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Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor (born 26 February 1984) is a Togolese professional footballer who plays as a striker.

He formerly played for English clubs Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Crystal Palace, as well as French side Metz, Monegasque team Monaco, Spanish team Real Madrid, Turkish clubs İstanbul Basaksehir and Kayserispor, and Paraguay's Olimpia Asuncion.

He was selected African Footballer of the Year for 2008 while playing at Arsenal, and during his latter career, he got to be the most iconic signing in Paraguayan football and the highest paid player in the country's history when he joined Olimpia Asuncion in 2020.

Adebayor represented the Togo national team at the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, the country's debut, and to date only, appearance at the World Cup.

One of the Top facts about Emmanuel Adebayor is that in January 2010, Adebayor was one of the players included when the Togo team's bus came under gunfire on the way to the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations in Angola, after which he retired from national team duty. In 2013, he returned to the Togo team for the 2013 African Cup of Nations in South Africa, where he helped them to be eligible for the quarter-finals. He is right now Togo's all-time top goalscorer with 32 goals.

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Quick Facts

  • Full Name:

     Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor

  • Nicknames:

     Baby Kanu, Rosemary

  • Date of Birth:

     26 February 1984

  • Place of Birth:

     Lome, Togo

  • Age:


  • Nationality:


  • Height:

     1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)

  • Weight:

     82 kg

  • Marital Status:


  • Wife:

     Charity Adebayor

  • Position:


  • Current Team:

     Togo national team

  • Jersey Number:


Emmanuel Adebayor Early Life

Emmanuel Adebayor was born on the 26th day of February 1984 in Lome, Togo.

He was born to his father, Shadrach Adebayo Adeyi and mother, Hajia Adebayor.

One of the shocking

Top facts about Emmanuel Adebayor

is that Adebayor could not walk for the initial four years of his life.

His mother struggled by taking poor Adebayor around West Africa looking for a cure for his leg problem which was found.

Adebayor then spoke about his ‘miracle’ saying, “… I was in the church laying down and, around nine or ten o’clock on a Sunday morning, I could hear children playing outside. Suddenly somebody kicked a ball into the church. And the first person to stand up and run was me because I wanted to get that ball. This was when I saw my miracle. A day I realized God has destined me to be a footballer “

Adebayor enroled at his country’s local OC Agaza in Togo where he rose up the ranks.

He was spotted by Metz Scout, Francis De Taddeo throughout a youth tournament and was hence brought to France. The rest, as they say, is now history.

Emmanuel Adebayor Relationship Life

Togolese footballer and Tottenham Hotspur forward Emmanuel Adebayor generally keeps his private life secretive, and much is not known about his wife named Charity Adebayor.

He only goes to high-profile events mostly in Europe with her. Adebayor and Charity have a daughter whom they named Kendra Adebayor. She was born June 2010.

Emmanuel Adebayor Family

The father of Adebayor comes from a small village in 'Odo Otin Local Government Area of Osun State, Nigeria, named Igbaye.

Shadrack Adebayor Adeyi's father died in 2005, leaving his mother, Hajia Adebayor, behind. His mother is from Ekusa, a neighbouring town.

Emmanuel's got three brothers and three sisters. One of his sisters, Iyabo, is closest to him.

The name of his younger brother is Rotimi Adebayor. The other two sisters are Lucia Adebayor (sister), Maggie Adebayor (sister). His late brother is Peter Adebayor.

Emmanuel Adebayor Family Issues

In order to reveal the personal pain and family chaos that he has encountered in his past, Striker Adebayor recently wrote a long and thorough post on his personal Facebook page, exposing the degree to which his family has sought to take advantage of him.

The lengthy post outlined his family issues on his public Facebook page, one of the 

Top facts about Emmanuel Adebayor.

He wrote on his Facebook page: “SEA, I have kept these stories for a long time but I think today it is worth sharing some of them with you.

It’s true that family matters should be solved internally and not in public but I am doing this so that hopefully all families can learn from what happened in mine. Also, keep in mind that none of this is about money.

At the age of 17, with my first wages as a footballer, I built a house for my family and made sure they are safe. As you all know, I have received the trophy of African Player of the Year in 2008.

I also brought my mother on stage with me to thank her for everything. In that same year, I brought her to London for various medical check-ups.

When my daughter was born, we contacted my mum to inform her but she immediately hung up the phone and didn’t wanna know or hear about it.

Reading your recent comments, some people said my family and I should consult T.B Joshua.

In 2013, I gave my mother money so she could consult him in Nigeria. She was supposed to stay for 1 week; but 2 days into her stay, I received a call saying she left.

Apart from all that l also gave my mother a great amount of money to start a business of cookies and different items.

Naturally, I allowed them to put my name and picture on them so they can sell more. What else can a son do in his power to support his family?

A couple years ago, I bought a house in East Lagon (Ghana) for $1.2 million. I found it normal to let my older sister, Yabo Adebayor stay in that house.

I also allowed my half- brother (Daniel) to stay in the same house. A few months later, I was on vacation and decided to go to that house.

To my surprise, I saw many cars in the driveway. In fact, my sister decided to rent out the house without me knowing.

She also kicked Daniel out of that house. Note that the house had about 15 rooms. When I called her and asked for an explanation, she took about 30 minutes to abuse and insult me over the phone.

I called my mother to explain the situation and she did the same as my sister. This same sister says I am ungrateful. Ask her about the car she is driving or anything she is selling today?

My brother Kola Adebayor, has now been in Germany for 25 years. He travelled back home about 4 times, at my expense.

I fully cover the cost of his children’s education. When I was in Monaco, he came to me and asked for money to start a business.

Only God knows how much I gave him. Where is that business today?

When our brother Peter passed away, I sent Kola a great amount of money so he could fly back home.

He never showed up at the burial. And today that same brother (Kola) is telling people that I am involved in Peter’s death.

How? He is the same brother who went and told inaccurate stories about our family to “The Sun” in other to take some money.

They also sent a letter to my Club when I was in Madrid so I could get fired.

When I was in Monaco I thought it would be good to have a family of footballers.

So, I made sure my brother Rotimi gets into a football academy in France. Within a few months; out of 27 players, he stole 21 phones.

I would not say any anything about my brother Peter Adebayor because he is not here today.

May his soul rest in peace.

My sister Lucia Adebayor keeps telling people that my dad told me to bring her to Europe. But what would be the purpose to bring her to Europe? Everyone is here for a reason.

I was in Ghana when I received the news about my brother Peter being seriously ill. I drove the fastest I could to Togo in order to meet him and help.

When I arrived, my mother said I could not see him and I should just give the money and she would solve everything.

Only God knows how much I gave her that day. People are saying I didn’t do anything to save my brother, Peter. Am I a fool to drive 2 hours to Togo for nothing?

I organized a meeting in 2005 to solve our family issues. When I asked them about their opinion, they said I should build each family member a house and give each of them a monthly wage.

Today I am still alive and they have already shared all my goods, just in case I die.

For all these reasons, it took very long for me to set up my foundation in Africa. Every time I try to help the people in need, they had to question me and all of them thought it was a bad idea.

If I am writing this, the main purpose is not to expose my family members. I just want other African families to learn from this. Thank you.”

Emmanuel Adebayor Personality

Emmanuel has seemingly the following personal attributes

Emmanuel Adebayor Strengths

: Adebayor is compassionate, imaginative, intuitive and intelligent.

Emmanuel Adebayor Weaknesses

: Adebayor is overly trusting.

What Adebayor likes

: Sleeping, music, romance, visual media, swimming and spiritual themes

What Adebayor dislikes

: Know-it-all people, being criticized, the past coming back to haunt him and cruelty of any kind.

In essence, Adebayor is selfless and is always willing to help others, without hoping to get anything back in return.

Emmanuel Adebayor The Juju Story

The British media's major story once illustrated Adebayo ostracising his mother, Alice, and accusing her of some form of witchcraft that influenced his scoring abilities, one of the Top facts about Emmanuel Adebayor.

The world was surprised, but it was no shame for this man who played for Arsenal, Manchester City,

Real Madrid

, and now Tottenham, and who was expected to be waning in his marksmanship by his age, naturally.

The con men, however, made him think that his mother was responsible.

And he publicly blamed her. In 12 outings for Tottenham, he had netted two goals before he went gaga with his accusation.

My brother has been brainwashed –Kola Adebayo his brother said in 2015.

Kola, 42, a truck driver in Germany had to address the media in Europe to regret that Emmanuel had been brainwashed by “Muslim alfas who told him that our mother was behind his inability to score goals.”

Kola said that it was shocking that Emmanuel believed them.

And rather than Adebayo struggling to return to shape he allowed himself to be overwhelmed by a made-up fear of witchcraft.

He continued:” Adebayo has not even been playing, what more scoring goals. He is more busy fighting imaginary spirits than struggling to return to shape and take up his place.” And the fight against the said spirits is costing him money.

Emmanuel Adebayor Africa Best Player

One of the Top facts about Emmanuel Adebayor is that at an awards ceremony organised by the Confederation of African Football, the talented attacker was named Africa's top player for 2008 (CAF).

In a vote that saw the national team coaches of CAF's 54 member nations voting, Adebayor beat out candidates Mohamed Aboutrika of Egypt and Michael Essien of Ghana.

At the awards ceremony, where he won a crystal trophy and a $20,000 bonus, he was accompanied by his mother.

He was the first Togolese player to be listed as the best player in Africa.

Emmanuel Adebayor Team Bus Attack

In January 2010, when the Togo team's bus came under gunshots on the way to the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations in Angola, Adebayor was one of the players involved, one of the Top facts about Emmanuel Adebayor.

In the run-up to the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations, Adebayor was photographed weeping moments after he survived the gruesome terrorist attack in Angola.

The attack left the driver and one Togo national football team member dead and six others seriously wounded. Fortunately, Adebayor survived.

In 2013, for the 2013 African Cup of Nations in South Africa, Adebayor returned to the Togo squad, where he helped them qualify for the quarter finals.

With 31 goals, he is currently Togo's all-time leading goalscorer.

Emmanuel Adebayo Religion

One of the Top facts about Emmanuel Adebayor is that he publicly renounced Christ and embraced Allah and the Islamic faith on Sunday 5 July 2015, in a controversial move that many still fail to understand.

In his adoptive home country of Togo, the conversion ceremony took place.

Especially because he linked the miracle of his walking at the age of 4 to the church, the many attempts to understand what motivated him proved abortive.

Emmanuel Adebayor Salary, Net Worth, Cars

One of the Top facts about Emmanuel Adebayor is that The Togolese-Nigerian professional footballer Adebayor, has not only gained a lot from his lucrative football career, but also from several contracts with one of the richest clubs in England.

In 2012, for example, he received around $7,540,000 from permanent contracts and $8,810,000 from

Tottenham Hotspur

as his annual salary.

The striker received a record $268,000 a week at Manchester City and he has an estimated net worth of $45 million by 2020.

He owns a fleet of cars, jets, power bikes and multimillion-dollar mansions in Accra, Ghana, Togo, UK, and a summer house in the US, in addition to his financial earnings.

Adebayor is eager to reach the poor in his home country, despite his desire for luxuries.

In Togo, he set up several projects and also founded the SEA Foundation, which carries out welfare projects across the African continent.

Emmanuel Adebayor, a Quick Look at his Football Career

At the age of 11, at the Centre de Developpement Sportif (CDS), also known as Sporting Club de Lome, a famous football training school back then, Emmanuel Adebayor began his football career.

In 1991, during a youth tournament, he was noticed by Metz coach Francis De Taddeo in Sweden and was subsequently taken to France.

He made his

Ligue 1

debut against FC Sochaux-Montbeliard on November 17, 2001.

He also played in Ligue 2, a season where he produced 13 goals in 34 matches in the league.

Emmanuel Adebayor was named the best player in the second division during his two Metz seasons.

In 2003, after his former club Metz was relegated, he moved to



However, his tenure in Monaco was not so rosy as he only succeeded in scoring 18 goals in 61 league starts.

Adebayor appeared in the club just nine times and was an unused replacement in the match that towered them to the 2004 Champions League final, having played in Gelsenkirchen against Jose Mourinho's Porto.

He was signed on 13 January 2006 for an estimated £3 million.

On 4 February 2006, Adebayor made his debut for Birmingham City in a Premier League match, scoring after 21 minutes.

In a 5-0 home victory against Derby County on 22 September, he scored his first hat-trick for Arsenal, one of the Top facts about Emmanuel Adebayor.

On 18 July 2009, Adebayor signed a five-year deal with

Manchester City

for a £25million transfer fee.

On his debut with the Red Devils, in the third minute of the game, he scored a goal against Blackburn Rovers.

Two years later, Adebayor signed a loan contract for the rest of the season to play for Real Madrid.

In the second leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final against Sevilla, his first goal for the club landed.

He subsequently joined Tottenham Hotspur on loan on 25 August 2011.

He scored against Wolverhampton Wanderers in the 67 minute on his September 2011 debut.

Emmanuel Adebayor signed a six-month contract with Crystal Palace on 26 January 2016.

The soccer star was one of the brains behind Togo’s qualification for the 2006 Africa Cup of Nations, having scored 11 goals in the qualifiers.

As of 2018, he has been capped a total of 81 times with 31 goals for the Togolese men national football team.

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