Top Facts About Jules Kounde

Thu 11 March 2021 | 12:30

Jules Olivier Kounde is the talented French defender that we are going to cover in this article. We have some top facts about Jules Kounde personal life, girlfriend, parents, salary, net worth, and much more that will answer all of your questions about Jules Kounde.

Jules has been born on November 12th, 1998, in Paris, the capital of France. So at the time of writing this article

Jules Kounde age

is 22 years old. Shortly after he was born Jules Kounde parents moved from Paris to a tiny village named Landiras near Bordeaux in southwestern France. Jules Konde childhood has been spent in Landiras with him living only with his mother.

Jules was a good student at school and also a very passionate and talented football player. Jules Kounde talent got recognized by the coaches and he was able to make his way up to

Bordeaux`s senior team

when he was just a teenager. After that Jules Olivier Kounde has been introduced to football fans all over the world by joining Sevilla as a top talented defender.

Everything About Jules Kounde Personal life

If you want to know some top facts about Jules Kounde girlfriend, or you want to know about Jules Kounde parents and origins, or even if you are curious about

Jules Kounde children

if he has any, or maybe you are wondering about Jules Kounde social media accounts activity, the good news is all of these and much more have been covered on today’s article. In addition, we have some top facts about Jules Kounde stats and play style. So let’s don’t waste any time and talk find out some top facts about Jules Kounde.

Jules Kounde Parents and Family

Jules Olivier Kounde was the first and only child to a French mother and a Beninese father. So on his father side, Jules Kounde origin goes back to Benin, a country in West Africa that share borders with Nigeria and Togo. So we can say that Jules Kounde is of a multiracial ethnic background. The reason that Jules doesn’t have and brothers or sisters, is that his parents separated from each other just a year after Jules was born. Then Jules and his mother left Paris and moved away to live in a small village called Landiras in southwestern France.

As Jules mentioned lately in an interview, his mom had a huge role in his football life and without her support, it would be almost impossible for Jules to become the player he is today. The only thing that Jules Kounde`s mother asked him was that he shouldn`t play professional football at the cost of leaving school. She made Jules continue his education until he got his Baccalaureate. After that, he stopped educations and put all of his focus on becoming a world-class footballer.

Another fact about

Jules Kounde parents

is that Jules didn`t know much about his father and his Beninese descent until he was 16 years old. At that time, Jules father finally reached out to him and talked with his son. He told Jules that he has a Beninese background and if he wants to, he can play for Republic of Benin on national level. But Jules Kounde made his decision earlier ant was going to play for France national team.

Top Facts About Jules Kounde Childhood

Although Jules's mother was a single parent, she managed to provide for the family. So thanks to his mother,

Jules Kounde childhood

was just like any other middle-class kid in France back then. Jules went to school on Landiras and he was considered a good student with decent marks in his class. But the lack of a father figure surely had its impacts on little Jules Kounde's life. He didn`t speak a lot and was a shy and quiet kid. Even sometimes he picked up a fight with other kids and caused trouble.

 The one thing that helped Jules to overcome these issues and make some friends at school and streets was Football. Jules used to watch Champions League football on TV when he was a little kid and like most of us, he fell in love with the beautiful game easily. So he started to play the game in school and streets alongside other kids. Immediately Jules Kounde showed that he was born to play football and was enjoying the game. Also it helped him to find some new friends and express himself more than before.

Jules Kounde Early Career and Anger Problems

Jules mother has always supported him to pursue his dreams. So Jules Kounde signed up in an amateur football academy so Jules can develop his talents. One of sad

top facts about Jules Kounde

is that he had some kind of anger problem when he was a little kid and playing competitive football was making it worse. After his team loses a match, he came back to home and poured his anger and frustration on his mother. This was not ok at all specially for a kid at Jules Kounde age which was only 9 back then.

Later Jules described those days as an awful era and admits that he was not a good son to his mom. When Jules was angry, it was impossible for his mom to even talk to him and both of them were suffering from this situation. So they started to visit a psychiatrist in order to sort things out and teach Jules how to cope with the anger and frustration he faced after a defeat.

One of the

top facts about Jules Kounde

early career is that he started his career as a goalkeeper. But while he was growing up, little by little he figured it out that he`s skillset is best suited for a defender role. So by the time when he was 11 years old, he finds his best position on the football pitch and continued to build on that.

Jules Kounde at Bordeaux

As he grow older, Jules Kounde was proving that he can make his way to some of the biggest teams in football and all he need is just a little support. His performance drew attention from one of the well-known football clubs in France: Bordeaux. So he got an opportunity to participate in Bordeaux`s U-13 trials. Jules Kounde passed the trials successfully and became a part of Bordeaux football club.

Jules had some decent skills in playing football, but in order to become a top player, skills alone are not enough. As mentioned above, Jules Kounde had an introvert character which was not helping him when he joined Bordeaux U-13 team. It got to the point that the coaches demand him to talk more and communicate with his teammates. They told Jules that it doesn`t matter how good you are with the ball, until you don`t communicate with your teammates nobody will recognize you as a part of the team.

Therefore in order to help Jules in becoming a complete football player who can talk with and even lead his teammates, the coaches and players agreed on giving the Captain`s armband to Jules Kounde. As Jules himself admits today, it was a huge boost for him and gave him the courage to talk more and develop his social skills. That Bordeaux team with Jules Kounde as its captain managed to win 24 matches out of 26 and ended of winning the title. It`s fair to say that Jules Kounde was a capable Captain for his team and had the ability to become a strong leader despite of his introvert character.

Jules kept up his great form and on 2017, he got the chance to play for Bordeaux’s senior team. After a couple of good seasons with Bordeaux, it was time for young Jules Kounde to step up and move to a bigger team. In 2019, Sevilla’s sports director Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo as known as Monchi who is well known for his ability in finding top talents around the world approached Bordeaux to sign Jules Kounde for



Jules Kounde Personal Life and Girlfriend

Despite being a world class footballer that earns a lot of money, Jules Kounde is trying to have a simple life and stay away from all those fancy and shiny stuff that draw too much attention from media and fans. When he was playing for Bordeaux, he owned a Citroen hatchback which is considered as a low-budget car and he was totally ok with it. Even after joining Sevilla

Jules Kounde personal life

didn’t change much and he is still staying away from luxurious cars and mansions. One of the interesting top facts about Jules Kounde personal life is that although he never had his father around when he was growing up, Jules believes that his personality is more similar to his father than his mom. He claims that living alone with his mom in his entire childhood, didn’t cause that his inherited characteristics from his father fade away.

Also there are not much top facts about

Jules Kounde girlfriend

. There are no signs of a girlfriend on Jules Kounde social media accounts and nobody has seen him with a girl on public. So we can say that either Jules doesn’t have any girlfriend or he doesn’t want to anybody knows about his girlfriend for the time being. With his young age and the absence of a publicly known girlfriend, it is safe to say that Jules Kounde has no children either. But like most footballers these days, it is expected that we could see Jules Kounde children at next few years.

Jules Kounde Social Media Accounts

Jules Kounde is an active person on his social media accounts. He is trying to use these platforms to make some positive changes in the world. Jules is totally aware of what is happening around the world and is using his influence as a top footballer to try to inspire people who are following him and draw attention on much more important issues than football. Jules stated that he hates racism, slavery and crimes in Africa and harassment at schools.

Jules says that he sees Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and LeBron James as some kind of role model. With a quick look at

Jules Kounde social media accounts

 you can see how these role models inspired him to try and make the world a better place to live. Jules Kounde is concerned about political, social and environmental issues and reacts to them on his social media accounts on


and especially


. There is not any verified Facebook account with the name of Jules Kounde.

Top Facts About Jules Kounde Transfermarket Stats

Jules Olivier Kounde is considered as one of the most valuable defenders in the world right now. According to the Transfermarkt website, Jules Kounde is the most valuable player in his current club Sevilla FC with an estimated value of €50M.  Some other top facts about

Jules Kounde transfermarket stats

are that he has Excellence Sport Nation agency as his agent. Jules has moved from Bordeaux to Sevilla on July 3rd, 2019, with the transfer fee of €25M.

Looking at

Jules Kounde stats

you could say that he is a goal scoring defender. Jules Kounde has played 146 games on senior level and managed to score 9 goals and assist 2 goals in his career so far. He is also very comfortable with the ball on his feet and has impressive passing stats throughout his career. That’s why he is wanted by elite clubs across Europe.

Manchester City



were trying to sign him in the past summer but the French defender decided to stay in Sevilla for now.

Jules Kounde Net Worth and Salary

Jules Kounde salary

at his current club is about €208K per month which means he earns €2.5M a year. His current contract with Sevilla will end on June 30th, 2024. At that moment if he stays at Sevilla he surely will get a pay rise and can earn much more from what he is earning right now. If Jules manages to keep his current form and develop his skills, he can become one of the highest paid football players around the world.

But for the time being,

Jules Kounde net worth

is about €1.3M. With his young age and of course his incredible skills in playing football Jules has a great chance to increase both his salary in net worth in few years from now. One of the funny top facts about Jules Kounde salary is that his mother still wouldn’t believe how much money his little son is making! Jules said that in an interview that when he got paid on his early days as a pro football player, his mother got shocked and laughed and keep asking Jules that how did you manage to earn this much.

Short Top Facts About Jules Kounde

Now let’s take a quick look at some short

top facts about Jules Kounde


  • Jules didn’t show any sign of being a religious person. But considering his middle name, Olivier, which is commonly used in Christian families, we could put our money on him being a Christian.

  • Jules Kounde wears number 12 at Sevilla. He also was born an 12th day of November 1998 so it is possible that he chose number 12 because of that.

  • Jules idols in football are Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane. He definitely will find the chance to play with Varane on France national team.

  •  Jules has represented France at various age levels such as U20 and U21. But he has yet to make his debut for France senior team.

  • Jules Kounde made his senior football debut on January 7th, 2018, for Bordeaux in a match against US Granville in the Coupe de France.

Jules Kounde won the

Europa League

in 2020 with Sevilla, beating


in the finals.

Jules Kounde Play Style

Jules Kounde is the type of players which are known as modern defenders. He is an all-round defender and in addition to that, Jules has some decent attacking abilities. He is preferred foot is right and he is able to play on both left and right Centre-back positions. Jules can easily carry the ball forward and make key passes in the opposition half or even score goals. That’s why his team mates in Sevilla gave him the nickname Cafu, The Brazilian legendary right-back who was excellent in going forward.

Jules Kounde height is 1.78m which is not ideal for a Centre-back. But Jules Kounde stats on aerial duels show that he is one of the most successful defenders on air in


. He described that opponents often underestimate him because of his relatively short height and try to send long balls around him. But Jules managed to turn his weakness to one of his strengths and with well-timed jumping he is almost unbeatable on air.


source: SportMob