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Tue 30 November 2021 | 8:30

Curious about what Niko Kovac, the former Bayern Munich manager has said during his career? Then join us in this article. Here on SportMob we are going over the Niko Kovac quotes. Stay tuned!

Niko Kovac

is a Croatian football manager and former player who currently manages


. He used to play as a defensive midfielder during his career as a footballer.

Kovac was born to a Croatian family that was from Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina and had emigrated from SFR Yugoslavia in 1970. Therefore, he could have played for Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia at the national level and chose Croatia and became the captain of this team.

This football manager is a Roman Catholic and is married to his primary school love Kristina, with whom he has a daughter. He puts a lot of value on the family.

During his football career, Niko Kovac played for Hertha Zehlendorf,

Hertha BSC


Bayer Leverkusen


Hamburger SV

, Bayern Munich and

Red Bull Salzburg

. During his managing career, he has managed Croatia U21, Croatia, Eintracht Frankfurt, Bayern Munich and Monaco.

Kovac has won 1 Bundesliga, 1 DFB Pokal and 1 Intercontinental Cup with the Bavarians and 1 Austrian Bundesliga with Salzburg as a footballer. He has won 1 DFB Pokal title with the Eagles and 1 Bundesliga, 1 DFB Pokal and 1 DFL Super Cup with the Reds of Munich as a manager.

Top Niko Kovac quotes         

In this article today, we are going over the

Niko Kovac top quotes

. Stay tuned and keep reading the article.

On life

In the first part of the article, we are going over the

Niko Kovac quotes on life

and his personality. Let’s go!

“Life writes the best stories.”

“I’m a firm believer in science.”

“Mentality beats quality.”

“We have to learn from the past.”

The next quotes among the

Niko Kovac best quotes

are about unity and being together.

“Empathy is important, openness, honesty, and an understanding for others.”

“It’s all about togetherness and to pay the other the necessary respect. If you do that, then we all would feel better. It is not always a taking but also a giving in both directions.”

“Morality is very important. We have to be together.”

“If the family sticks together, things are easy. If not, it will fall apart. There are several examples in history. Take Troy or take Caesar.”

“When you’re together, you can do anything, be it in sports or in society.”

Here are other Niko Kovac quotes on life.

“Giving up is the first way to fail. It does not exist for me.”

“We need to be confident, but do not look back; look at what’s coming.”

“What was good yesterday might be bad the next morning, so you have to keep calm.”

 “I never panic.”

“I question everything I do.”

“I am an optimist, not a dreamer.”

“I’m a realist.”

The next one among the Niko Kovac quotes is about getting up after failing.

“When you fall, you always have the opportunity to get up.”

So it is your choice to fight again or to stay on the ground after failure. Let’s keep on with other Niko Kovac quotes.

“Those who know me know I’m always a fighter.”

“My whole life, I have had to fight.”

“You have seen it: You can put something into the world, and all of a sudden, everybody believes that. Like throwing a fishing rod and the fish bite into.”

“The words ‘give up’, ‘raise the white flag’ do not exist in my vocabulary.”

“We’re all different and we have to accept and tolerate each other’s characteristics.”

“That’s the way people are in general: they see everything negatively at first and then choose to ask questions.”

“In the emotion, you say things that you regret the next day.”

The next

Niko Kovac quotes

show that this football manager is a religious person.

“We were raised as Christians and religion plays an important role for us.”

“If you stick to what the Bible teaches, then you have everything you need: honesty, openness, friendliness, respect, tolerance, and much more, which is often lost nowadays.”

This quote indicates that Niko Kovac is a manager who makes a plan and sticks to it.

“You have to stick to your plan. Throwing everything overboard and inventing something on the spot does not make sense. You will never get that from me.”

On Footballers & Coaches

In this part of the article on Niko Kovac quotes, we are going to have a look at his sayings about football players and coaches. Here we go!

“For me personally, Pep Guardiola is the best coach in the world.”

“There is only one Messi. No matter what I say, it’s too little. You have to shower him with superlatives.”

“Real Madrid without Cristiano Ronaldo are, of course, not what they were with Ronaldo, but they’re still a very good team.”

“Dembele is a great player.”

“Pulisic is a top player.”

On football

Now it’s time to go over the

Niko Kovac quotes on football

. Stay with us!

“Everyone wants to score goals, that’s the point of football, but you have to look at the whole situation in detail.”

“There are a lot of good players all over the world.”

“Competition means the best player will play.”

The next quote among the Niko Kovac quotes is about hoe forwards absorb more attention than other players.

“Of course, the attacking players get the attention because they score the goals, score nice goals, and those are the moments that remain in memory. But I wish that other players who are not in the foreground, who still perform well for their club or association, get more recognition.”

Let’s continue with other Niko Kovac quotes.

“We cannot play soccer without hands. You need your arms while running.”

“For the players, these top, top, top games or these top, top, top events like a World Cup or a European Championship, are not common but, of course, something special.”

“My job is to keep my players fit and fresh for the important games.”

This one among the best Niko Kovac quotes is about the opinion of this Croatian manager about VAR.

“I have always said that I am a friend of VAR.”

Let’s go on with the rest of the Niko Kovac quotes.

“We should not always discuss whether or not a player is angry.”

“Victories are always important.”

“It’s not easy to play against a team with a man down.”

“To say a player is past it at 29, 30 isn't right.”

In the next quote among the Niko Kovac best quotes, he talks about his teams’ goal for playing.

“We want to win all of our matches and focus on ourselves.”

Let’s keep on with other Niko Kovac quotes.

“A lot of players are naturally talented, but you also have to work to improve yourself.”

“We want to chase and seal the championship title. The decisive thing is to be at the top at the end of the season.”

“I’ve always been someone who said that football is a contact sport.”

The next quote from the

top Niko Kovac quotes

is about making mistakes in Bundesliga.

“Mistakes happen, but if you make them in the Bundesliga, you will be punished.”

Here are the rest of the Niko Kovac quotes on football.

“The players who play have to perform. If they don't, then they will be replaced. That has always been the case.”

“Football provides the most beautiful stories.”

“It is not for nothing that titles are decided at the back.”

“There will always be cases where one player plays, and another doesn’t.”

This quote from the Niko Kovac top quotes is about his belief in researches to Improve football.

“If research can help us discover cures for diseases, it surely can improve a football team. Whether it’s data analysis or biomechanics, it can give you an edge and I’d be a fool if I didn’t want that edge.”

Here we go with other

Niko Kovac quotes


“We just must make sure we give everything we can to become champions.”

“I don’t need players who won’t track back, and I’m certainly not keen on specialists.”

“You can’t manage every footballer the same. Of course, you’d love to, but it doesn’t work like that. We’re not robots.”

The next quote is about fitness.

“Fitness gives you confidence, and if you’re fit, you don’t have to wonder whether you’ll last the 90 minutes.”

Here are the rest of the quotes from this football manager.

“A five-year contract is worth no more than a six-month contract these days; it’s very concerning.”

The next Niko Kovac quotes are about the role of money in football.

“Spending big money does not mean you win all the silverware.”

“There are no guarantees. If you spent money, it’s no guarantee you win stuff.”

Let’s keep on with the other

Best Niko Kovac quotes


“Every player brings something from their own culture into the collective.”

“I want to play every single player, but I can only play 11 at a time.”

“You build up the opponent, and you lose confidence.”

“A coach should not stir up headlines after a match.”

“Just because a coach does not get out the clubs after a match but instead focuses on what he says, that’s not an indicator of cluelessness.”

The next one is Kovac’s opinion about making the private matters of the club public.

“I don’t believe it helps when internal affairs are made public.”

This quote is about his favorite formation.

“I prefer the 4-2-3-1 formation and stick to it but have my own interpretations.”

Let’s keep on with the rest of the quotes.

“Expectations run immensely high in Croatia. We may only be a small country, but people expect us to be our best at every major tournament.”

“Playing for the national team is not the same as playing for your club.”

“In Germany, it is normal, when games end, you shake hands with your players.”

“Attacking is the tough part in football; defending is relatively easy.”

The next

Niko Kovac quotes

are about

Bayern Munich

, where he played from 2001 until 2003 and managed from 2018 until 2019.

“At Bayern, you always go into a season with the goal to win titles.”

“Every player at Bayern Munich wants to play and should play; they all have good reasons.”

“The money’s there in England. They try to gather the best players. We do it differently here at Bayern. We have no investors, no owners.”

“If, as Bayern, you lose 2-0 at Hertha, nobody believes you that you can still be satisfied with the performance.”

“If teams play Bayern, they bring another attitude to the pitch than if they play teams who are not Bayern.”

This was our article on Niko Kovac quotes. We tried to provide a complete collection and hope you have enjoyed reading it. Do YOU want to add any more quotes? let us know in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

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