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Alex Telles Biography

We're going tell you about Alex Telles's Biography, as well as his whole Football career and all you need to know about him

Alex Nicolao Telles (born 15 December 1992) is a professional Brazilian footballer who plays for the Premier League club Manchester United and the national team of Brazil as a left-back.

Before being transferred to Serie A side Gremio in 2013, Telles began his career at Brazilian Serie D side Juventude. He was named the best left-back in the league that year.

Telles signed with Turkish Super Lig club Galatasaray in January 2014, winning several trophies, including a league championship, two Turkish Cups and the Turkish Super Cup, only to be loaned during the 2015–16 season to Serie A team Inter Milan.

Telles was sold to Primeira Liga side FC Porto in July 2016, where he formed himself as one of the league's best left-backs. He made nearly 200 Porto appearances and won four trophies, including two league titles, one Taca de Portugal and one Supertaca Candido de Oliveira, as well as being named in the Primeira Liga Team of the Year for three consecutive seasons.

The success of Telles attracted the attention of many European clubs, and he signed an initial €18 million (£ 15.4 million) for Manchester United in October 2020.

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Alex Telles Biography

All you really need to know about Alex Telles Biography

Alex Telles

, who was born in Brazil, also has Italian citizenship, but ended up representing Brazil internationally.

He made his senior international debut in 2019.

Alex Telles Information


Alex Telles



  • Alex Telles Nickname

    : N/A



: Alex Nicolao Telles

Alex Telles Personal Information

  • Alex Telles Date of birth

    : 15 December 1992

  • Alex Telles Place of Birth

    : Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

  • Alex Telles Age

    : 28

Alex Telles



: Brazilian

Alex Telles





  • Alex Telles Height

    : 1.81 m (5 ft 11 in)

  • Alex Telles Weight

    : 72 kg

Alex Telles Family



  • Alex Telles Father: 

    Jose Telles 

  • Alex Telles Mother: 

    Claudete Telles

  • Alex Telles Wife: 

    Priscila Minuzzo

Alex Telles Marital



: Married

Alex Telles Football



  • Alex Telles Playing Position

    : Left-Back

  • Alex Telles Net Worth: 

    €40 million

Alex Telles Jersy



: 27

Alex Telles Current



: Manchester United

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Alex Telles biography


Alex Telles childhood


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Alex Telles Early Life

For Alex Telles Biography Starters, Alex Nicolao Telles is his full name.

Alex was born in the city of Caxias do Sul, Brazil, on the 15th day of December 1992, to his father, Jose Telles, and his mother, Claudete Telles.

As the youngest of two children born of the union between his parents who could possibly be in their early 60s, the Brazilian footballer came to the world.

There would have been no Alex without them.

Little Alex was graced early on by his parents and elder sister with so much affection. Without having candies or toys from his dad, he could hardly spend a day or two.

At the time, the young lad was running quickly and you would think he was Usain Bolt in disguise.

His speed was somewhat unbelievable that his friends could hardly get a hold of him.

A sudden love for football was not developed by the young Brazilian.

Instead, he gradually took an interest in the uniqueness of his friends playing street soccer.

He became totally convinced by the time Telles was 8 that he would break all odds to become a renowned football professional.

He therefore tagged to play street soccer along with his peers.

Telles joined the Esporte Clube Juventude youth academy in 2007 after a few years of playing on the streets.

Seeing that at the academy he found fulfillment in playing football, Telles channelled all his energy into establishing his abilities.

His earliest achievements with the Esporte Clube Juventude youth academy are revealed by this team.

Believe it or not, before acquiring the privilege of playing in prestigious matches, the Brazilian trained hard for many years.

When the time was right, he made his first professional club debut at 18 (



The youngster initiated his professional career with a demonstration of his abilities, a feat that helped Juventude win the Copa FGF in 2011 and 2012.

Telles was transferred to Gremio, where he won the Best Left-back award more than two times, barely a year after showing off his exceptionality.

He then joined Galatasaray in 2014, helping the club to cling to numerous trophies, including the Super Lig, the Turkish Cup and the Turkish Super Cup.

Alex Telles Profile

Read on to know about Alex Telles' style of play, reception and goal celebration

Style of Play

Telles is an offensive full-back and is described as a skilled, quick and playmaking defender.


On FIFA 21, the pacy left back has an overall ranking of 84.

He has a speed rating of 85 and a passing rate of 83, almost as good as a midfielder.

As he has a ranking of 89 for performing curling free-kicks and pin point crosses, his crossing skills on the pitch can be replicated on the game.

He is known for playing long games and has a mammoth 91 stamina rating.

Alex Telles is one of the most under-rated defenders in the world.

Fifa has been forced by his performance to rank him at almost the same level as Marcelo and Dan Alves.

No doubt, if Telles ever made the deal to play alongside Wan-Bissaka, Maguire, and Lindelof, it would be a great line of defense.

Goal Celebration

Watching Alex scoring goals, we realized that he does not really have a particular goal celebration, at least not one that's unique enough for us to write about.

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Alex Telles Outside Football

Talk about footballers who trust their skills, and I'm going to point out Alex.

The defender of FC Porto is not afraid of facing any challenge head-on.

Alex Telles life story

 includes loving music, in addition to playing football. Suprised? The defender of FC Porto is good at singing lovely songs.

Who knows, if soccer had failed him, then he might have delved into singing.

Telles developed the habit of visiting beaches right from his very early days.

The Brazilian still takes some time out with friends even in his glory days to relax on the beaches and yachts.

Sometimes, with his board, he gets caught up in surfing the waves.

Believe it or not, beyond all doubt, Telles has proven that he lives a happy life.

Although he has accumulated tremendous wealth for himself, he is not compelled to show the creation of his lavish life.

He claims, however, that his bond with his loved ones is his biggest priceless asset.

Alex Telles Personal Life

Let's talk about some of the more personal data we have on Alex Telles Biography

Family, Children and Relationships

Contrary to your opinion, Telles's parents were not always rich. He grew up in an environment of a middle-class family.

His household was, however, satisfied with all they had. Life has therefore become much better for them.

As a boy, Telles shared with every member of his household an inscrutable bond.

Truth be told, his sister could hardly stand the sight of seeing him cry.

She thus behaved as an overprotective older sister and did her utmost to shield him from bullies in particular.

Here is the Big Sister, who from her childhood days has always had her back.

An apple is often said to not fall far from the apple tree.

Alex did not fall short of the traits of his ancestors in the same way.

Brazil has graced the world with players of unparalleled abilities, as we all know, and Telles isn't left out of the list.

There is no doubt that Telles' family is strongly ingrained in the birthplace of Caxias do Sul where he was born.

His ethnic background, however, is not only limited to Brazil, but also includes Italy, since his grandparents are Italian.

Alex Telles Biography includes an active love-life, unlike Gabriel Magalhaes since 2020.

In fact, with his girlfriend turned wife, he seemed to be entirely immersed in an ocean of love.

Results from our research show that, since his childhood to date, he has only been connected to one woman.

You must be curious to know, I'm sure, who the lucky woman in his bio is. Just read on!

Without a doubt, their love story is rather remarkable.

The Brazilian often used his Instagram page to share a picture of Priscila Minuzzo, his beautiful wife.

What's more? On the 6th day of June 2018, Alex and his wife tied the knot at St. Pelegrin's church.

Since then, couples have loved each other more than what can be done in soap-opera.

We hope that from his relationship life, other upcoming Brazilian stars like Vinicius Junior will learn.

Less I forget, at the time of writing his Bio, it seems Telles has a boy.

As he has regularly shown a little boy's picture as part of his family, the chances of him having a son are very high.

The father of Alex Telles, Jose Telles, is a big source of his impressive football prowess.

Don't be too shocked if I tell you that Jose was also a soccer player once.

However, at age 19, he gave up soccer to concentrate on his work as an assistant mechanic to meet the needs of his family.

Meet Alex Telles' dad, Jose Telles, wearing a chin-to-chin smile.

Telles's first goal for Gremio came because of the inspiration that his father gave him.

Alex Telles remarked in an act of being thankful to his father for inspiring his first goal;


Believe it when I tell you that the father of Alex Telles, Jose Telles, is still fit, even at his old age.

Interestingly, he once took part and, at the age of 61, completed a 15km marathon.

Great mothers have produced strong sons and she is no exception.

The mother-son relationship between Alex Telles and his mother, Claudete, is an unbreakable one.

The Porto player often takes to his Instagram and Facebook pages to talk about his profound love for his mom. 

Meet Claudete Telles again, as she wears a chin-to-chin smile.

In his mom's picture captions, Alex infuses lovely words, proclaiming her as the world's best mother.

You see, Claudete Telles is promoting the career of her son.

She goes to the stadium regularly to watch him play live matches. No wonder, his mum seems to be his number one fan.

Telles lived a joyful childhood, thanks to his older sister, Hellen.

Although the siblings may have their differences, they have helped one another far beyond people’s imaginations.

Interestingly, since they were young, Telles's sister has always been watching out for him.

Consequently, he did not feel the need to have a brother. The brother and sister both share an amazing connection, pictured below.

His extended family is one of the driving forces that has kept him focused.

The young lad has received so much praise over time from his cousins, uncles, and aunts, who have encouraged him.

Therefore, he does his utmost to prevent his relatives being disappointed.

Telles did not, however, speak about his paternal grandfather and grandmother.

We hope he would soon be able to share their story with the world.

What is

Alex Telles religion

? Everyone knows that Brazil, with most of its citizens practicing Catholicism, is a religious country.

Telles is a Catholic who loves his Christian faith, just like Ferran Torres and Quique Setien.

He frequently uploaded some images of himself designed in a background containing Our Lady's (Mary, the mother of Jesus).


Alex Telles was quoted once as saying,

“Being a player is a dream. My dad didn’t realize I am living for him. I am happy to accomplish that goal”.

Alex understands the challenges young children have had to face while growing up and the issues affecting young people in Brazilian shanty communities.

He has been actively involved in social causes and philanthropy missions such as the Os Maiores Pequenos Herois cancer project.

He has had many trips for young children to contribute to his valuable time in the fight against cancer.

Legal Issues

There hasn’t been any report or news of Alex Telles being involved in any sort of legal issues so far

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Alex Telles Career Statistics

Now lets get to the main point, Alex Telles Football Career


The Brazilian started drawing top teams after achieving so much at a young age.

Telles was rumored on one occasion in 2015 to be the best candidate to replace Filipe Luis at



The English club did not pull through with any contract, however. That left him disappointed, of course.

Again, just when he was achieving more for Galatasaray did the tides of loan swoop him away from the club. 

 It took a lot of endurance for Telles to become acquainted with

Inter Milan

, who signed him in 2015 for a one-year loan.

As he did not meet his beloved Galatasaray coach, Roberto Mancini, at his new club, things became complicated.

At Inter Milan, Telles found fortune when, in July 2016, he signed a €6.5 million contract deal with FC Porto.

Joining the Portuguese side, of course, gave him more playing time and exposure.


With Juventude, Telles started his professional career, making his debut against Sao Jose-PA on 24 January 2011.

He netted his first goal in a 1-1 home draw against Cruzeiro on 20 August.


Telles was transferred to Gremio in December after a partnership was formed with Juventude.

On 3 February 2013, against Internacional, he made his



Telles made his Serie A debut on 26 May, starting against Nautico in a 2-0 home win.


After lengthy negotiations, on 22 January 2014, Telles finalized a move of €6 million to the Turkish club 


, signing a contract that would keep him with the club until 2018.

Two weeks later, he made his debut, starting with a 3-0 win against Tokatspor for the Turkish Cup campaign, and made his maiden Super Lig debut on 8 February 2014 in a 3-0 home win against Eskisehirspor In a 2–2 away game on 17 February, Telles created his first assist for the club against Antalyaspor.

In a 6-1 home win, he also scored his first goal for Galatasaray against Akhisar Belediyespor on 8 March.

There were rumors in August 2015 that Telles was a good choice to fill the place created by the departure of left-back Filipe Luis from Chelsea.

Galatasaray manager Hamza Hamzaoglu, in response to the rumour, said the club would only be tempted by a reasonable offer.

Loan To Internazionale

On 31 August 2015, Galatasaray agreed to allow Telles to join Serie A's Italian club Internazionale on a one-year loan for a fee of €1.3 million, in addition to €250,000 if Inter qualifies for the 2016-17 UEFA Champions League group stage.

A buyout option for €8.5 million was included in the deal, allowing Internazionale to make the transfer permanent when the loan agreement is done.

Telles' move means that he will be reunited with Roberto Mancini, manager of Internazionale in Italy, who previously coached him at Galatasaray.


Galatasaray revealed Telles' contract with the Portuguese club Porto for €6.5 million on 12 July 2016.

If Telles agrees with another team when playing for Porto, Galatasaray, his former team, will benefit 10% from that move.

Manchester United

 On 5 October 2020, ManUnited signed the player for  £15.4 million. He played his first match for Red Devils against PSG in UCL group stage.


Telles also has an Italian passport, although he was born in Brazil, making him qualified to represent the Italian national team in the past.

Telles said in October 2016 that he would "welcome" a "Azzurri" call-up, adding that his great-grandparents are Italian and he feels Italian.

He got his first call-up to the Brazil national team in March 2019, however.

On 23 March 2019, he made his debut for Brazil in a friendly against Panama, as a starter.

Alex Telles Honors

He made nearly 200 Porto appearances and won four trophies, including two league titles, one Taca de Portugal and one Supertaca Candido de Oliveira, and was named for three consecutive seasons in the Primeira Liga Team of the Year.

Alex Telles also ended up winning the Defender of the Month in the Primeira Liga and several other awards as well as trophies at FC Porto.

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