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Top facts about Roman Abramovich, Chelsea's club owner

Here is a look at the list of top facts you need to know about Roman Abramovich

In the following article, we will take a look at the Top facts about Abramovich's past, from the first entrepreneurial investment to wealth creation in Russia, the amount of wealth, etc., here we will answer all your questions and tell you how to buy Chelsea Abramovich.

Who offered Abramovich a Chelsea deal and helped him? So stay with us until the end to get these answers.

According to Forbes, Abramovich's net worth was US$ 12.9 billion in 2019 making him the richest person in Israel, 10th-richest in Russia, and the 113th-richest person in the world.

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, the owner of the English Premier League's

Chelsea FC

, is known for his mind-boggling collection of superyachts, luxury cars, private planes, and lavish homes around the world. The Wall Street Journal once nicknamed his global collection of extravagant possessions "The Roman Empire."

Abramovich is the primary owner of the private investment company Millhouse LLC, He was formerly governor of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug from 2000 to 2008.

But how did he amass his wealth and what other details of his life are not very well known to the public? we mention a few items.

Top facts about Roman Abramovich, Chelsea's club owner

For now let's have a look at the

Top facts about Roman Abramovich, Chelsea's club owner

. First, we present you with some of the general information here are

Top facts about Roman Abramovich, Chelsea's club owner.

Roman Abromovich's Biography

  • Full Name:

     Roman Abramovich

  • Date of Birth of Roman Abramovich:

     24 October 1966 (age 54)  Saratov, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

  • Net worth Of Roman Abramovich:

    US$12.9 billion (November 2020)

  • Source of wealth:

     steel, investments, Self Made

  • Education Of Roman Abramovich:

    Bachelor of Arts/Science, Moscow State Law Academy

Nationality Of Roman Abramovich


 Russian, Israeli

Citizenship Of Roman Abramovich


 Russia, Israel

Occupation Of Roman Abramovich


 Businessman Politician

Known for Of Roman Abramovich:

Owner of  

Chelsea F.C.

- Owner of Millhouse Capital- Owner of Evraz

Spouse(s) Of Roman Abramovich


 Olga Lysova (m. 1987; div. 1990)​- Irina Malandina (m. 1991; div. 2007)​- Dasha Zhukova (m. 2008; div. 2017)

Children Of Roman Abramovich


 7, including Arkadiy Abramovich

Roman Abramovich's Personal life

The first amazing

Top facts about Roman Abramovich Chelsea's club owner

personal life.

Abramovich has been married and divorced three times. He married Olga Yurevna Lysova in December 1987; they divorced in 1990. He married a former Russian Aeroflot stewardess, Irina Vyacheslavovna Malandina, in October 1991. They divorced in 2007.

He had five children with Malandina; Ilya, Arina, Sofia, Arkadiy, and Anna. On 15 October 2006, Irina had hired two top UK divorce lawyers, following reports of Abramovich's close relationship with the then 25-year-old Dasha Zhukova, daughter of a prominent Russian oligarch, Alexander Zhukov.

It was speculated that a future divorce settlement (amounting to a conjectured £5.5 billion (€6.5 billion)) might be the highest ever on record. In Russia, however, they eventually divorced in March 2007, with a reported settlement of US$300 million (€213 million).

In 2008, Abramovich married Zhukova, and they have two daughters, Aaron Alexander, a son, and Leah Lou, a daughter. In August 2017, the couple announced that they would separate; and their divorce was finalized in 2018.

Five things among facts you probably didn't know about Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

Abramovich, once the richest known man in Russia, had amassed a huge personal fortune. According to Bloomberg, The 53-year-old billionaire is the largest shareholder of Evraz, Russia's second-biggest steelmaker, and also holds shares in the world's largest processed nickel producer.

Abramovich was orphaned as a child

In 1966 Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich was born to a poor Jewish family in what was then the Soviet Union. Abramovich's family is Jewish and is originally from Tauragė, Lithuania. He lost his mother Irina when she died during a medical procedure.

He lost his parent, Arkady, before his third birthday, when he was accidentally killed at a construction site where he was employed. Roman did not have any brothers or sisters and was orphaned aged two. It was his uncle Leib, Arkady’s brother, who raised him.

Roman grew up in Ukhta, Only after he turned seven was he sent to Moscow to live with his grandmother.

The secret of Roman Abramovich's success and getting rich

The first amazing fact of

Top facts about Roman Abramovich, Chelsea club owner.

His first entrepreneurial venture was selling stolen fuel !!!!

Abramovich was called up for military service at the age of 18, after training at the Gubkin Instituteof Oil and Gas and the industrial institute in Ukhta. Abramovich was called up for military service.But it was in the army where Abramovich would learn the tricks of the trade to make himself a lot of money.

During his Army service, Abramovich began his multi-billion-dollar business during his army service. Abramovich first worked as a street-trader, and then as a mechanic at a local factory.

Nikolai Panteleimonov, a friend of his in the army, explained how Abramovich devised a cunning plan to make some easy money. He made a deal with delivery drivers to allow him to draw fuel from the vehicles’ fuel tanks. Abramovich would then sell this fuel to other drivers at a discount.

Of course, all drivers were in on the scheme and it was a win-win for all parties involved.

“When it came to entrepreneurship, he was head and shoulders above the rest," Panteleimonov said. “He could make money out of thin air.

The net worth of Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich

Abramovich's wealth peaked at 23.5 billion dollars in 2008, Forbes reported. Today, his net worth is estimated to vary significantly, from $12.6 billion to $16 billion.

Abramovich owns the Chelsea Football Club, one of the most valuable soccer teams in the country, as well as a stake in the steel giant Evraz and in the mining firm Norilsk Nickel.

Abramovich bought the London-based team 15 years ago from long-time chairman Ken Bates for $233 million.

Abramovich owns the Varsano luxury hotel in Tel Aviv's Neve Tzedek neighborhood, which he bought for 100 million NIS in 2015 from Gal Gadot's partner, Yaron Varsano, and Varsano's brother Guy. In January 2020, Abramovich purchased a property in Herzliya Pituah for a reported 226 million NIS.

Abramovich first decided to buy Tottenham Hotspur

Another noticeable 

facts about Roman Abramovich, Chelsea's club owner

is that Before Roman Abramovich bought


Football Club, he had first set his eyes on


Hotspur in north London. The club chairman Daniel Levy, the club chairman, also reported the deal back in 2003. Abramovich had visited White Hart Lane and later expressed an interest in buying the club through an intermediary.

“Yes, we did have a meeting at his request because he wanted ENIC's perspective on the European football market,” Levy had said. “It is important to note, however, that we did not discuss at any time his desire to acquire a Premiership club, either then or subsequently." Levy didn't think it was a serious bid at the moment,

claiming an outrageous price just to get him off his back. Abramovich then decided it was not worth it and proceeded to buy Chelsea even though it cost him £60 million – £10 million more than Tottenham’s price.

But in return, he had a developed stadium ready and also two hotels – a better bargain than buying Tottenham. Chelsea was also ready to sell because of the debts, which Abramovich duly paid off.

Reasons to buy Chelsea by Roman Abramovich

Only out of inquisitiveness. A man who is as rich as Abramovich will be able to afford to buy every Premier League club. Then why was Chelsea selected by him?

The two reasons why he bought us is Chelsea being in the Champions League and on the brink of bankruptcy (willing to sell). Living in a more prestigious part of London also benefits.

Maybe Zola, too, said he's a huge fan of Zola, and I read from somewhere that Roman even wanted to buy his new club when he left Chelsea. But revelations released in a new book called The Club were written by two on Wall Street.

Journal journalists alleging that Abramovich had initially wanted to purchase Arsenal instead of Chelsea's London rivals.

The man who convinced Roman Abramovich to buy Chelsea!

Chelsea has only barely qualified for the Champions League, which undoubtedly helped drive Abramovich's decision to purchase the club. But there was one man who appeared to have had some control on Abramovich's decision, who was also trying to buy


, and that was Sven-Goran Eriksson, the former England boss.

As The Times reports, Agent Pini Zahavi invited Eriksson to visit a client who wanted to invest in football, just as Abramovich was pondering his decision.

That man was, of course, Roman Abramovich. he three had a meeting and Abramovich revealed he was looking to buy a football club in London but was unsure whether to pick Chelsea or Tottenham. As The Times report, Eriksson helped him out with that decision.

Chelsea's major honors since Abramovich took over at Chelsea

The club has won 16 major trophies since the takeover, including the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League twice, the Premier League five times, and the FA Cup five times.,

and the League Cup three times, making Chelsea the second most successful English trophy-winning team in the decade with 16 honors, behind only Manchester United with 17 honors in the same time span.

His tenure has also been marked by rapid turnover in managers, who can be fired if they do not bring immediate success and maintain it.

the feud between Abramovich and managers and certain players

Chelsea finished their first season after the takeover in second place in the Premier League, They also reached the semi-finals of the Champions League, which was eventually won by surprise contender Porto, managed by José Mourinho.

For Abramovich's second season at Stamford Bridge, Mourinho was recruited as the new coach, replacing the incumbent Claudio Ranieri. Chelsea ended the 2004–05 season as league champions for the first time in 50 years and only the second time in their history.

Abramovich is present at nearly every Chelsea game and shows visible emotion during matches, a sign taken by supporters to indicate a genuine love for the sport, and usually visits the players in the dressing room following each match.

This stopped for a time in early 2007, when press reports appeared of a feud between Abramovich and coach Mourinho regarding the performance of certain players, notably Andriy Shevchenko.

Michael Ballack also says the decision to release him from


was made by Roman Abramovich.

Abramovich also played a large role in bringing Guus Hiddink to Russia to coach the Russia national football team.Piet de Visser, a former head scout of Hiddink's club

PSV Eindhoven

and now a personal assistant to Abramovich at Chelsea, recommended Hiddink to the Chelsea owner.

Five Reasons Chelsea Fans Should Be Thankful for Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich – the man known for revolutionizing football in the 21st century and changing the financial climate of the Premier League and the European transfer market. The billionaire who bought Chelsea Football Club and turned it into a force to reckon with in both England and Europe.

The guy is known for sacking managers if they are not up to the task. Everyone knows all these facts about one of the richest men in the world. Unless you have been stuck on Mars and have just started watching football, then you will be aware of Chelsea's turn of fortunes since 2003. Much of this is attributed to one man, Roman Abramovich.

Chelsea has had their ups and downs in their 107-year history, battling against relegation on a couple of occasions.

But since the Russian billionaire's takeover of the club, Chelsea has become one of the biggest football clubs in Europe.


fans are now used to winning, which wasn't always the case, but fans who have followed the club for years are really enjoying the Roman Abramovich era.

Since Abramovich's takeover, Chelsea has upgraded their training facilities, built a club museum, and have all of the latest backroom technology available to them.

Chelsea's training ground, Cobham, is where all first team and reserve team players train during the Premier League season, and the better the facilities, the better the training.

The Chelsea Museum is for those fans who fancy a nostalgic trip down memory lane, or for anyone who needs to find out about their club.

Other interests and activities


An exhibition of photos of Uzbekistan by renowned Soviet photographer Max Penson (1893–1959) was funded by Abramovich and opened at the Gilbert Collection at Somerset House in London on 29 November 2006. Abramovich appeared as a major bidder in the international auction market for art in May 2008.

He purchased Francis Bacon's Triptych 1976 for €61.4 million (US$86.3 million) (a record price for a post-war work of art) and Lucian Freud's Benefits Supervisor Sleeping for €23.9 million ($33.6 million USD) (a record price for a work by a living artist)


Abramovich has become the world's greatest spender on luxury yachts, and always maintains a fleet of yachts which the media have called "Abramovich's NavyAlthough Abramovich is a Russian who lives in London, he spends most of his time on his own personal yacht. at 162.5 meters, it is the second-largest yacht in the world.

Its estimated cost is €340 million and has two helicopter pads, two swimming pools, a total of 24 cabins for guests, and even a disco hall. the yacht also has its own mini-submarine and a missile defense system! The yacht requires around 70 crew members for both operations and serving guests.


Roman Abramovich's Boeing 767, The Bandit, landing at Ben Gurion Airport, Israel. Abramovich owns a private Boeing 767-33A/ER, registered in Aruba as P4-MES.

New Year's Eve celebrations

In 2011, Abramovich hired the Red Hot Chili Peppers to perform for a reported £5m. Abramovich reportedly spent £5 million on a total of 300 guests.

Abramovich spends 1.2 million on personal security

Among the outstanding facts is the high cost of his bodyguards.

Being a rich businessman such as Roman Abramovich, you are bound to have a few enemies. He is politically connected in Russia and also has a personal line to President Vladimir Putin, who he helped during his prime ministerial candidacy back in 1999.

At the Kremlin in Moscow, too, he has several connections. Abramovich spared no expenses with respect to his personal security records. He is reported to have spent more than £ 1.2 million a year by hiring 20 former soldiers to safeguard him in the UK, his bodyguards wherever he goes.

Roman Abramovich's Charitable donations

Abramovich has reportedly donated more money to charity than any other living Russian.

Between 2009 and 2013, more than US$2.5 billion was donated by Abramovich to build develop schools, hospitals, and facilities in Chukotka. In addition, between 2010 and 2012, Evraz Plc (EVR), a steelmaker partially owned by Abramovich, contributed US$164 million to social initiatives, a sum that is exempt from Abramovich's US$310 million.

Abramovich has reportedly spent approximately GB£1.5 bn on the Pole of Hope, his charity set up to help those in the Arctic region of Chukotka, where he was governor. In June 2019, Abramovich donated $5 million to the Jewish Agency for Israel, to support efforts to combat anti-Semitism globally.

Allegedly contributed to the Elad Association for the development of archeology and land in Jerusalem.

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