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Peter Schmeichel Biography

A Viking, a true legend and a captain who fought for every shirt he wore in his career. Peter Schmeichel is one of the great legends in Denmark; so today we are going to talk and write about Peter Schmeichel's biography. Stay tuned.

During his time with Manchester United, Peter Schmeichel used to throw long balls for attacking players, and no one else has succeeded in performing this art on Schmeichel's own level. If you played against Manchester United in the 90's you were always one step away from conceding goals and you were not safe even in the attacking phase as of the incomparable throwing of Peter Schmeichel, they had a gun that could be fired in one moment.

In a blink of an eye, they would take the team from defense to attack. We've seen goalkeepers like

Jordan Pickford

that put the team in a counter-attack position with superb kicks. Of course, this requires the goalkeeper to take possession of the ball and kick the ball in the right space and with more time. But the advantage of Schmeichel's ability was that he could trouble the opposing team much faster and more accurately.

You were exposed to a dangerous counter-attack as his throws were so powerful that they seemed like a superhuman ability, but Peter Schmeichel believed that this was a normal ability for a man to do things beyond the power of other goalkeepers in the world.

Peter Schmeichel nationality

is Danish and he is known as one of the passionate players in history. Peter Schmeichel was a great goalkeeper and without a doubt, is one of the legends of Manchester United. Sure it is not all about Schmeichel's life story as there is so much to say. Stay tuned as we take a look at Peter Schmeichel biography.

All You Need to Know About Peter Schmeichel Biography

Peter Schmeichel was born on November 18, 1963, in Gladsaxe,


, and is now 57 years old. He started his football career with Gladsaxe-Hero. Schmeichel was famous for his intimidating physique. A fierce competitor, he was known for his loud, unstinting criticism of perceived mistakes by his defenders

Manchester United fans and Danes consider him their best goalkeeper. The man who helped Denmark win the Euro and Manchester United win a historic treble. Schmeichel was named one of the top 10 goalkeepers in the history of football by France Football magazine. Growing up and staying great in the world of football can be achieved in different ways. It can be dribbling opponents, scoring countless goals, winning trophies, or being Peter Schmeichel with leadership and great reflexes.

"I was in Brondby and practicing. That English Premier League season ended earlier than the rest of Europe. We did not participate in the Euro tournament. Different teams wanted to play with us before the start of the Euro. We were preparing ourselves in Brondby for the CIS team that played in the Euro. We went for lunch between two practice sessions, and that was where we first heard the rumors about the elimination of Yugoslavia."

It was after the end of the second training session that the final news of our replacement with Yugoslavia arrived. The news was confirmed and now we were one of the teams in


. The majority of the team's players at the time were the Brondby team and the Under-21 team. We had players like Flemming Povlsen who did not play in their team at all.

But we became a pioneering team in the country. There were different mindsets before the euro. Before the tournament, I did not think we would get good results. But we also swore. In fact, we fully understood what had happened when we gathered in the main square of Copenhagen to celebrate with the others, and we just realized what had happened. It was really incredible. It was unique. You think, "God, we really did it, this is not a dream."

Peter Schmeichel Information

In this part of Peter Schmeichel biography, you could find some general information about Peter Schmeichel listed down here.

Peter Schmeichel Bio

  • Full Name: Peter Bolesław Schmeichel

  • Nickname: “The Great Dane”

  • Profession: Former Professional Football Player

Peter Schmeichel Physical Stats

  • Weight: 96 Kilograms

  • Height: 1.91 Meters

  • Eye Color: Not Available

  • Hair Color: Blonde

Peter Schmeichel Football Information

  • Position: Goalkeeper

  • Jersey Number: 1

  • Professional Debut: 1981

Peter Schmeichel Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: 1 November 1963

  • Birth Place: Gladsaxe, Denmark

  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

  • Nationality: Danish

Peter Schmeichel Early Life

Peter Schmeichel was born on November 18, 1963 in Gladsaxe, Denmark.

Peter Schmeichel childhood

was not all about football. Peter has done sports since childhood, although Schmeichel was not engaged only in football.

He spent his early years in the town of Buddinge, Copenhagen, and began his football career playing for a team in the adjacent suburb of Hoje-Gladsaxe. His first match came on 7 August 1972 at the age of 8. After a two-and-a-half-year unbeaten run, Schmeichel was signed by BK Hero, a team from a few divisions above Hoje-Gladsaxe and with one of the largest youth football schemes in Denmark.

BK Hero merged with Gladsaxe BK in 1979 to form Gladsaxe-Hero BK, and Schmeichel was presented with the opportunity to play for the Zealand FA's junior representative team.

Peter Schmeichel life story

is filled with memories of joyful memories and this probably makes him one of the best personalities in the history of football.

Peter Schmeichel Profile

In this section of 

Peter Schmeichel biography

, we will take a look at his professional career from his early days until now. The turning point in Peter Schmeichel’s career was joining Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson says: "I believe there is no goalkeeper who performs better than Peter Schmeichel. He is a giant figure in the history of Manchester United."

And in addition to Peter Schmeichel being a giant literally inside the net with a height of 1.91m and a big physique, his white hair and red nose with the occasional glow, and his jumping style, like the style of handball goalkeepers was impressive. He used to jump into the air and threw both feet and both hands to both sides, depriving any attacker in front of the goal.

Peter Schmeichel was different from everyone from the beginning. There were traits inside him that we have seen similar to few goalkeepers. A tall, big, talented, agile goalkeeper with excellent reflexes who had a special ability to cover the goal.

Peter Schmeichel joined Manchester United in August 1991 for €550,000 from Danish champions


, who gave fresh air to Sir Alex Ferguson's career by winning the European Cup that year. His transfer was so pleasing to Ferguson that he described it as a "deal of the century." Manchester United had spent the previous season inside the goal with Gary Walsh, Lee Sally, and Mark Bosnich.

Manchester United goalkeepers coach Alan Hutchinson oversaw Schmeichel's performance and considered him a good man to strengthen his team's goal. In his autobiography, Hutchinson says: After our positive comments about Peter Schmeichel, I called Sir Alex. "Who is he?" Said Ferguson. And I replied, "He is the one who will make you the league champion."

Along with such greats as Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs, Steve Bruce, and Brian Robson, Schmeichel was a major driving force for Ferguson's team, and the way they interacted on issues soon led to Manchester United gaining countless honors and becoming the number one club.

Peter Schmeichel was an innate leader inside the goal and shouted at the players to show their best performance. Schmeichel, along with Roy Keane, helped cultivate a culture of excellence and victory in the locker room, constantly urging the defenders in front of them to reach their highest standard, and having great leadership power both on and off the field.

Former Manchester United defender Gary Pallister says: “It did not matter who the captain was or how old he was. Peter Schmeichel used to shout at everyone.” Stay tuned to read more about Peter Schmeichel biography and get to know him better.

Style of Play

Peter Schmeichel’s style of play was very special and he had an interesting style. You've probably watched handball by now. In handball, the goalkeeper usually stands in front of the ball with open arms and a fully flexible body. Of course, this type of goalkeeping requires courage and bravery, but Peter Schmeichel, without the slightest fear, stood up to the heaviest shots of the attackers.

In a home Champions League match against 

Inter Milan

, he was significant once again, producing a stunning reflex save from Ivan Zamorano’s close-range header. Coming into the game on the back of a few injuries and inconsistent form, this was a turning point, as the Dane would be at his usual best from this point until the end of the season. As Ferguson’s team picked up form, and progressed well across all competitions, talk of winning an extraordinary treble continued to grow.


Peter Schmeichel is 57 years old and has retired from football. Schmeichel left FC Bayern in the summer of 1999 after 8 years and a total of 15 titles to join Sporting CP in Portugal.

In his first season with the club, he won the 1999-2000 Primeira Liga title, putting an end to the team's 18 years’ championship drought. He scored his only goal for the Danish national team, a penalty kick in a 2-2 draw against Belgium, in a June 2000 warm-up match for Euro 2000. He represented Denmark at Euro 2000, where the team was eliminated in the group stage.

Goal Celebration

Peter Schmeichel goal celebration was really weird. He never had the right balance of joy after a goal. Either he would simply raise his hands and show the victory sign when his team was scoring, or he would start doing acrobatic moves with extreme effort. Because of this unpredictability, Peter Schmeichel has always been popular with

Manchester United

and Brondby fans, and it can be said that this kind of celebration had become Schmeichel signature.

Peter Schmeichel Outside Football

Peter Schmeichel outside football is a very respected person. Schmeichel had personality in abundance and his relentless determination made him a force of nature. His saves were almost invariably followed by ferocious verbal blasts for the defenders who had failed to prevent the chance, and Ferguson described him as a "volatile individual" on the pitch. Never again has a goalkeeper ruled his penalty box in quite such intimidating style.

Strikers wilted in his path in one-on-one situations, and he also had a penchant for causing chaos at the other end when United were chasing a goal. That is why, over the years and with this fact that he transferred his legacy to Kasper Schmeichel, who has become a key figure in

Leicester City

and the Danish national team, everyone still has a lot of respect for Peter Schmeichel. Stay tuned to read more about

Peter Schmeichel biography

and get to know him better.

Peter Schmeichel Personal Life

Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel celebrated his engagement to girlfriend Laura von Lindholm a couple of months ago and he chose the most romantic spot to propose. The retired footballer popped the question to his long-term partner while on holiday at the luxurious One&Only Reethi Rah resort in the Maldives, during a fireworks display on the beach.

Laura is Peter’s second wife; he was previously married to Bente Schmeichel, with whom he shares two children – daughter Cecilie, a blogger, and son Kasper, who is also a successful footballer and plays for Leicester City and the Denmark national team.

The marriage took place in front of 200 guests at the Egebaeksvang Church in Espergaerde, Copenhagen - four months after they got engaged. Son Kasper, who is the current Leicester keeper, was pictured with his wife Stine Gyldenbrand Schmeichel, who wore a yellow dress. We should also note that

Peter Schmeichel religion

is Christianity.

Family, Children and Relationships

Peter Schmeichel's career could have been different: in his childhood, he was not obsessed with soccer like many famous players were. Playing was just his secondary hobby. What Peter really liked was music, especially classical and piano music. Besides, the young man took fancy in glam rock. Peter was a member of the rock group founded by his school friends.

He has been married twice so far, one of which was recent to Laura, and Peter's previous marriage to Bente Schmeichel, which resulted in two children.

Schmeichel and Bente were married for 31 years before they split in 2013. He has two children, Kasper and his sister Celcilie, from him marriage to Bente. The United legend made 398 appearances at Old Trafford, and was part of the 1999 Treble-winning team.


Peter Schmeichel has done charity work with Nordoff Robbins. Why the Peter Schmeichel fund chose to support Nordoff Robbins? Whilst nearly everyone knows Peter for his football, he’s also an avid musician and lover of music. A keen drummer and a budding guitarist, Peter has been using music to get through lockdown and truly understands the power that music has. Here is why Peter is supporting Nordoff Robbins, in his own words.

“Music runs through our family’s veins, it always has. It was passed down to me from my father from when I was a little kid, and from me to Kasper. When I pick up those drumsticks or start strumming the guitar, I relax. I get taken to another place, another world. Music really is my therapy. So, to support Nordoff Robbins means I can give the gift of music back. I can personally help vulnerable people to have music and music therapy in their lives, which for some, is their lifeline.”

No wonder, we said that Peter Schmeichel is a superb person. Keep reading to know more about

Peter Schmeichel biography

and see if he has had any legal issues so far or not.

Legal Issues

Many believed Peter Schmeichel made racist" remarks at Arsenal striker Ian Wright during a Premiership match at Old Trafford last November 1997.

Ferguson even expressed his disappointment and surprise that the Crown Prosecution Service were investigating claims that Schmeichel directed racist abuse at Wright during that game. Several lip-reading fans claimed that television pictures showed the Danish international swearing at Wright.

The Danish international goalkeeper, angered by a late challenge from Wright that left him with a bruised ankle, wagged his finger at the


striker as the pair headed towards the tunnel sparking Wright's outburst. Both players faced disciplinary action at the time. After giving specific information about Peter Schmeichel's legal issues, we go to the next part, the Peter Schmeichel career statistics part.

Peter Schmeichel Career Statistics

Peter Schmeichel statistics were just fantastic. Peter Schmeichel signed a professional contract in the 1981 season with Gladsaxe-Hero and went on to shine and join Hvidovre before eventually playing for Brondby.

Peter Schmeichel played 78 times for Hvidovre and then joined Brondby on a free transfer. He played 119 games for the team and even scored 2 goals! He then joined his childhood dream, Manchester United on a free transfer, playing 365 games for the Red Devils.

After eight fantastic seasons, he eventually joined

Sporting CP

and returned to the English League after two seasons in Portugal to play for Aston Villa. He played for Manchester City from 2003-2002 and also retired from football in this team to be remembered as one of the greatest in history.

Peter Schmeichel is the recognized expert in the world of professional soccer. He often works as a consultant and guest in programs related to soccer. During the FIFA World Cup 2018, the goalkeeper visited Russia, recorded a series of programs about Russian host cities, predicted game results, and gave expert marks to matches.

In April 2018, Schmeichel appeared on state owned Russia Today, in a TV Programme called The Schmeichel Show. He received criticism from Danish media for his appearance in it.


Schmeichel signed with Bayern Munich as a youth team player on 1 July 1998 and rose through the club's youth sides. Having won the Danish youth championship in July 2002, Schmeichel quickly gained a place in the reserves.

Peter Schmeichel was a man who always looked for the best and even criticized Alex Ferguson after Manchester United changed their 3-0 win over Liverpool at Anfield to a 3-3 draw in January 1994. A case in which he admitted seven years later that he had been told he would be fired for disciplinary reasons.

But Schmeichel decided to apologize to his teammates for that talk and make a decisive moment in his career, as he not only avoided an early separation from Old Trafford but instead built on his and his team's initial success to become one of the greatest players in the history of the club. Manchester United registered a double in the 1993/94 season.

And these successes continued until that historic night at the Camp Nou. To win the treble, Manchester United had to beat

Bayern Munich

in the 1998/99 Champions League final but were one goal behind until the final minutes of the game. Peter Schmeichel could have stayed inside the goal and defend his team's goal, but decided to help his teammates make up for the loss in the short time left. He came forward to make the most of David Beckham's perfect passes.

It could be said that Schmeichel was influential on the goal scored by Teddy Sheringham and helped his team win a historic treble. Although Peter Schmeichel later joined

Manchester City

, a rival and fellow citizen of Manchester United, this Danish legend will forever be popular with Manchester United fans.


In the mid-1980s Denmark’s international team was brilliant. After the appointment of the visionary Sepp Piontek in 1979, a stunning generation of players proceeded to lift Danish football out of a century of amateurism. The European Championship in Sweden had confirmed Schmeichel as the best goalkeeper in the world.

Thereafter he was pivotal in establishing Manchester United as the dominant force in the nascent Premier League, winning five of the first eight titles contested. Schmeichel’s last touch as a United player was to lift the Champions League title in 1999 as captain in the absence of Roy Keane, which completed a Treble unprecedented in England.

He announced his retirement from the national team in February 2001, and played his final match two months later, captaining the side in a 3-0 friendly win over Slovenia at Copenhagen's Parken Stadium; he was substituted in the 65th minute to a standing ovation, replaced by long-time back-up Peter Kjaer. Stay tuned to read more about

Peter Schmeichel biography

and find out what awards and titles he has won.

Peter Schmeichel Honors

Winning five

Premier League

titles, three FA Cups, one League Cup, four Community Shields, one Champions League and one European Super Cup were some of Peter Schmeichel's honors at Manchester United. Peter Schmeichel later became the first goalkeeper to score in the English Premier League.

He has also been awarded Footballer of the Year three times in Denmark. He also won the Danish league four times with Brondby. He also won the Euro 1992 with Denmark.

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