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Facts about Bryan Gil

Normally the most outstanding professional players are the one to be on top of the news. but what about the young footballers? What if they turn to be the future superstars?! In today's article, we will go through the top facts about one of these young players, Bryan Gil.

Born on 11 February 2001, Bryan Gil Salvatierra is a 20-year-old footballer who is the current winger for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. Also, the Spanish athlete has appeared in his national team since four years ago.

Gil has spent his senior career history in five clubs, of which two of them were on loan. Though it has not passed so many years from the young Spanish footballer's senior career, his biography has a lot to share, which we have gathered under the title of the most notable facts about Bryan Gil. 

The following article has covered a wide range of info from his early life until now, which he has become a famous character in the football world. To review the Spanish winger's personal and professional life stay with us throughout the article. 

Top Facts about Bryan Gil

As you read in the introduction, unlike many articles that focus on the life story of top footballers, we have presented top 

facts about Bryan Gil

, a young Spanish player, in the following article. As the first step, read general info about him, which gives you many facts as fast as possible. 

  • Full Name: Bryan Gil Salvatierra

  • Nickname: The Beatle of Barbate, Little Cruyff

  • Nationality: Spanish

  • Date of Birth: 11 February 2001

  • Place of Birth: L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain

  • Position: Winger

  • Number: 11

  • Team(s): Sevilla B, Sevilla, Leganes, Eibar, Tottenham Hotspur

Now, without wasting more time, let's go through the details and read more about Bryan Gil's personal and professional life. 

Bryan Gil Early Life

Bryan Gil was born to his father, Alfonso Gil, and his mother, Raquel Salvatierra, 20 years ago in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. His hometown is a municipality located in the immediate southwest of Barcelona, but Bryan spent only his earliest life there.

Then, Bryan and his family moved to Barbate, a city in Spain, and spent his childhood there. However, Bryan is not the only child of his family, and he has an elder brother, Sergio. Both Bryan and Sergio were born when their parents had not gotten married yet.

No word can describe how much he appreciates his parents' sacrifices. His parents gave up many things to let Bryan follow his dream in football and reach his current position as a professional footballer. 

However, neither Bryan's parents nor his bother thought that the youngest member of their family would become a professional footballer. Although the small boy had shown great interest in playing football, no one imagined that Bryan would become a successful footballer in the future.

During his childhood, Bryan used to play football in the street, and mostly his playmates were older than him. Whenever he could not appear successfully in his dribbles and past his opponents, he cried.

However, it was like a challenge that encouraged him to keep practicing outside until he could make himself excellent in doing the technique. Eventually, this perseverance in playing better led him to perform excellently within a match with his elder playmates on the street.

During the game, Bryan dribbled consecutively and passed the first, second, and third opponents well. It looked so wonderful for one of Bryan's neighbors, who was watching him from a distance, which seems it was the most notable event in 

Bryan Gil early life

 that affected his future.

Bryan's techniques and magical ability in dribbling mesmerized the neighbor to such an extent that the neighbor could not ignore what he had seen. So, he shared Bryan's performance with his parents, and he tried to convince them to let their small son follow football seriously.

As Bryan's mother recalls, their neighbor told her, "Why do not you point this boy to soccer as he plays very well? Your son is left-handed, moves fast, and has a lot of mischief with the ball." She added that whenever she sees their neighbor, he says, "Thank goodness you still remember everything I said."

Since those days, Bryan had made his mind about education and decided to go to a sports school. Having joined the Andalusian school in Cadiz, Bryan enrolled at Barbate football school. It was full of kids with similar aspirations who had the dream of going professional in football. 

However, it was not only Bryan's decision but his parents'. They believed that if their son was talented in soccer, street football could not help him reach the goal. As his mother expressed, she preferred her small son to pursue football, his interest, in the sports center rather than playing on the street. 

Bryan Gil Parents

Alfonso Gil and Raquel Salvatierra, 

Bryan Gil parents

, have kind personalities and are simple people. There is a warm and lovely atmosphere in his family. The devoted parents tried to avoid any discrimination between Bryan and his elder brother, Sergio, by providing a balance between them, which needed many self-sacrifices by the parents.

Coming from a household with humble origins, Bryan learned to work hard from his father, a hardworking man. However, following the Great Spanish Depression, which occurred in 2008 and lasted until 2014, Alfonso Gil became a victim.

During the era, Bryan's family lived under much pressure. By the Great Recession, a deep financial crisis took place in Spain, which affected many Spanish people. Alfonso, who was working for a construction company, lost his job, which was the only source of income for Bryan's family.

Following the event, difficult conditions prevailed in their life, and they experienced many hardships and even starvation. To save his family from this situation, Alfonso tried all menial jobs to make money to keep his family away from poverty.

The hardworking and supportive father worked as a plumber, gardener, and electrician. Spanish people experienced an era full of hardships during the Great Spanish Depression. Like all other families, Gil's parents suffered financial issues, and it was not affordable for them to transport their son from their hometown to Sevilla.

Transportation at a distance of 180 km between them was difficult, but Alfonso did not have enough money to rent an apartment for his son in Seville and make a better life for Bryan there. Alfonso and Raquel decided to ask for help from

Sevilla FC


Fortunately, the academy accepted their request and paid for the fuel of Bryan's father's car for four years. So, he could take his son for the training four days a week. However, leaving home before daybreak and school time to be on time for training was difficult. Later, when Bryan joined the football world and started to make money, he could salvage his family from the situation. 

Bryan Gil girlfriend

When a footballer gains much popularity and reputation, most fans become eager to follow not only his life on the pitch but off. Now, many football followers are interested in knowing if Bryan Gil is in any romantic relationship.

Based on published info about current

Tottenham Hotspur

's winger, he does not have any partner, and no source has shared any photos or facts under the title of 

Bryan Gil girlfriend

. The talented dribbler might likely prefer to focus on his profession. 

Bryan Gil Instagram

The more famous the players in the football world, the more followers follow their pages. It seems that the young Spanish star has performed excellently during these three years he has started his senior career because 224k followers have followed 

Bryan Gil Instagram




It contains memorable football moments that have made @bryan11gil an attractive page. Amongst the 198 posts, there are two photos of his family. He commented on one in Spanish, meaning "Christmas is better with you. Merry Christmas" in English.

The other one is a photo of Bryan and his mother, which he has left a comment for it, "Congratulations to the best mother in the world. Happy birthday, she still has her years by my side."

Bryan Gil Net Worth

As we mentioned earlier, Bryan Gil experienced many financial difficulties during his childhood. When Bryan's parents decided to send him to a football academy to pursue his dream, the Great Spanish Depression had occurred.

During the era, his father was jobless and could meet even the basic needs of his family. However, Alfonso, Bryan's father, made many sacrifices to help him join the academy. Although they went through many difficult years, it was worth it. Now, 

Bryan Gil net worth

 has changed their life completely, and they are currently more prosperous. 

As Bryan's career history and statistics show, Bryan has appeared in the football world brilliantly, which compensates for the past. Following signing his contract as a winger with Tottenham Hotspur in 2021, Bryan's enormous salary is about 2.5 million Euros (2 million Pound).

It means that Bryan's earning per day and hour are respectively €1,507 (£1,315) and €63 (£55). Compared with Bryan, whose income per minute is €5, if an average person works more than 4.33 years, his earning will be as much as Bryan in only one month.

Bryan Gil Achievement

If you have checked the history of the young Spanish star, you might have seen that he started his senior career three years ago. During the short time, he has achieved several honors, by which you can get how professional he is.

We have listed 

Bryan Gil achievements

 here. One of them refers to the era in which Bryan played for Sevilla, UEFA Europa League in 2019-20. Also, he has earned three other achievements through appearing at international competitions.

Bryan gained UEFA European Under-19 Championship in 2019, Summer Olympic silver medal in 2020, and UEFA Nations League runner-up in 2020-21, respectively, with Spain U-19,

Spain U-23

, and


Bryan Gil Career Statistics

Bryan Gil started his youth career with Barbate and then moved to Sevilla FC's youth academy and played there from 2012 to 2018 in Sevilla. After his promotion to the reserve before 2018-19, Bryan made his first senior appearance in August 2018 in a Segunda Division B home match, which they lost against

UD Ibiza


The following month, he scored his first goal against

San Fernando CD

. In 2019, Bryan appeared in the competition between his side and Granada CF B, which made a lot of news.

In the match, the referee sent Bryan Gil off with a red card and aroused two of his teammates' arguments, which the umpire gave them red cards too. Bryan scored four goals through 23 appearances he made during the 2018-19 season.

Bryan made his debut for La Liga on 6 January 2019 that Bryan joined the match as a late substitute against

Atletico Madrid

. His ten other appearances with the club were off the bench.

Through his excellent performance, Bryan made himself the first son of the 21st century who has appeared in Spain's top flight. By the end of January 2019, Bryan joined CD Leganes on loan and then moved to Eibar in the 2020-21 season.

In the season, Bryan netted four times during 29 matches in which he participated. Gil started the 2021-22 season by signing a contract for Tottenham Hotspur that Sky Sports reported the fee is £21.6 million. 

On 19 August 2021, in the UEFA Europa Conference League first leg tie, a match between Tottenham Hotspur and

FC Pacos de Ferreira

, Bryan made his debut for the club. Since then, he has appeared in nine games with the club and has not yet scored any goals. According to statistics, Bryan appeared in 21 La Liga competitions with Sevilla from 2018-19 to 2020-21 and ended his playing with the club with two scored goals. 

In addition to his club career, the prominent young star has recorded some honors with his national team. However, he has joined Spain's team recently and has appeared in four international competitions.

Short Facts about Bryan Gil

  • As the youngest player amongst his teammate during his early career, reportedly, Manuel Quintero, the director of Cadiz, and his coaches had to behave him kindly. Although no one knew anything about the small superstar, it only took a few training sessions that all in the Cadiz club realized that the small boy had something special which had made him different from others.

  • Playing at Barbate academy, Bryan's skills in dribbling improved, and he earned much popularity because of his confidence and trickery with the ball. Thanks to his creative playing style and many talents, Bryan earned his first trophy with his academy team. Achieving the honor paved the way for Gil to move to Sevilla Football academy in 2012.

  • From his early career, due to owning a similar appearance to Ivan Drago, an actor from Rocky IV, Gil earned a nickname, The Russian. 

  • During his childhood, Bryan always used to walk while he was carrying his ball in his hands. His ball was such an inseparable friend for Gil that he even used to go to bed with it. 

  • Bryan Gil, the dog lover, spends several hours of his day with his dog whenever he is at home. Once, he had unveiled on his Instagram Bio his feeling for his dog. 

  • Living by the sea, the beach, and feeling the ocean waves are parts of Bryan Gil's dream lifestyle. He believes that his ideal style of living is a kind of cure for his needs. Boat Cruising is one of Bryan's hobbies by which he enjoys a lot. If you have checked his page on Instagram, you might have seen that Gil shared several photos while he was boat cruising. 

German Vaya Ballabriga, the


scout, who formerly had played an efficient role in discovering

Ansu Fati


Andres Iniesta

, said, "Right now, Gil is Spain's best footballer, and I compare him with



He can do certain things and has great versatility, as he can play at full-back in the middle or on the left wing. It is impressive. If he is signed now, then his release clause is 35m euros, but if he signs a new deal with Sevilla, then he will have a release clause worth 150m euros."

If we want to summarize the presented 

facts about Bryan Gil

, we can say that the young player has worked like a role model who could accomplish the dream of becoming a professional footballer for any child.

On the path to success, Bryan has always followed his father's advice. Alfonso has taught him that "life is not full of fairy tales." His parents, who have always struggled to make ends meet, are Bryan's heros' life and will remain his backbone forever. What he has gained now is the result of the enormous work and effort and the difficulty he has tolerated.

As you read, the piece was a complete overview of Gil's life story. However, there might have been some other 

facts about Bryan Gil

, which we missed mentioning. Our team in Sportmob appreciate your points if you share them with us via the comment section.

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