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PUBG Tips and Tricks for Beginners

The game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short, is the one of the trendiest tickets in gaming right now. Last year, it sold over 33 million copies on PC, and it has now surpassed 70 million sales across all platforms.

So it's no surprise that everyone is attempting to replicate PUBG's Battle Royale gameplay.

But what exactly is a "Battle Royale," and why should you be interested?

It's essentially a parody of the Japanese film Battle Royale from the 2000s or, more recently, The Hunger Games. It is available on Mobile, PC and Xbox as of 2021.

A hundred players are dropped into the world with nothing but their clothes and a parachute, and once they've landed safely, they scavenge for weapons and gear before fighting to be the last one standing.

It may appear frightening, but don't be afraid. Here are some survival techniques for this kill-or-be-killed game.

PUBG Tips and Tricks for Beginners Helping You Get Started

Here are tips and information that will show you how to make a good start in the game.

Realize What the Purpose is

Isn't it true that any shooter game has the same goal? Not always, to be honest. PUBG is based on the concept of survival. That is your ultimate goal, whether it is camping or fighting, one of the PUBG Tips and Tricks for Beginners.

Using all means necessary, outlive everyone else (so to speak, we mean in the game). For each season, PUBG has a ranking system, with those ranking high earning kills, assists, and personal placement objectives.

PUBG isn't your ordinary first-person or third-person shooter (both options available). The goal is to survive rather than to acquire the most kills - in fact, you can win without getting a single one - so your typical shooter approach will need to change.

Stealth is the reigning meta, so to speak. In fact, many of the top players intending to compete in upcoming tournaments rely on 'boring' stealth strategies, such as lurking offshore on boats, to get them to the final gunfight at the end of a game.

The argument goes that if everyone else is going to kill each other anyway, why put yourself in danger? But that isn't the whole picture; for starters, combat is excellent practice.

The combat mechanisms in PUBG are a little strange, but understanding them will make a huge difference in how many final-10 situations you win.

Mid-game kills, likewise, are a great method to upgrade your gear from decent to exceptional, one of the PUBG Mobile tips and tricks 2021. Finally, knowing how to shoot the person who caught you hidden in a bush comes in handy if you are detected.

Know When & Where to Drop

Each PUBG game begins with all 100 players packed on a cargo jet moving across the area on a random path.

Your first significant decision is when and where to drop, and it can easily influence whether you'll endure 30 seconds or 30 minutes.

Once you've jumped, you have two options: dive as quickly as possible towards towns, cities, and military bases, where the best weaponry and gear are hidden; or try to get as far away from the plane's flight path as possible and loot outlying buildings in peace and quiet.

In any case, try to be aware of other people who may be parachuting around you and be ready to fight because they will.

When parachuting in, you can aim for any location on the island, and where you land can make a major difference.

Some places will have more firearms, ammo, and supplies than others. So go where all the stuff is, and you'll also have more early-game confrontations.

However, if you go where there is less gear to avoid a confrontation, you risk being under-armed for a fight.

A gun, some armor, and a bag to carry it all in should be at the top of your shopping list in either case, another one of the PUBG Mobile tips and tricks 2021.

It may seem weird to play a competitive shooter while avoiding shooting other players, but it's the easiest way to remain alive in PUBG at first.

Keep a low profile and avoid trouble unless you absolutely have to.

It's easy to hit a group early on, or to be picked off from afar by someone you never spotted, so stay low and avoid conflict till you really have to.

As a result, everyone kills each other, and by the time you have to battle, you should be A) better armed, and B) have fewer opponents to contend with.

Obviously, cities and military bases are among the hot locations full of weaponry and gear which you will need to kill a lot of players in order to get out of there alive.

So if you’re looking for some serious fight, those are the places you need to land in, but if you want to rank up and reach higher leagues in the game, your best option would be to land in quiet little locations where no one usually is, one of the

PUBG Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Pick Up Essentials

As soon as you land, you must be on the lookout for weapons and equipment to contribute to your survival.

Don't waste your time looking elsewhere because everything can be discovered on the floor of a building.

You'll want to acquire things as quickly as possible, but what you find is always a gamble.

You'll occasionally come upon a building crammed with high-end gear, while other times you'll be lucky to locate a pistol.

Sniper and assault rifles, as well as submachine guns, shotguns, and handguns, are all available in PUBG.

Because you can only carry two primary guns and a handgun, it's preferable to get two guns that aren't too similar, such as a sniper rifle and a submachine gun or assault rifle, one of the PUBG Tips and Tricks for Beginners.

You'll also need ammunition for each, which you can usually find next to the weapon.

Attachments such as red-dot sights, foregrips, and larger magazines can also be added to most firearms.

Aside from weaponry, you'll need a backpack to carry more gear, as well as a helmet and protective vest to help with damage absorbing.

Health kits are also necessary for recovering from a fight, and there are a variety of explosives to use.

Set Your Fighting Strategies

Knowing when to fight and being aware of your surroundings are two of the most important aspects of surviving in PUBG.

If someone is firing at you from afar, you're better off running for cover rather than fighting, one of the PUBG Tips and Tricks for Beginners.

On the other hand, sniping someone with a gun that doesn't have enough range is pointless. At 200 meters, an SMG is worthless.

It's also worth keeping in mind that every gun fired might be heard from a considerable distance away, disclosing your location.

If you have surround-sound headphones or use Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos for spatial audio, you'll be able to spot distant shooting in PUBG as well as hearing footsteps and other tiny sounds that can be of great help, one of the tips included in

PUBG Beginner Guide


Of course, the decision to go towards the action or to wait for it to resolve itself is ultimately yours.

Stay in Safe Zone

Because it would take a long time for 100 individuals to kill each other over a large island, the game limits the playing area with a crackling blue energy field.

Because the damage is low early on, you can hide in this region to escape other players, one of the

PUBG Tips and Tricks for Beginners


However, the game becomes increasingly dangerous as it goes, eventually leading to practically certain death outside of it.

Okay, so you're nearly guaranteed to die on the inside as well, but at least you have a fighting chance.

PUBG divides the map into three zones: a safe zone, a red zone, and a life-robbing danger zone, just like other Battle Royale games.

You should also lookout for the Red Zones that display on the map. The ground will be bombarded by artillery fire, making survival very difficult.

If you find yourself in a Red Zone, try to get out as quickly as possible, another tip for you as one a part of PUBG Beginner Guide.

Keep in mind that cars make a lot of noise, so choose your escape path carefully if you're fleeing the nearing Safe Zone border or Red Zone bombardments.

Get Used to PUBG’s Control System

PUBG features some slightly strange controls that you'll need to get used to if you want to succeed, whether you're playing on Xbox or PC. Here are a few of the most crucial to keep in mind:

The right mouse button on a PC is used to aim down the sights. To activate it on Xbox One, swiftly pull the left trigger.

On a PC, holding down the right mouse button activates an over-the-shoulder perspective. This view is activated on Xbox One by holding the left trigger.

To enable a free-look camera that won't obstruct your movement, press Alt on your keyboard. Holding the right shoulder button on an Xbox One activates this feature.

On PC, fortunately, PUBG allows users to remap controls, one of the PUBG Tips and Tricks for Beginners and Xbox now has a "Type B" control system that allows you to activate iron sights by holding the left trigger instead of rotating your vision over the shoulder.

It's also a good idea to memorize your inventory as well as the inventory navigation buttons so you can dive in and reorganize on the go.

Team Up

Being a lone wolf in PUBG is nice, but you can also play in a duo or a squad of up to four players.

Having a partner usually makes the game more enjoyable and exciting, but a little more challenging at the same time, one of the

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks 2021


In fact, it substantially alters the atmosphere of PUBG, as you'll be attempting to leap out of a plane together, share resources, and call out other groups you encounter along the way.

You can also revive each other after being knocked out, increasing your chances of survival. There is strength in numbers, but your opponents will almost certainly be more organized as well.

A great replay and Killcam feature have been introduced in PUBG since version 1.0 on PC.

You'll acquire a lot of insight from watching these videos, from understanding how you were taken out to seeing how other players handle specific circumstances, one of the PUBG Tips and Tricks for Beginners.

You may even use it to relive the joy of getting your first Chicken Dinner! Chicken Dinner is a symbolic meal with a conceptual meaning that is given to you when you win and become the last player standing.

It'll also be presented to you if your team manages to survive till the end even if you die early on. It's most likely made with potatoes and gravy.

Fun Fact about the Symbolic Frying Pan

In PUBG, there are a few melee weapons, such as crowbars and sickles, but the frying pan is the game's genuine star. 

A cast-iron pan designed specifically for creating hatred in your opponents.

The pan can kill an unarmored opponent in two hits to the body or one hit to the head in the game.

While equipped and unequipped, the pan will stop bullets fired at players, allowing it to act as a small shield.

Shots from all ranged weapons in the game, including shotguns and the AWM, are blocked by it. It is recognized as the best melee weapon in the game for these reasons. 

Attempts were made early on in development to make it possible to hit explosives away with the pan like a tennis racket.

Although it didn't work, it did allow the pan to deflect shots. In all honesty, you'll almost certainly die trying, but running up to a player who is firing you, bullets ricocheting away, and then killing them with a well-placed wallop is the ultimate experience.

One of the

PUBG Tips and Tricks for Beginners

is that you can just pick the pan up and it would be placed on your back and if someone is shooting you from behind and you’re pretty lucky, one or two bullets would hit the pan instead of you, totally worth the try!

The Maps

All of PlayerUnknown's action was originally set on Erangel, a massive fictional Eastern European island.

Because this is such a large area (eight by eight kilometers) and the plane rarely flies over it in the same way twice, there is a lot of variability in the drop zones and landing zones.

Because different places have varied qualities, there are numerous approaches to try.

You can avoid difficulties in more isolated regions, but you'll have a harder time locating stuff and fleeing the blue zone, for example.

Four new locations named Karakin, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi have been added as a result of subsequent upgrades, one of the things you should know if you if looking for a PUBG Beginner Guide.

Go For the Supply Drops

For newer PUBG players, this is a simple feature to overlook. When you hear the cargo plane fly over the island, it's dropping a supply box containing some of the best gear in the game, one of the PUBG Tips and Tricks for Beginners.

To make it simpler to find, the container parachutes down and then emits some red smoke.

You can obtain the best guns, medkits, suppressors, and the ghillie suit, among other useful randomized stuff, if you can locate the crate.

The problem is that every time a container falls, it will draw a large number of players.

Those who are poorly-equipped are more likely to step into a deathtrap, whilst those who are well-equipped may find themselves in a position to easily tally up a few kills, another one of the PUBG Tips and Tricks for Beginners.

In general, supply crates are difficult to play in, but looking for them and watching how other players handle them can provide valuable learning opportunities.

You'll see how some players stake out the crate, what kinds of conflicts can occur there, and what you can do to earn the game's best prize.

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