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A look at the Top facts about Jose Callejon, former Real Madrid's Winger and current Fiorentina's player.

Jose Maria Callejon

 (born 11 February 1987) is a Spanish football player who currently plays for Serie A club Fiorentina as a forward or winger.

He started his profession with the reserve teams of Real Madrid but created a name for himself at Espanyol. In 2011 he came back to his prior club and, 2 years after, went on to join


, where he achieved 2 Coppa Italia and the 2014 Supercoppa Italiana while playing in 349 competitive games and scored 82 goals for them.

A U-21 international, Callejón played his first game for Spain in 2014. Jose Callejon performed very well when he played for Real Madrid. But the truth must be told, his performance in Napoli was much better.

Jose Callejon is an opportunistic player who, if you miss a moment, will get the ball inside your net. This player, like many young Spanish players who were associated with the golden generation of Spain, did not get much opportunity to play and he has played only 5 games for the Spanish national team.

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top facts about Jose Callejon

. We have a surprise for you right away. Callejon did something in the last season of his presence in Napoli that few players in the world of football do.

Jose Callejon only had a 3-day contract with Napoli and could leave the club, but decided to stay with his side in the remaining 11 Serie A games and the return leg against Barça in the

Champions League


Having turned down various offers from La Liga teams, he could have stopped working with Napoli that time, but in the end, he made a big decision.

After seven brilliant seasons with Napoli, Callejon decided to extend his contract without receiving a salary or bonus with a possible injury clause, in which case the club would have to pay for his treatment. The Italian club accepted without delay so that Callejon could say goodbye to Napoli as he wished.

The product of Real Madrid's football academy, Callejon had various offers from LaLiga teams, but he decided to deal with Fiorentina at the end of season. Prior season (2019-2020), he won the FA Cup with Napoli, defeating Juventus on penalties.

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Top facts about Jose Callejon you might want to know

Let's have a look at the 

top facts about Jose Callejon

, Real Madrid's former striker.

Jose Callejon Information

In the following, we will take a look at the 

top facts about Jose Callejon

. we want to talk about Jose Callejon's Personal Info.


  • Full Name

    : José María Callejón Bueno

  • Profession

    : Professional Football Player

  • Nickname

    : Callejon

  • Current Team

    : Fiorentina

Bodily Stats

  • Height

    : 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)

  • Weight

    : 73kg

  • Hair Color

    : Dark brown

  • Eye color

    : Dark brown

  • Hairstyle

    : short

Soccer Information

  • Position

    : Forward / Winger

  • Shirt Number

    : 77

  • International Football debut in Club

    : 2012

Personal Info

  • Relationship status

    : Married

  • father name

    : Jose Maria Bueno

  • Mother name

    : Encarni Bueno

  • Sister name

    : Tata Callejon Bueno

  • Marital Status

    : Married

  • Wife

    : Marta Ponsati

Date of Birth and individual Info

  • Date of Birth

    : 11 February 1987

  • Birth Place

    : Motril, Spain

  • Age

    : 34

  • Religion

    : Unknown

  • Nationality

    : Spanish

Jose Callejon Early Life

In this part, we will look at the top facts about Jose Callejon. Callejon brothers were born on February 11, 1987. Although the two started their footballing career with Real Madrid, it was Jose who made the most significant progress.

He won the Spanish La Liga and the Spanish Super Cup. He then went to Naples and won the Coppa Italia and the Italian Super Cup. Despite his progress, his brother Juanmi Callejón has always been on the move between different teams.

Jose Callejon Career Statistics

Callejón was born in Motril, Granada, Andalusia. He played his first game for the reserves in May 2007 and played 5 matches in that season's Segunda División without scoring a goal for Real Madrid.

In the 2007–08 campaign, Callejón showed up in 37 games and netted 21 times, ending as the team's highest scorer but in Segunda División B.

At the end of the season, Callejón left Real Madrid (with brother Juanmi) and contracted a 4-year deal with RCD Espanyol. He had his La Liga first game on 20 September 2008, as a late replacement in a 1–1 home tie over 



On 23 May 2011, Callejón came back to Real Madrid on a 5-year contract as of 1 July, for a stated payment of €5.5 million. On 16 July, he played his initial game for them in a 4–1 friendly win over the Los Angeles Galaxy, scoring the initial goal of the match in the 30th minute.

On 2 October 2011, Callejón scored his initial goal for Real Madrid later coming on halfway in the second half of an away match over previous club Espanyol; he netted from a 

Cristiano Ronaldo

 assist in a final 4–0 victory but didn’t celebrate the goal.

On 9 July 2013, Italian club S.S.C. Napoli stated they had reached a deal for the move of Callejón for €10 million. The 4-year contract was approved 2 days after. In August 2020, the 33-year-old Callejón exit from the Stadio San Paolo following his deal passed.

On 5 October 2020, Callejón signed a contract with Fiorentina.


Callejón debut happened for the Spanish U-21 team on 25 March 2008 over 


 in a 2009 UEFA European U-21 Championship qualifier; In the 46th minute following substituting Bojan Krkić and netted shortly after in a 5–0 victory.

On 7 November 2014, Callejón was called by Vicente del Bosque for games over Belarus and Germany. He played his first game coming on for 

Santi Cazorla

 in the 69th minute of the 3–0 success in Huelva for the UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying stage.

Jose Callejon Personal Life

Born in Granada, Andalusia, to his families Jose Maria Bueno and Encarni Bueno, Jose Callejon raised in the Motril with his brother Juanmi Callejon and his sister Tata Callejon Bueno. Callejon began his long period relationship with his girlfriend (Marta Ponsati) during his half-profession. Both of them nowadays live with each other with their girl Paula.

Jose Callejon Body Measurement

As we said before, 

Jose Callejon height

 is 1.78 m. 

Jose Callejon


 about 73 kg. Because he is not very big in body, he uses speed and more than his physical strength in his games., and according to the physical characteristics that we mentioned, he does not perform very well during defense, and it can be considered as one of his weaknesses.      

Jose Callejon Style Of Play

A dynamic and diligent right-footed player, Callejón is flexible of playing anywhere and is deployed as a forward or a winger, in the center as an attacking midfielder, and as a supporting striker.

He is also able to play in the middle as a major striker, and sometimes performed in deeper responsibility under Mourinho through his time at Real Madrid, as a full-back or wingback.

A fast and clever player, with great technical skills, Callejón is good at creating and netting goals because of his strong shot and wonderful offensive abilities, as shown by his skill to miss his markers by creating an attacking move in the backside of the defensive line and into the field from deeper or wider spaces. He is a great header of the ball, despite his height.

Jose Callejon, Stats and Market Value

Jose Callejon market value

 is at € 4.00 m in the 20/21 season. He is ranked number 15 among all Fiorentina players. Jose Callejon's ranked number 269 among all players of the Serie A 20/21 season. It is interesting you know through top fact about Jose Callejon, his ranked number 25 among all players born 1987.

Jose Callejon stats

We want to mention his games and performance this season. He has made 17 appearances for Fiorentina in Serie A 20/21 season, not receiving a yellow card and not a red card. He didn’t score a goal and just provided one assist.

He has played in 26% of games from the beginning and shows that he does not have a very stable position in the team and has played more as a substitute. He was also present in 26% of possible minutes and as we said before he didn’t score.

These are his statistics in Serie A 20/21. He played 2 games in Coppa Italia 20/21 for Fiorentina and scored one goal.

In total, at the moment of writing, he has played 19 games for Fiorentina, scored one goal, and provided one assist. He has been able to play in 707 minutes this season in 2020-2021, which shows that he is not having a great season.

Some short top facts about Jose Callejon

Jose Callejon is not active in social media. According to the information we have, Jose Callejon does not have an Instagram page or a Facebook page. Of course, he has many pages, but from the number of followers, it can be seen that these are fan-pages and they are not his main page. He prefers to focus more on real space than on cyberspace.

This shows that he is very not active on social media and not communicates with his supporter and fans this way.

The most interesting top fact about 

Jose Callejon tattoos

 is that there are not many photos of Jose Callejon without a shirt, but that is clear is that he is interested in tattoos, like many footballers, and this can be seen from his hands.  

While in Naples, after captain

Marek Hamšík

, who had many tattoos, it was the turn of Jose Callejon to experience the meeting of Enzo Brandi, the famous tattoo artist of the Azzurri footballers. Enzo himself posted this photo on his Instagram, and, as it turns out, Jose did not have a tattoo, at least on his upper body, before that. (on May 5, 2017).

Jose Callejon Entertainment

In this section, we will look at the top facts about Jose Callejon. Bayern Munich's former soccer player Xabi Alonso that nowadays is retired, Napoli former football player Jose Callejon, currently Fiorentina's player, and Villareal's former football player Roberto Soldado at that time, currently


's player are seen on June 20, 2016, in Ibiza, Spain.   

Also when he was at Real Madrid, Jose Maria Callejon is seen going shopping at Dolce & Gabbana store at La Milla de Oro on September 20, 2011, in Madrid, Spain. Because he does not share the events of his life, many of his interests are not clear, but it can be pointed out that his focus is on football.

Jose Callejon Quotes

Let's go through top facts about Jose Callejon quotes:   

Cristiano is the best player

: Callejon was a teammate of Ronaldo during his time at Real Madrid. "I think Ronaldo is the best player in the world. I think he is the most perfect player,"

The state of Italian football

: "Serie A is getting better. For a few years, the Italian league was lower than other leagues, but with the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus, it seems that changes are taking place."

Mourinho's happiness

: "Mourinho's happiness has nothing to do with me". Jose Callejon scored for Real Madrid on November 22, 2011, in the 6th and 49th minutes and played a key role in his team's 6-2 victory. That time he added: "When Mourinho gives me the time to play, I feel proud and I know very well that these opportunities are not permanent and I have to use them with all my being. I am very happy to have scored twice, but this is not a sign of my superiority over the others, and I owe my success to the very ideal teamwork of the players."

He continued: "In the last few days, many people have asked me about Mourinho's happiness. I do not believe in exaggeration and I do not like to talk about it much. On the other hand, Mourinho's happiness has nothing to do with me. I'm happy to see him close to the players and we have a good connection with each other."  

Jose Callejon In Fifa 21

The speed of Callejon in FIFA 21 is 88. Of course, his sprint speed is 89. His shot rating is 78. His pass rating is 75 and his strength in passing is his crosses. His strong point in FIFA 21 is his dribbles with a rating of 83. In the dribbling part, his best strength is in the ball control part, which has a rating of 85.

As we mentioned in the previous parts of the article, the weakest feature of Jose is his defense, which is also included in FIFA 21 and he is given a rating of 47. The last part is related to his physical strength, which has a rating of 63 and a total rating of 84.        

Jose Callejon Disease

In the following, we want to talk about one of the diseases that this 34-year-old player has been suffering from so far. Fiorentina's Spanish winger Jose Callejon tested positive for Coronavirus months ago and could not accompany his team for few days.

According to Fiorentina's website, Jose Callejon's Corona test was positive and he had been quarantined. Despite having Corona disease, Callejon had no symptoms of the disease and regained his health after a few days.

Jose Callejon Agent

Manuel Garcia Quilon is the agent of Jose Callejon. Of course, you will not be surprised if you know the players he is the agent of. Because he is the agent of famous players such as

Theo Hernandez

, Lucas Hernandez, Jose Callejon, Filipe Luís, Pepe Reina and, Diego Lopez.

Of course, he has also been the agent of the players who have now retired, such as Alvaro Arbeloa. Since he is Spanish, he prefers to be mostly an agent of Spanish players, but in the meantime, exceptional players like Luis Espínola and Filipe Luís, as we mentioned before, and the Hernandez brothers are among the exceptions.

Jose Callejon Achievements

Let's go through top facts about Jose Callejon achievements. In the following, we want to mention 

Jose Callejon achievements

 that he has won during his career, both at the national and club level.

Although he played for Napoli for about seven years, because Napoli could not win the Scudetto during those years, naturally he did not have a very successful record and both he and his team had many ups and downs these years.

He won the league when he was playing for Real Madrid. In general, if we want to look at his football record, he does not have a very brilliant record, but 4 team titles could not be ignored.

If he could have continued to play for Real Madrid, he would now have won several European titles.

Real Madrid

  • La Liga

    : 2011–12

  • Supercopa de España

    : 2012


  • Coppa Italia

    : 2013–14, 2019–20

  • Supercoppa Italiana

    : 2014


  • Segunda División B Top Scorer

    : 2007–08

  • Coppa Italia Top Scorer

    : 2013–14

  • Serie A Top Assist Provider

    : 2016–17

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