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Best Argentina XI of All Time

Argentina, the team which has historically been one of the most outstanding in the football world, has much popularity among football fans. If you are interested in knowing the names of stars who have had the chance of being among the best Argentina XI of all time, join us through today's article.

Reading about top, talented, and outstanding players with rich career history has always been one of the most viewed topics. As you read, we have focused on the best Argentina XI of all time through this article.

Recording winning two World Cups and several Copa America titles in its brilliant history, Argentina has had the chance of being represented by many footballers with a high-level world reputation.

In addition to two unforgettable Argentinian legends, Diego Maradona, Argentine football has had many other well-known players. Among the plethora of excellent footballers that Argentina has produced within the years, some are familiar, and some of them are unfamiliar.

If you are a big football fan, you might have made a list of the best Argentina XI of all time in your mind before reading the article and have included the stars' names who have rich career history. So, stay with us to check that the ones you chose are the same as the mentioned ones on our list.

Greatest Argentina XI of All Time

The content of today's article is an overview of the list of Argentina best XI of all time, which despite containing some names which you might know, you might not have heard some others.

Ubaldo Fillol

  • Age: 71

  • Position: Goalkeeper

  • Nickname(s): el Pato (in English: "the Duck")

Nickname el Pato, Ubaldo Matildo Fillol is one of the players whose name is among Argentina all-time greatest XI. The former Argentine goalkeeper was one of the players who represented his country's national team in three World Cups in 1974, 1978, and 1982.

Through participating in the first two ones, he won the championship with his team and became the Best Goalkeeper. Fillol also appeared in the South American qualifiers for the 1986 World Cup though things did not go according to his wishes, and he lost the chance of being chosen for the final team.

Playing for the South American giants Argentina for 30 years, Fillol spent most of his career history with 

Atletico Madrid



. The excellent ability of kick-stopping earned Fillol's best shot-stopper tag. Using the skill enabled him saved 25 percent of all spot-kicks and deserved him to bring his name on the list of the 

best Argentina XI of all time

Javier Zanetti 

  • Age: 48

  • Position: Full back, Defensive midfielder

  • Nickname(s): The Captain, The Tractor

If you are one of Inter Milan's fans, you must have been familiar with the name of its idol,

Javier Zanetti

. Unfortunately, Argentina's football politics and inequalities made a victim of Javier Zanetti, who had appeared in only a single world cup.

During the two decades that Zanetti spent with the Italian giant club, he achieved several awards, including five Serie A titles, four Coppa Italia, and one champions league. However, they are his all achievement. Meanwhile, he won one UEFA Cup and one club world cup.

Though his international honors are not as many as his clubs', Zanetti has appeared in 145 international competitions, which has led him to hold the record of most no. of caps for his national team. Being adept at playing brilliantly on both left and right-wing made him a versatile footballer who could have excellent performance on both flanks as a full back.

His professional level was so high that following his retirement,

Inter Milan

announced the retirement of his number 4 jersey and gave the title of vice president to him. It was a short description of Zanetti's career history by which he deserved himself to be one of the best Argentina XI of all time. 

Daniel Passarella

  • Age: 68

  • Position: Center back, Sweeper

  • Nickname(s): El Gran Capitán, El Kaiser, El Caudillo

One of the other names on the list of 

Argentina best XI of all time

 belongs to the player who had appeared in a distinct role on both Argentina's world cup winning victory.

Lifting the world cup award as the first Argentine player and captaining it through the matches ending in major success on home soil,


had a rough character. However, he has earned much respect and attention from his teammates and even opponents through his excellent structure.

Argentina recalls him as the wall of its four-line with sturdy tackling. Although his position on the pitch was as a center half, owning the feature of brilliant tackling had abled him to score 144 goals in 447 matches he had played at club level.

Alongside the appearances, he participated in 70 international competitions and left 22 goals to his name. Following much admiration that he had aroused through his performance, Passarella became one of 125 Greatest Living Footballers at a FIFA Awards Ceremony and allocated number 36 among the list of the 50 hardest footballers in history The Times had published. 

Oscar Ruggeri 

  • Age: 59

  • Position: Center Back

  • Nickname(s): El Cabezón (in English "The Big-Headed One")

Oscar Alfredo Ruggeri is one of the other legends whose astonishing performance deserved him to be one of the best Argentinian XI of all time. The Argentinian former professional defender also left much success in his career history at the international level.

It includes participating as one member of Argentina's team at the 1986 FIFA World Cup, two editions of the Copa America, and the 1992 King Fahd Cup, which ended in their victories.

Although Ruggeri played with various clubs during his playing time, such as 

Boca Juniors

, Real Madrid,

Velez Sarsfield

, and Ancona, his most notable and successful work was with River Plate, the Argentine club. Some parts of his achievements with the club were the Copa Libertadores, Copa Interamericana, and the Intercontinental Cup that he earned whole of them in 1986. 

Aerial ability and rough playing style in front of opposing players were two highlighted features by which he could place his name as one of the best defenders to come out of Argentina. 

Silvio Marzolini

  • Age: Died (aged 79)

  • Position: Left-back

  • Nickname(s): -

The following footballer on the list of 

Argentina best 11 of all time

 is a man who died on 17 July 2020 and might have been a little unfamiliar for younger football fans. The former Argentine football player spent his senior career with Ferro Carril Oeste and Boca Juniors, which within his playing with the latter, he earned much recognition.

Marzolini, whose performance in his position had earned him the title of the best Argentine left-back of all time, appeared at the role for the


national team in two tournaments, including the 1962 FIFA World Cup and the 1966 FIFA World Cup.

Following performing his excellent playing, Marzolini ended them as the best left-back footballer of the competition. Within nine years, between 1960 to 1969, that he participated at the international level, Marzolini made 28 appearances for Argentina's national team.

Having retired, he started his new role and continued his participation in the football world as a manager. His managing era of Boca Juniors coincided with the playing time of Argentinian legend and superstar player Diego Maradona.

Fernando Redondo

  • Age: 52

  • Position: Defensive midfielder

  • Nickname(s): The Prince

The list of 

best Argentina XI of all time

 includes a retired footballer, who formerly appeared as a defensive midfielder on the pitch for several teams, including the Argentinos Juniors,



Real Madrid

, and Milan.

Well-known as a talented footballer with an offensive and creative playing style, Redondo played a decade completely in La Liga, which most of it refers to Real Madrid. While Redondo was playing with them, he gained several honors, such as two La Liga championships, various Champions League awards, and the 2003 Champions League. In 2004, due to several injuries that had caused many limitations for him, Rodendo ended his profession in Italy with Milan. 

Redondo only appeared at the international level for seven years, between 1992 to 1997, and represented his country's national team in the 1994 World Cup. The 1992 King Fahd Cup and the 1993 Copa America are also two other achievements gaining by playing with the Argentine national team.


Some characteristics in his playing style, including passing creatively, excellent vision, professional techniques, and close control with his left foot, had given him the capability of arranging his team's pace in midfield and changed him to a prominent player of Real Madrid during the 90s.

Javier Mascherano

  • Age: 37

  • Position: Defensive midfielder

  • Nickname(s): El Jefecito, Masche

Javier Mascherano, the footballer who started his profession with River Plate, is one of 

Argentina all-time greatest XI

. Playing as a defensive midfielder or center-back, Mascherano also played for


, West Ham United, Liverpool, Barcelona, Hebei China Fortune, and Estudiantes, but his first senior honors back to his playing with the first team, River Plate.

Having earned the Argentine Primera Division,


joined his second team, Corinthians, and achieved the Brazilian Serie A only during the first season he had played for them. Though setting some unusual terms in his contract with the Premier League club, West Ham United, Mascherano did not have a shining era there, joining Liverpool on loan made up the past.

By playing for


, he reached the final of the UEFA Champions League, which then led him to sign an £18.7-million contract with them. Five La Liga championships, two UEFA Champions League titles, and two FIFA Club World Cups are only some examples of his achievement after moving to Barcelona, the side in which he changed his position to a central defender.

Besides his notable career history at the club level, he appeared 147 times for the Argentina national team, which placed his name after Lionel Messi as the most capped footballer in Argentina's history. 

Alfredo Di Stefano

  • Age: Died (Aged 88)

  • Position: Forward

  • Nickname(s): La Saeta Rubia, (in English "The Blond Arrow")

Owning great power, speed, skill, and appearing as a prolific forward,

Alfredo Stefano

Di Stefano Laulhe is another name amongst the 

greatest Argentina XI of all time

, who died on 7 July 2014.

After his retirement as a player, he started coaching and did it for many teams, such as


, Sporting CP, Boca Juniors, and

River Plate

, and ended it in the 1990-91 season with Real Madrid. Although his playing style had some highlighted features like great stamina, creativity, and tactical versatility, his triumphs with Real Madrid had earned him more reputation. 

Although Di Stefano was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he mostly appeared in international competitions for Spain due to his move to Madrid and fewer times for Argentina and Colombia.

He made 31, 4, and 6 appearances respectively for Spain, Colombia, and Argentina national teams, which his most goals were for Spain, 31 times. The UEFA President, Michael Platini, described him as a "great amongst the greats." Additionally, Just Fontaine and Eusebio called him "The Most Complete" footballer in the history of the game."

Lionel Messi

  • Age: 34

  • Position: Forward

  • Nickname(s): Leo, La Pulga, La Pulga Atomica, Messidona, Atomic Flea

Whether you are a football fan or not, you must have heard Messi's name as a well-known, talented, and professional player in the football world. If you are a big football supporter and follow related events to the football world, you must have predicted Lionel Messi's name as one of Argentina all-time best XI.

Messi, the captain of the Argentina national team and the current forward of Ligue 1 club

Paris Saint Germain

, has mostly held the title of the best player in the world and the greatest of all time. Winning six Ballon d'Or grants and six European Golden Shoes are only some of his records in his career history.

Till 2021,


had spent the whole days of his senior career with


, the club in which he achieved ten La Liga titles, seven Copa del Rey titles, and four UEFA Champions Leagues. At all, the honors earned him a club-record 35 awards. Setting the La Liga and European records for scoring the most goals during only one season had established him as Barcelona's all-time top scorer.

Talking about his brilliant performance needs at least one separate article. So, instead, we have only presented the numbers of his records in scoring goals which will be an excellent measure to get his professionality, including 474 one in La Liga, 50 in a La Liga and European league season, and 36 most hat-tricks in La Liga.

Diego Maradona

  • Age: Died (Aged 60)

  • Position: Attacking midfielder, second striker

  • Nickname(s): Barrilete, Dieguito, Pelusa, El Diez, Cosmico, El 10, Maradona

Regarded as one of the greatest football players in sports history, Diego Armando Maradona was a professional footballer and manager whose excellent performance made him deserved to be one of the 

best Argentina XI of all time


As one of two players who had won the FIFA Player of the 20th Century,


had a unique playing style with some highlighted features, such as excellent vision, intelligent passing, great ball controlling, and accurate dribbling skills. Owning brilliant methods and techniques in Maradona's playing had earned him the ability to affect his team's general performance and possessed an eye for scoring goals.

The Argentinian legend appeared in 491 competitions in his senior career and scored 259 goals for his clubs. His performance at the international level was also stunning. Making 91 appearances and leaving 34 goals for Argentina's national team can describe how successful he was. 

Gabriel Batistuta

  • Age: 52

  • Position: Striker

  • Nickname(s): Batigol, Angel Gabriel

The player, who has placed on the list of the best Argentina XI of all time, is

Gabriel Batistuta

, nicknamed Angel Gabriel or Batigol. Batistuta started his senior career with Newell's Old Boys in the 1988-89 season.

After making 24 appearances and scoring seven goals for them during the season, he moved to River Plate and spent only one season. Afterward, he played for Boca Juniors, Fiorentina,


, Inter Milan on loan, and


. Batistuta, who spent most of his playing profession with Fiorentina, nine years, totally appeared in 444 competitions and left 248 scored goals from himself in the football world. 

However, his playing at the international level was as brilliant as clubs, playing in 77 official games and netting 54 goals. So, it is clear why he was Argentina's all-time leading goalscorer. He had held the record till 2016, which Lionel Messi surpassed him.

Participating in three FIFA World Cups and netting ten times, Batistuta became the eighth-highest World Cup goalscorer of all time. There is no wonder how his name, who is the only footballer recorded scoring two hat-tricks in different World Cups, is amongst the best Argentina XI of all time.

His international appearances with his country's national team earned him various honors and awards, such as Copa America titles consecutively in 1991 and 1993, the Artemio Franchi Trophy in 1993, and the 1992 FIFA Confederations Cup. 

In the article, we tried to cover the most related facts to the best Argentina XI of all time. However, the presented text had a controversial topic, which might have aroused various viewpoints. If you have any ideas regarding the list of Argentina best 11 of all time, share them with us via the comment section.

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