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UEFA Europa League 2021 round of 16 fixtures, Lineups and live streams

Who’s excited for another round of beautiful European football? The 2020-21 Europa League Round of 16 fixtures have been scheduled and some of the best teams in Europe are set to go head to head for the prestigious trophy. Follow us below for more info on 2020/21 UEL Round of 16 matches and more.

With everything that has been going on for the past year, many have lost hopes on almost everything good in life. But thankfully, we still have football to be hopeful about as we have been enjoying the beautiful game from every continent and country that we live in. While teams competing in this year’s

Champions League

have created some of the best and most iconic moments in football despite playing in empty stadiums, they are not the only teams in Europe that have been bringing us joy with their football.

You already know which other teams we are talking about, otherwise you would not be here at all. Some of the best teams in Europe are competing in the

UEFA Europa League 2021 Round of 16

after having qualified through the Round of 32 only a couple of weeks ago. There are many games to look forward too, such as the clash between Manchester United and AC Milan, which will have two of the most formidable side in the competition lock horns in what will be an absolutely thrilling match. 

Of course we will get back to this game down below as we take a look at every match in both the first and the second leg of 2020/21 UEL Round of 16 matches. We will be analyzing each team’s performance prior to the game and in their respective leagues to get a better overview of their strength and put their stats on paper to determine the Goliaths and the Davids of the competition.

As a quick disclaimer, you can also find information about

UEFA Europa League 2020/21 Round of 16 live streams

on this article. Of course most of the matches will be available on some of the more mainstream and famous services online and on TV. But we will provide information about the live streaming services as detailed as possible. Most of the matches will be covered by ESPN Play Sur, Futbol 3, beIN Connect, Canal+ Sport 2, BT Sport and DAZN.

Everything you need to know about UEFA Europa League 2021 Round of 16

Aside from the UEFA Europa League 2020/21 Round of 16 live streams, many are curious to see how their favorite teams get to line up against their fierce rivals in one of the most thrilling competitions in Europe and the whole world. Clubs might also be thankful that Sevilla will not be taking part in the campaign this time around, as they are currently battling against Borussia Dortmund to go the next round of the Champions League.

Naturally, starting off with the first leg of the round, we will be providing weekly updates on the games and how the teams fare throughout the competition. Who do you think will go through to the quarter-finals?

UEFA Europa League 2021 Round of 16 first leg

With the competition reaching a more serious stage, many teams have already started to smell the final itself, despite having both the quarter-finals and the semi-finals in front of them, and that is if they can go through to the next round by emerging victorious in the Round of 16.  We have so many good games at hand that will unfortunately start concurrently and we cannot get to enjoy them at different times. All games will be held at either 7:00 PM or 9:00 PM CET, with four games being held at each given time.

Despite each of the

2020-21 Europa League Round of 16 fixtures

having their own intensity, there is one particular match that millions around the world are desperately awaiting to see, and that is the match between

Manchester United

and AC Milan, who have locked horns in the Champions League before, and Milan have a score to settle with the Red Devils. Let us have a detailed look at all the matches that we will have the chance to enjoy in this season’s Europa League 2021 Round of 16 draw.

Dynamo Kyiv v Villarreal

  • Date: Thursday, 11 March

  • Time: 19:00 CET


UEFA Europa League 2021 Round of 16

will kick off as

Dynamo Kyiv

host Villarreal this Thursday evening. The Ukrainian side have been in fine form lately, as they are currently sitting first in the Ukrainian Premier League table, having won three of their last five league games and drawn the other two. They managed to beat Club Brugge 2-1 on aggregate in the Round of 32, as they managed to score a crucial away goal and also keep a clean sheet in the second leg.

Villarreal, on the other hand, had it quite easy against

RB Salzburg

, as they managed to repeat a 2-1 win against the Austrian side in the Round of 32. Of course their league run has not been much of a hopeful journey, as they have lost three of their last five league games, drawing the other two. However, this poor run of form could act as an additional motivation for the Spanish side, who will surely be trying to get a couple of away goals in their favor and use it to their advantage in the return leg. 

The UEL 2020-21 Round of 16 line ups for this round of fixtures will be announced a couple of hours before the match starts on Thursday.

Manchester United v AC Milan

  • Date: Thursday, 11 March

  • Time: 19:00 CET


2020/21 UEL Round of 16 matches

could not get any more exciting than this, as we will witness two of Europe’s powerhouses go head to head in a thrilling cup competition with the aim of going through to the final stages and even winning the prestigious trophy. Thursday evening has certainly gotten better this week as AC Milan are about to return to the same stadium where their lost their Champions League title hopes against Manchester United in the 2006-07 UCL semi-finals.

Even though that match was a in a different competition, the Rossoneri will certainly be motivated to take their revenge against the Red Devils, who beat the Italian side thanks to goals from

Cristiano Ronaldo

and Wayne Rooney. Of course there is another reason why many are excited to watch the two footballing giants lock horns in the UEFA Europa League 2021 Round of 16 draw, which is obviously the return of

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

, referred to as King Zlatan in many countries.

Zlatan signed for Manchester United in 2016 and left for

LA Galaxy

in 2018, before finally joining Milan in 2020, where he seems to age like fine wine, having already scored 27 goals in 41 appearances since his return to Italy. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men will certainly be motivated to win the match against Milan, having beaten their local rivals Manchester City and colored the city red in the 2-0 victory against Pep Guardiola’s men.

AC Milan, on the other hand, have not been the same Milan that we saw earlier this season, as they have somehow slipped in the title race against Inter Milan, and have lost their two previous league games, having only won two of the last five. If you too were wondering how to find the UEFA Europa League 2020/21 Round of 16 live streams for this match, here is a list of the most accessible services. You can catch the game on ESPN 2 Sur, DAZN, Plus 4, beIN Sports, BT Sport 1, Univision NOW and Sky Sport 7.

Slavia Praha v Rangers

  • Date: Thursday, 11 March

  • Time: 19:00 CET

The Czech First League leaders will be hosting the early winners of the Scottish Premiership, who managed to win their first league title in ten years under the brilliant management of Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard, this Thursday, as we are surely set to see two of the most in-form teams battle for a qualification to the next round.

Slavia Praha

have lost three of their last five league games and have had a solid defense overall this season, having conceded only 15 goals in the league.

The Czech club managed to pull a David versus Goliath classic as they scored two away goals against

Leicester City

and outshined The Foxes to go through to the next round with a 2-0 aggregate.

Steven Gerrard’s Rangers have been absolutely unstoppable in the Scottish Premiership, having won 28 of their 32 league games, while drawing the other four. They did in fact manage to win the league with games in hand, as they are currently 20 points clear from the second spot in the league, which belongs to Celtic, who were known to have dominated the league in the last ten years.

Rangers pulled an absolute thriller in their clash against Antwerp, as they managed to score four goals in the first and away leg and add another five in the second leg, to win the game with a 9-5 aggregate. While the team’s offense showed good quality and proved how prolific and formidable they are this season, Gerrard will surely be having a word or two with the club’s defense, so that they can keep it cleaner against Slavia Praha.

Ajax v Young Boys

  • Date: Thursday, 11 March

  • Time: 19:00 CET

Next in line in the

2020-21 Europa League Round of 16 fixtures

is the match between


and Young Boys. In the first leg, the Eredivisie side will be hosting the Swiss club, who also managed to give us one of the most thrilling matches of the competition in the Round of 32, where they got to score a total of six goals on aggregate against

Bayer Leverkusen

, winning the game 6-3 to qualify for the next round. They are also top of their respective lead and easily focus on the clash against Ajax in the coming days.

While Ajax too are top of their league in the Netherlands, their title race is wide open as PSV are chasing the famous club relentlessly. Having lost many of their exciting prospects to some of the bigger clubs in Europe, Ajax are still strong enough to win the competition and are true contenders for the trophy itself. They managed to beat Ligue 1 side Lille 4-2 on aggregate and will now be going head to head against BSC Young Boys after the

Europa League 2021 Round of 16 draw

was announced.

Granada v Molde

  • Date: Thursday, 11 March

  • Time: 21:00 CET

While Molde FK did get to finish second in their respective league last time around, they finished almost 20 points behind league leaders Bodo/Glimt.


, on the other hand, are currently 10th in La Liga and have lost three of their last five league games, which will surely affect their motivation as they aim to compensate their league shortcomings in the European competition.

Even though Granada are not one of the top-five clubs in the Spanish league, they managed to beat Napoli, one of Italy’s best clubs, 3-2 on aggregate, having scored a crucial away goal in the second leg, which helped them qualify to the next round. Be that as it may, they are a side to be wary of, as they are quite capable of making it to the final stages of the competition.

Molde also managed to pull a surprise on everyone as they beat

TSG Hoffenheim

5-3 on aggregate, adding two vital away goals and keeping a clean sheet in the second leg to take the lead only in the away leg. Both teams are capable of bringing us a true masterclass of a game, which many will surely be awaiting to see. This match shows how jam-packed the UEFA Europa League 2021 Round of 16 action actually is.

Olympiacos v Arsenal

  • Date: Thursday, 11 March

  • Time: 21:00 CET

Next up in the UEFA Europa League 2021 Round of 16,


are set to host Arsenal in what will be a thrilling game to watch. Even though Arsenal are way away from their prime days under the brilliant management of Arsene Wenger, they are still a formidable side and Olympiacos will have to tread carefully around The Gunners. Mikel Arteta’s side managed to beat a strong


4-3 on aggregate and qualified to the UEFA Europa League 2021 Round of 16.

Of course that is not to say that Olympiacos are not formidable themselves, as the Greek league leaders managed to beat

PSV Eindhoven

on their way to this round, despite having lost the second leg of the matches. They beat the solid Eredivisie side 5-4 on aggregate, which has left us questioning why we used the word “Solid” to describe the Dutch team.

Roma v Shakhtar Donetsk

  • Date: Thursday, 11 March

  • Time: 21:00 CET

Ukrainian teams seem to love competing in the Europa League, as Shakhtar Donetsk are the second team from the Ukrainian Premier League to have qualified for the UEFA Europa League 2021 Round of 16  alongside Dynamo Kyiv. The two are battling each other for the league title as Shakhtar chase Dynamo Kyiv relentlessly. With such a heated rivalry between the two clubs, many will be hoping to see them battle it out in the Europa League as well, preferably in the very final itself.

Getting back to the game in hand,


will be hosting Shakhtar Donetsk this Thursday, with the Italian side battling for a Champions League place in the race for the league title, and the Ukrainian side quite obviously challenging for the title itself. Roma managed to ease through to the Round of 16 with an easy 5-1 win on aggregate against Braga, as the Italian team scored two goals in the away leg and added a further three in the home leg.

Shakhtar Donetsk also had it easy (or rather played so well to make us believe it was easy) as they beat

Maccabi Tel Aviv

3-0 on aggregate. We will have to wait and see who manages to repeat the same performance and prevail in this round of European football.

Tottenham v Dinamo Zagreb

  • Date: Thursday, 11 March

  • Time: 21:00 CET

Who wouldn’t love to watch Jose Mourinho’s shenanigans in a European competition? Not only is the Portuguese manager capable of delivering some of the most iconic moments in football, he is also capable of creating title contending teams given the right circumstances. Of course


are in no shape or form able to challenge for the Premier League this season, but they are one of the favorites to win the UEFA Europa League 2021 Round of 16 and even win the competition itself.

Many would love to see Mourinho face his former team Manchester United in the final stages of the Europa League, and will be rooting for Tottenham in the game against Dinamo Zagreb. The English team are set to host the Croatian team in the first leg of this round, but should be wary of their opponents, as they are quite capable of ruining their day.

Tottenham routed Wolfsberg in the Round of 32 as they scored four goals in each leg to win the game 8-1 on aggregate and humiliate the Austrian team. Dinamo Zagreb, on the other hand, somehow had to work for a win against


, despite winning the round 4-2 on aggregate. They are currently top of their respective league and have won all five of their last five league games, which will double their motivation going into the match against Tottenham this week and later hosting them next week.

UEFA Europa League 2021 Round of 16 second leg

We got to witness truly intense moments in the first leg of the 2020/21 UEL Round of 16 matches, where some of the best in the world clashed heads for a spot in the quarterfinals. The eagerly awaited Manchester United versus AC Milan match had its ups and downs as each side might regret their missed chances in the return leg. There were some clear victors such as Ajax, who beat Young Boys 3-0 at home, and Granada who put two balls behind Molde’s goal line to make it 2-0 at home.

AS Roma also got to score three goals at home against Shakhtar Donetsk, who were dominated by the Italian side. Arsenal, on the other hand, while did manage to score three crucial away goals against Olympiacos, received one back and could not keep a clean sheet in the away leg. There was only one other match that ended in a draw just like the United v Milan game, which was the one between Slavia Praha and Rangers, who also drew 1-1 and both will be awaiting their sentence in the return leg which will be hosted by Steven Gerrard’s side.

It is quite possible that we might see changes in the

UEL 2020-21 Round of 16 line ups

as some teams might opt to play the game deeper in their own halves and park the bus to snatch a hard-earned victory. Other teams might make a switch or two in order to bring a sort of diversity and a fresh set of lungs to the squad. Let us see how each match went in the first leg of the UEFA Europa League 2021 Round of 16 and throw our guesses at how each team might go into the return leg.

Arsenal v Olympiacos

  • Aggregate: 3-1

  • Date: Thursday, 18 March

  • Time: 19:00 CET


seem to have it all under control with a well-deserved 3-1 away win against Olympiacos. However, the situation seems too familiar for the Gunners, who were knocked out of the competition in similar circumstances last season. Mikel Arteta’s men will be in good shape and have a high morale after beating Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham 2-1 at home, painting North London red once again. Their main striker and highest goal scorer Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will also be fresh and motivated to come back after being dropped from the starting XI for the London derby.

Of course sources suggest that the striker was dropped from the squad due to being late to the stadium, which might have caused a little bit of tension between the player and his manager. Surely Arteta could make use of his talented goal scorer to widen the gap and stay in a safe distance from last year’s shock.

Dinamo Zagreb v Tottenham

  • Aggregate: 0-2

  • Date: Thursday, 18 March

  • Time: 19:00 CET

Dinamo Zagreb

have already lost the away leg against Tottenham, which ended in 2-0 courtesy of a brilliant brace from Harry Kane. But the Croatian side should be wary of the return leg as well, as the London-based club are looking for a way to boost their spirits after losing to their city rivals Arsenal in the Premier League. Of course they can also take advantage of this matter and push on for a possible comeback, which is never an impossible option, as we have seen the magic of European competitions time and time again.

Molde v Granada

  • Aggregate: 0-2

  • Date: Thursday, 18 March

  • Time: 19:00 CET

Even though


had a 56% possession of the ball in the game and played a higher number of passes with more accuracy, they were on the losing side of the clash against Granada, who converted two of the six attempts on target. The Norwegian side even had ten attempts, four of which were on target, but none made it past Rui Silva.

Jorge Molina’s one-on-one finish and Roberto Soldado’s goal put the hosts ahead in the first leg of the Round of 16, but we will have to wait and see if Molde could work more on their finishing and complete a comeback to at least make it to the extra times.

Shakhtar Donetsk v Roma

  • Aggregate: 0-3

  • Date: Thursday, 18 March

  • Time: 19:00 CET

The first leg of the clash between

Shakhtar Donetsk

and Roma was the classic definition of winning without having the ball. Of course Roma did have the ball, but Shakhtar had a total possession of 63%, having 4 shots on target, which none made past the goalkeeper. On the other side of the pitch, Roma only had 37% possession of the ball, but made use of their chances by taking 10 shots in total, 7 of which wer7 of which were on target.

Their intensity of play simply bullied the Ukrainian side as the Italian team made more than 20 fouls during the game. The goals came in the 23rd, 73rd and 77th minutes from Lorenzo Pellegrini, Stephan El Shaarawy and Gianluca Mancini respectively. Shakhtar will have to strengthen their backbone if they are to stand a chance against Roma in the return leg. Of course they might be in good hearts as they ran a rout against Desna by winning the match 4-0, as their rivals were defeated 2-0 against Parma.

Villarreal v Dynamo Kyiv

  • Aggregate: 2-0

  • Date: Thursday, 18 March

  • Time: 21:00 CET

Unai Emery’s 4-3-3 formation worked out better in comparison to Mircea Lucescu’s 4-2-3-1 formation, with the Spanish team leading Dynamo Kyiv to several offside traps which significantly reduced their chances of having attempts at goal. Of course it was not just the offside that bothered the Ukrainian side, as they must work on their accuracy for the return leg. Dynamo had 8 shots during the whole match, but surprisingly none of those 8 shots was on target, which meant that Geronimo Rulli was hardly bothered during the whole ninety minutes.

The two goals for


came from Pau Torres and Raul Albiol in the 30th and 52nd minutes of the game respectively, both of which could have been avoided had Dynamo performed better in keeping possession of the ball in their own half, especially during rebounds, as both goals came from some sort of rebound from the defenders. The UEL 2020-21 Round of 16 line ups for the return leg are not yet announced, but the Ukrainian side will surely have to think again about their attacking options if they are to have a chance of fighting back.

Rangers v Slavia Praha

  • Aggregate: 1-1

  • Date: Thursday, 18 March

  • Time: 21:00 CET

Even though there seemed to be nothing that could stop Rangers in the Scottish Premiership, Steven Gerrard’s formidable side were held to a 1-1 draw against Slavia Praha in the first leg of the UEFA Europa League Round of 16. In fact, they were somehow dominated throughout the match as the Czech club had control of the game for most of the match with 60% possession of the ball and 12 attempts, compared to Rangers’ 40% possession and 6 shots in total.

The match was truly intense and physical as both sides committed more than 15 fouls throughout the game, which resulted in a total of three yellow cards, two of which went to Ranges and Slavia Praha received the one remaining. Surprisingly, the strikers were not the stars of the show, as Nicolae Stanciu, a midfielder, and Filip Helander, a defender, scored the goals with the game ending with a 1-1 draw.

It is all to play for in the return leg as Rangers have advantage of having scored a crucial away goal. It is only a matter of who wants it more to go through to the next round in the competition.

Milan v Manchester United

  • Aggregate: 1-1

  • Date: Thursday, 18 March

  • Time: 21:00 CET

It is worth mentioning again that this is the one match that all football neutrals are waiting for, as two of the most historically rich clubs are going head to head in the UEL Round of 16. The first leg ended in a draw as Manchester United hosted AC Milan in an absolute thriller of a game. Both sides had numerous chances to go in front in the first leg, but none took the chance to widen the deficit.

Perhaps the most regrettable and memorable miss of the night was when Harry Maguire humiliated himself with a horrible miss from less than a yard out. The club captain lamented his shocking miss by saying “That’s why I’m not a forward!” Of course we have seen many forwards who have missed from such spaces and such close ranges as well, which could put a little bit of pressure off the Englishman.

During the match, the Red Devils went in front in the 50th minute thanks a goal from Amad Diallo, but could not keep their 1-0 lead as Simon Kjaer completed a dramatic comeback in the injury time of the second half by scoring a crucial away goal with a splendid header thanks to a brilliant corner delivery from Krunic.

Young Boys v Ajax

  • Aggregate: 0-3

  • Date: Thursday, 18 March

  • Time: 21:00 CET

The odds are completely against the Swiss club BSC Young Boys, as only once has it been seen in history that a team could complete a comeback and progress to the next round in a UEFA Europa League knockout tie after losing the first leg by 3+ goals. In addition, having hosted Ajax only once before in a European competition, Young Boys lost the match against the Eredivisie side 1-0 in a Cup Winners’ Cup quarterfinal match in the 1987-88 season.

The Swiss side were completely and utterly dominated by the Dutch club in the first leg of the Europa League Round of 16, during which Ajax had a 67% possession and had more than 20 attempts for goal with an 86% passing accuracy. On the other side, the true underdogs had a possession of 33% and only managed to take one shot which was not even on target. The squad could not even find their own teammates properly as they passing accuracy was 69%. The goals came from Davy Klaassen, Dusan Tadic and Brian Brobbery all in the second half.

While it is to rule out Young Boys from the competition and nothing is ever written in stone, punters would surely put all their money on Ajax as they are clearly the stronger side both on paper and on the pitch.




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