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In the following post, we provide you with both on and off-pitch information about the player. Stay with us to the end of the top facts about Said Benrahma.

Said Benrahma is one of Algeria's most well-known players. He is a professional football player who currently plays for the West Ham United club in England and represents the Algerian national team. In the West Ham United, he wears the number 9 jersey as a midfielder, and his talents are well-liked.

Nice II, Angers, Gazélec Ajaccio, and West Ham United are among the clubs for whom this 25-year-old footballer has appeared. He is 5 foot 8 inches tall in height and weighs 69 kg.

He's a player from Algeria, and his ethnicity is Algerian. His race is white, and he has established himself as the Algerian Messi.

Everything of top facts about Said Benrahma you might want to know

On August 10, 1995, Mohamed Sad Benrahma was born. Benrahma started his professional career with


and later spent time on loan with Angers, Gazélec Ajaccio, and Châteauroux.

Following a loan spell with West Ham in 2021, he came to prominence in the EFL Championship, scoring 27 goals in 83 appearances for the West London club before making the move to the Premier League on a permanent basis.

Benrahma grew up in Sidi Bel Abbès and was born in An Témouchent. He and his parents moved to Toulouse,


, when he was 11 years old, and he holds a French passport. Benrahma's father died in January 2020, and he dedicated each of his five goals after that to him.

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top facts about Said Benrahma


Said Benrahma early life

To begin his biography, he is known as 'the Algerian Messi.' The Algerian is one of many children born from his mother and late father's union. Said used to play street football with his childhood friends when he was a little child. Algerians of that generation were known for their passion for football, of course. Many of them, in case you didn't know, inherited their passion from Zinedine Zidane, a legend with North African ancestry.

The future AFCON Star grew up in a wealthy family in Sidi Bel Abbes. Said Benrahma's parents were wealthy enough to send their entire family to France, including Said, when he was only eleven years old. Benrahma began his life in France as a teenager.

Without a doubt, you can deduce that he comes from an Islamic family. During his upbringing, the footballer's father and mother instilled in him the morality of a true Muslim, as culture demands.

He's from North Africa, as everyone knows. What is unknown, however, is which part of


Benrahma's family hails from. His family originates from Sidi Bel Abbas, which is located in the country's northwestern region. Said's Algerian hometown is close to both Morocco and Spain.

Furthermore, the ethnic group of the forward's ancestors includes people who speak Algerian Arabic.

We are here to read and enjoy the top facts about Said Benrahma, so let's move on.

Said Benrahma information

  • Full Name

    : Mohamed Saïd Benrahma

  • Nickname

    : Said Benrahma

Said Benrahma personal information

  • Date of Birth

    : 10 August 1995

  • Place of birth

    : Aïn Témouchent, Algeria

  • Age in 2021

    : 25

  • Religion

    : Muslim

  • Nationality

    : Algerian

  • Facebook

    : Said Benrahma

  • Instagram

    : @saidbenrahma11

Physical Stats

  • Foot

    : Right

  • Hand

    : Right

  • Height

    : 172 cm

  • Weight

    : 69 kg

Family information

  • Father’s Name

    : Unknown

  • Mother’s Name

    : Unknown

  • Marital status

    : Unmarried

  • His wife

    : Single

Football Information

  • Position

    : Attacking Midfielder

  • Teams

    : Nice II, Nice, Angers (loan), Angers II (loan), Gazélec Ajaccio (loan), Châteauroux (loan), Brentford, West Ham United


top facts about Said Benrahma

, in this part, we would have a rundown of his Career Statistics.

Said Benrahma Career

An Algerian Messi, had planned to become a professional footballer before his family moved to France. Said Benrahma's parents enrolled their son at NRB Bethioua (in Algeria) when he was nine years old, knowing the importance of laying a strong foundation.

Said Benrahma joined Balma SC after arriving in Toulouse, France, to further his football experience. When he realized he wasn't getting what he wanted, the young lad sought advice from his parents and moved to Colomiers in 2011.

Said Benrahma Early Career in France

The talented winger sought to join a more competitive club after two years of rigorous training. What if I told you that, Said Benrahma was persuaded to join OGC Nice, a French professional football club based in Nice, by his sisters.

Benrahma was accepted by Nice in 2013 as a result of his previous achievements. During their training sessions, the Algerian Messi proved his worth to the then-manager, Claude Puel, just a few months after joining the Ligue 1 club. As a result, he was given the opportunity to make his professional debut with Nice in 2013.

Benrahma gradually put his abilities to good use for his club, playing in their reserve team. Thankfully, the risk he and his parents took in choosing his career path was paying off.

As we all know, getting a guaranteed first-team opportunity for a big club is difficult for young players with potential. This happened to Benrahma, who paid his dues by going on loan to a few different clubs.

Unfortunately, his numerous loan spells resulted in him being subjected to an excessive number of rules, which were adopted by all of the clubs he joined.


saw himself joining Brentford from OGC Nice — who offered him a first-team opportunity and a start — in 2017, and the gods of football heard his cries.

Said Benrahma Success Story

His country (Algeria) went on to represent him at the national level after he displayed unrivaled football prowess at Brentford. What if I told you that, Said was one of the players who helped Algeria win the 2019 African Cup of Nations, alongside Riyad Mahrez.

Benrahma puts on a fantastic show at Brentford over the course of two years. Many clubs were interested for his signature as a result of his remarkable achievement. Even fans didn't ask me to sign left out on a regular basis. As Said puts it, "for their club." This demonstrates just how much he is adored.

Leicester and Newcastle were the first clubs to approach him about a transfer. Sadly, none of these top clubs could get him. Top six teams, such as Arsenal, later joined Leceister in the league, but none of them were able to land the super Algerian. Battle of the transfer. The pursuit went on.

The BENRAHMA DRAMA, in which


and Leeds went to war (head-to-head) over the North African superstar, became one of the most well-known nicknames for Benrama's transfer saga. After a long battle, a victor was declared. David Moyes of West Ham United finally won Said's heart when he signed him in October 2020.

In a match against


, he made his EPL debut in part, demonstrating why David Moyes should give him his full West Ham debut later. His fans, mostly Algerians, began clamoring for a full debut via social media accounts (mainly FaceBook). The long-awaited moment arrived, and he performed admirably.

Said Benrahma's parents and extended family are undoubtedly hoping that he achieves the same level of success in the EPL as Samir Nasri.


top facts about Said Benrahma

, in this part, we would have a rundown of his relationship life.

Said Benrahma Relationship life

Who is Said Benrahma's wife and girlfriend? An Algerian Messi, has tried to keep his personal life private as much as possible as a principled player. We can't deny, however, that some of his female fans fantasized about the possibility of becoming his girlfriend or future wife, owing to his undeniable beauty.

We're sure his family is waiting for him to introduce them to the love of his life, given that he doesn't want to live a celibate life. We found something — a clue to his girlfriend or wife to be — after thoroughly researching his love life.

Our team discovered a photograph of Benrahma with a stunning woman. Could she be his girlfriend or fiancee, is the big question.

Said Benrahma Family life

The Algerian Messi has always had the support of his family throughout his life. Starting with his father, we present detailed information about members of his family in this section.

Said Benrahma's Father: The talented winger has worked hard to make his late father proud on several occasions. Benrahma's father, unfortunately, died in the cold hands of death in January 2020. Unfortunately, when Said paid a visit to his father on his deathbed, tears streamed down his face.

Said Benrahma's Mother: The importance of his mother in his upbringing cannot be overstated. Benrahma has shown that his mother has a special place in his life despite not mentioning her name. When he joined the Premier League club, he even brought her to West Ham Stadium.

Said Benrahma's Siblings: According to research, the Algerian player has an undetermined number of sisters.

Plus, there's more.

Benrahma has taken to addressing his best friend as 'brother.' Since they were children, he and his friends have faced numerous challenges. In fact, they've always used Instagram to share their photos.

Said Benrahma's Relatives: When it comes to his ancestors, nothing is known about his grandfather or grandmother. Regardless, we are confident that Benrahma's uncles and aunts, wherever they are, are proud of his accomplishments.

In the next section of the top facts about Said Benrahma, we will deal with his net worth, Personal life, social media, and his tattoos.

Said Benrahma Personal life

The prolific Algerian player has demonstrated some characteristics that best describe his personality throughout his career. Said Benrahma, in fact, has a great sense of humor. In fact, he comes across as someone who prefers to let football speak for itself rather than seeking the spotlight.

What's more, his ability to motivate others and his positive outlook has made him a focal point for some of his teammates. Benrahma enjoys swimming as a way to pass the time when he is bored. He takes long walks on the water to relieve stress on occasion.

First and foremost, he has a fantastic fashion test. Without a doubt, Said Benrahma is an excellent dresser. His Instagram photos have gradually portrayed him as a person who enjoys being addressed by the cool way he dresses.

Said Benrahma market value

When we look into his finances, we discover that he earns a lot of money at West Ham United. Surprisingly, Benrahma earns a yearly salary of Euro 1,100,000. At the time of writing this bio, his earnings put his market value at around Euro 22 million.

His financial situation appears to have allowed him to purchase a luxurious home and a collection of exotic cars. Despite the fact that he has no qualms about flaunting his stunning rides on social media. Not to mention the fact that we have yet to see Benrahma's House.

Frankly, Said Benrahma does not look for a lot of extravagance and does not have a luxurious life, and he needs a quiet life away from the fringe so that he can spend time with his family in peace and away from reporters.

Said Benrahma honors


  • PFA Fans' Player of the Month

    : January 2020

  • EFL Championship Player of the Month

    : July 2020

  • Brentford Supporters' Player of the Year

    : 2019–20

  • Championship PFA Team of the Year

    : 2019–20

Said Benrahma Untold Facts

To continue our look at the Algerian Messi's life, here are some fascinating facts that will help you understand his biography.

When you calculate his salary in Algerian Dinar, he earns millions: In his home country of Algeria, his E20,799 weekly wage will easily make him a millionaire. He would earn approximately 3.5 million DZD per week if his salary were converted to Algerian Dinars. To earn what Benrahma earns in a week, an average Algerian citizen would have to work for one and a half years.

He has a good chance of practicing Islam because he was born in a country where Muslims account for 98.2 percent of the population. Of course, our suspicions are correct, as Benrahma has posted a photo of himself dressed in his religious garb on Instagram. Without a doubt, Said Benrahma is proud to be a Muslim.

Said Benrahma Style of play

Benrahma is a winger who possesses one of the most important characteristics for any winger: the ability to dribble. He is short, which allows him to have a low center of gravity and move quickly enough to avoid defenders. He dribbles 10.28 times per 90 seconds and has a 47.8% success rate. This means that whenever he has the ball, he tries a lot of dribbles in any given game.

We can see a routine that Benrahma performs multiple times during a game in the example above. He beats the defenders by pushing the ball in front of him, catching up to the ball, and then playing a pass into the box, all while using his acceleration and low center of gravity.

He also has the ability to create space after defeating defenders. When he beats the defenders, he has plenty of room to cut inside or score.

Said Benrahma Social media

Benrahma is active on various social media sites where he communicates with his fans. One will find him on Instagram (@saidbenrahma11) where he has 88 posts and Facebook (@Said Benrahma). 808k followers on his Instagram and 122K on his facebook are following him as fans.

Said Benrahma tattoos

In contrast to other football stars who have tattoos, Said Benrahma does not have one. He possesses an incredible, muscular body as well as inspiring abs. We don't know if he's interested in getting tattoos, but we can guarantee the ink will be scorching hot on his body!

Algerian football players who have represented their country abroad have undoubtedly brought honor to their homeland. One sweet thing we notice is that all of the footballers appear to be from the same family. Unfortunately, no one could ever fill the void left by one of Said Benrahma's parents, his father.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family (especially his mother and siblings). We hope that, as a result of the death of him, they will be able to live a full and active life free of loneliness.

We hope you have enjoyed reading top facts about Said Benrahma.

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