there until at least December 2011.

Afterwards, the modest youngster went on to have a brief trial with Reading F.C. until he moved to Arsenal F.C. in the year 2013 where he became a member of their youth system.

It was during his span with the Arsenal U15 side, that he starred in the 2013 Lion City Cup against Corinthians, Eintracht Frankfurt, PSV Eindhoven, and a Singapore youth selection.

He even went on to win his first significant title as he got his name on the scoresheet to lead The Gunners to win the latter match of the aforementioned tournament, by scoring a goal in a 2–1 triumph over the team from Singapore.

When he left Arsenal in 2014, he was hopeful to have a brighter future with


F.C., as he had made an agreement within that same year.

Yet, as he was not provided with adequate playtime with the club’s youth systems, things have not coincided with his expectations.

As a result, he left them just after a year in 2015, so as to have a trial with Stoke City and went on to make a reported three-year agreement with Leicester City in March 2016. 

As soon as he joined them, he became a regular feature for the Foxes academy teams, including in the 2016/17 UEFA Youth League.

He even went on to sign a one-year promotion to his deal in the summer of 2019 while he already represented Leicester with very limited playing opportunities of a few appearances for the under-23 side.

Then on 23 September 2020, he moved to Marítimo of Portugal's

Primeira Liga

on a free transfer agreement. Following three months, he debuted with the under-23 team in a 3–3 home draw against Sporting CP U23 where he was named in the starting line-up.

After forty-five days, for the first time, his name was among the substitutes of Marítimo's league match against

Sporting CP

. His senior debut for Marítimo B, took place on 11 April 2021, as he came on as a substitute in a 2–1 triumph over Gondomar.

Be that as it may, after not making a single appearance for Maritimo senior squad in the Primeira Liga for around a year and a half, despite that match against league giants Sporting CP in which he was an unused substitute, he recently rescinded his contract with them.

Afterwards, he got contracted with Chonburi Football Club in the top division of Thai football, as they confirmed his signing on their official Facebook page.

Precisely as saying, he has completed the move to Thai League 1 outfit Chonburi FC ahead of the second half of the 2021/2022 season, while Chonburi manager Sasit Singtothong said of the Brunei international: “It’s really exciting having players who hit the news from all over the world.“

I believe he will be a good choice for us in attack because he has great skill and ability, including having experience as well, It will be good for our club to fight for the Thai League for sure.”

Brunei Darussalam’s forward is wearing the number 11 jersey, being much-welcomed to the squad’s attacking options in the rest of the season.

He would be probably the first Bruneian to play in Thailand professional league and the second player to star for an overseas club since Adi Said who had already laced up for Malaysian side UiTM FC.

Faiq currently began training with his new teammates as they are preparing themselves for the league resumption in January.

This means that most probably he would make his league debut against Muangthong United at home at the Chonburi Municipality Stadium on January 9.

On the international stage, Bolkiah could represent both the United States and


. Therefore, he was scouted for the youth teams of the United States, yet he preferred to represent Brunei, at the U19 and U23 levels especially at the 2015 Southeast Asian Games.

He went on to put away a goal in their 1–2 defeat to Timor Leste of the tournament. Likewise, as he was expected to make his senior international debut on 15 October 2016 in a 2016 AFF Championship qualification match against Timor-Leste, he started and played the full 90 minutes of a 2–1 triumph.

Faig Bolkiah family

In the top facts about Faig Bolkiah, the notion of his family is especially noticeable. His paternal grandfather was Omar Ali Saifuddien Ill, and his uncle is Crown Prince Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei, while one of his cousins goes by the name Ukasyah.

Although there are not much data available about Faiq’s aunts, nephews, nieces and especially his mother, his father is a very infamous person.

His father, Jefri, was born on the 6th day of November 1954 to Omar Ali Saifuddien III, the 28th Sultan of Brunei and this makes him the Prince and heir to the throne, yet he did not end up being Sultan.

Instead, his older brother Crown Prince Hassanal Bolkiah took over the throne after Omar made his mind to abdicate. Jefri was previously the Finance minister of the oil-rich Brunei and therefore is extremely rich, living a very lavish lifestyle.

As one of the

top facts about Faig Bolkiah

, it is a bit shocking to suggest that unlike our footballer innocent demeanour, his father, has tended to be the playboy of the Brunei royal family.

It is reported that Jefri has lived quite the life of excess, racking around £10 billion in 15-years when he was the head of the Brunei Investment Agency.

Jefri is assumed to be the owner of 2,300 cars at the pinnacle of his wealth, including a fleet of Bentleys, Ferraris and Rolls-Royces.

It is to be said that he even spent £35m a month on cars, watches, erotic white gold pens and up to £1m a hit on karaoke parties with a mass of attractive women.

That is to say, he takes huge delight in being around women all the time and it is a part of his lavish life to exploit women.

To the point that he tends to fly in his private jets filled up with numerous models and dancers, making him be considered as the most notorious and extravagant person in Brunei.

Once he spent 50 million dollars in a single month just to immerse himself in his entertainment and showers those prostitutes with gifts worth millions.

Among Faig Bolkiah several blood siblings who are not very known to the media, he has a twin sister that goes under the name of Qiana Faig Bolkiah, with whom he has a very close relationship.

But one of his other siblings is Clarisse del Rosario, who is the second child of Faiq's father, Jefri Bolkiah, with his second wife.

To be specific, the second wife of Faiq's father is from Spain called Evangeline del Rosario. Clarisse del Rosario is a very hot woman, who is seen sharing her photos as she is enjoying pleasure in numerous places with tempting clothes.

Faig Bolkiah net worth

Faig Bolkiah uncle is Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei who has 500 Rolls-Royces and often spends $20,000 to just get his hair cut.

In fact, he has been one of the richest men in the world, worth as much as $40 billion, and therefore his nephew would be one beneficiary of that.

This makes

Faig Bolkiah net worth

, to be around a whopping amount of $20 billion, so as to be the richest footballer in the world by stark distance.

This is while such an amount of wealth, has not earned him a glorious football career just taking a turn for the worse, yet he is even racking more money, having a raft of paychecks coming from football and his endorsement deals too.

It is considered to be among the

top facts about Faig Bolkiah

that he even had the opportunity to meet the Queen, while most of their royal family’s earning source is the Brunei estate that is located on a huge stock of natural resources.

Therefore they are making such an eye-watering amount of money by selling their natural resources to other countries. This means that our footballer might become the richest athlete in the world too.

With such an amount of wealth, it is of little surprise to see him donat rather a generous amount during the coronavirus pandemic, as he is a member of the Hassanal Bolkiah charity Foundation that works for the welfare of underprivileged people. According to Faiq Bolkiah, he has tried his utmost in his life to improve the lives of the needy.

Michael Jackson private concert for Faig Bolkiah

As one of the most impressive

top facts about Faig Bolkiah

, one can suggest that our lucky footballer has had Michael Jackson flown to his own private concert to perform for his seventh birthday.

It is to be said that the late pop star was paid around £12.5million or $7 million to perform that private concert for Faig father Jefri who wanted to celebrate his milestone 50th birthday and impress his then 7-year-old son.

For the sake of catering for such an iconic performance, Jefri had an entire stadium built for the one-off concert and this speaks volumes about his family’s insatiable desire for luxury and lavishness.

Faiq Bolkiah Personal life and lifestyle

As long as top facts about Faiq Bolkiah love life is concerned, he tends to be a private person in this regard, since there is not any sort of evidence to confirm his relationship with any woman.

Although there had been several rumours about his affairs, he never revealed any information about any of them so as to be utterly a low profile footballer in this term.

To the point that he is so image-conscious that he never posts any image on his social media accompanied by his female friends, being aware of the media culture.

Therefore it seems that unlike his father he is not into women and has concentrated on his football passion at least at the current time.

While he apparently tends not to follow in his father’s footsteps and splash extravagant amounts of cash almost every day, he still is benefitted from luxurious cars, hotels and also a tiger pet.

In other words, it is one of the most bizarre top facts about Faiq Bolkiah that he has had a tiger with him as a pet since it was a cub.

Faiq Bolkiah social media

In the last part of our top facts about Faiq Bolkiah, the notion of his networking activities merits a mention.

Faiq Bolkiah social media

activity is not limited just to Instagram as he has accounts on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter too, yet he is hardly seen posting anything there.

With his Instagram account of


, he has racked up around 206 thousand followers just with sharing less than 20 posts, which all of them are related to his own professional and personal life, while he has no other posts in regard to his friends, family, or girlfriend on Instagram.

As he is never seen interacting with his fans or well-wishers, some speculated that he has an introverted personality who is not fond of socializing with new people.


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