Borussia Dortmund most expensive signings ever

Tue 10 November 2020 | 18:30

Who are the most expensive signings in Dortmund history? Known as one of the clubs with the highest sales profits, the German club have certainly paid hefty amounts of money for new signings as well. Read on to find out about some of the most expensive Dortmund signings ever.

We all have our own favorite teams that we support throughout our lives and sometimes switch preferences to support teams from other leagues as well. But there are a number of clubs in the world that seem to be loved, respected, or at least admired by almost everyone, even by some of the supporters of their fiercest rivals. One such club is the Bundesliga side

Borussia Dortmund

, who have chosen their trademark colors to be black and yellow, giving them the nickname ‘die Schwarzgelben’.

When people talk about Borussia Dortmund, one thing is certain to come to mind, and that is the world-wide famous Yellow Wall, the wall that surely could intimidate the strongest minds and lower the confidence that any opposition has when playing in front of the Yellow Wall at Signal Iduna Park. Many good and bad memories have been made as the fans watch and cheer their team to win every game.

This is not the only amazing side of the club, as they are also known to be quite talented businesspeople. Transfers such as Ousmane Dembele to


, Pierre-Emeric Aubameyang to Arsenal, and Christian Pulisic to


for more than €250 million in total, shows how much profit they have actually made from player sales alone. Not only are they able to sell some of their best players for hefty prices, but they are also able to buy great players at a discount of sorts, as almost all of

Dortmund’s all-time most expensive signings

have cost them less than €30 million.

Now that we have your curiosity, let us see who have arrived with the highest transfer fees at the German club to play in front of the famous Yellow Wall. Here are the

most expensive Dortmund transfers of all time


Most expensive Dortmund signings ever

Before getting to know the players and their overall stats in greater detail, we have prepared you a list on some of the most expensive signings in Dortmund history:

  • Andriy Yarmolenko - €25M

  • Emre Can - €25M

  • Julian Brandt - €25M

  • Marcio Amoroso - €25.5M

  • Nico Schulz - €25.5M

  • Thorgan Hazard - €25.5M

  • Henrikh Mkhitaryan - €27.5M

  • Abdou Diallo - €28M

  • Andre Schurlle - €30M

  • Mats Hummels - €30.5M

Which of these players do you think have been able to prove their worth at the


side? Let us analyze each of them separately to reach a final conclusion.

Andriy Yarmolenko

  • Price: €25M

Perhaps many would agree that Yarmolenko was better off staying at his former club Dynamo Kyiv, as he had already spent nine seasons with the senior squad. During his time with

Dynamo Kyiv

, he got to make more than 300 appearances for the club and actually managed to score a total of 137 goals, while also providing 90 assists across all competitions, which made him quite popular in Ukraine as fans adored their striker for his ability to play on the wings and his prolific performances.

Andriy Yarmolenko’s feats at Dynamo Kyiv caught the attention of the German side as they opted to sign the Ukrainian winger in 2017 for reportedly €25 million, which made him one of the

most expensive signings in Dortmund history

, a title that not many players have the privilege of holding during their careers. Unfortunately for both the player and the club, including the fans of course, Yarmolenko did not get to settle in at his new team, despite being one of Dortmund most expensive signings ever.

The Leningrad born forward spent a single disastrous season at Signal Iduna Park, where he managed to make 26 appearances across all competitions and added an even number of 6 goals and assists to his record. When someone gets to be one of Dortmund most expensive signings ever, supporters of the club and the manager himself tend to expect certain things from the new arrival, but it seems that Yarmolenko did not succeed in fulfilling those expectations, which is why he was sold to

West Ham

the very next season.

The 31-year-old’s injuries were the reason he had to leave Dortmund in the first place, as he might have believed that moving to another club could help his injury-prone situation. However, moving to the Premier League did not help at all, as he has been sidelined for quite a long time since joining West Ham. Although Yarmolenko is not the prolific winger he used to be, he is still one of the

most expensive Dortmund signings ever


Emre Can

  • Price: €25M

Despite the fierce rivalry in Bundesliga and all the other domestic and continental competitions between Borussia Dortmund and

Bayern Munich

, there exists a friendly relationship between the two powerhouses of German football as well, as they tend to sell and buy players to and from each other quite often. Many players have switched between the two clubs over the years, with some becoming one of

Dortmund most expensive transfers ever

. One such example is the German midfielder Emre Can.

Emre Can is in fact a product of the Bayern Munich youth academy, where he spent several seasons of his youth and senior career. Of course this player in particular did not move to Dortmund directly from the Bavarians, as he first joined three other clubs, namely Bayer Leverkusen,


and then Juventus, to spend several years of his career at. After spending a single season at Bayer Leverkusen, he joined Liverpool in 2014 for a reported fee of €12 million.

His time at Liverpool proved to be the peak of the German’s career as he played his best game for the Reds, making more than 167 appearances across all competitions, even managing to score 14 goals and provide 12 assists in the process as a defensive midfielder, which is a difficult position to score from. Unfortunately for Can, however, his honeymoon phase with Liverpool slowly came to an end thanks to Jurgen Klopp’s bying-spree, as the German manager brought in many new players over the years.

That is why he decided to move to Juventus in 2018, where he stayed for almost two seasons before joining yet another club and becoming one of Dortmund’s all-time most expensive signings this season with a €25 million price tag. Of course a lot more time is needed to fairly judge Emre Can’s performance at his new club and decide whether he was worth being put on the list of

Dortmund highest transfer fee paid ever


Julian Brandt

  • Price: €25M

Julian Brandt seems destined for greatness in Bundesliga, as the 24-year-old winger and midfielder has already made more than 300 appearances in his professional career. He actually became the youngest-ever

Bayer Leverkusen

player to reach 100 Bundesliga appearances when he was only 21 years old back in 2017. It is true that making a lot of appearances could not be the only mean for measuring a player’s performance at a club, but it certainly does mean that a player has got enough consistency to be included in a team’s starting XI so many times.

The German talent went on to make more than 200 appearances for Bayer Leverkusen, scoring 42 goals and providing 51 assists in total across all competitions, which would explain why he became one of Dortmund’s all-time most expensive signings in 2019. It is interesting to know that while the club made Brandt one of

Dortmund most expensive signings ever

 by activating his release clause and signing him for €25 million, the player’s actual market value at the time was believed to be about €50 million, which would only mean that Dortmund managed to buy such a talented player for half the price.

In only a season and the past couple of weeks since the start of the new season, Julian Brandt has been able to make more than 50 appearances for his new club scoring 8 goals and providing 13 assists, as he has become an integral part of his squad under Lucien Favre’s management. However, only time will tell how the young German talent is going to perform from now on, playing for one of the biggest clubs in top-flight of Bundesliga and European football.

Marcio Amoroso

  • Price: €25.5M

When we look at some of the more recent of the

most expensive Dortmund transfers of all time

, we see that all of them were bought in to the club for almost similar prices around €25 to €30 million. But there is one particular arrival on the list of Dortmund most expensive signings ever that is tagged with a similar price, but the transfer dates back to almost two decades ago in 2001, which would mean that the €25.5 million spent on signing Marcio Amoroso was more valuable than the €25 million they spend nowadays.

The Brazilian center-forward completed one of Dortmund most expensive transfers ever after he decided to move from


to the Bundesliga side for almost €26 million. He did in fact get to enjoy a successful couple of seasons at first, although he was not always on the starting lineup. The problems began in his third season in Bundesliga, when he faced several long injuries, one of which kept the Brazilian on the sidelines for more than 7 months.

In the three seasons that Amoroso spent at


, he went on to play in a total of 89 matches across all competitions, scoring 43 goals and providing 13 assists, which is not bad at all considering his play time at his former club. The striker went on to play at numerous clubs during his career after leaving Dortmund, as he finally officially retired from football in 2017 at the age of 45. He now works as a football pundit and will always be remembered as the player who completed one of the most expensive Dortmund transfers of all time

Nico Schulz

  • Price: €25.5M

Next on our list of Dortmund most expensive transfers ever is the German left-back Nico Schulz, who became one of

Dortmund most expensive signings ever

after he moved from

TSG Hoffenheim

for a reported fee of €25.5 million. His impressive run of form at his former club was one of the reasons Dortmund opted to sign him in 2019. but he has not been able to realize his potential at his new club due to several injuries which have sidelined him for quite a long time.

That means that although Schulz’s transfer fee was put on the list of Dortmund highest transfer fee paid ever the year he joined BVB, he has only managed to make 20 appearances in total at his new club, while also scoring a goal to maybe at least make an impact at a game. We will have to wait and see how it works out for the 27-year-old left-back from now on, as his career at Borussia Dortmund seems to be hanging on a thread.

Thorgan Hazard

  • Price: €25.5M

The Hazard brothers have taken the world of football by a storm as each of them have played at some of the best clubs in the world so far. Of course Thorgan and Eden have been far more successful than Kylian when it comes to performance and teams that they have played for. Thorgan, the younger of the two successful Belgian brothers, has made quite a number of appearances for Zulte Waregem, Chelsea and

Borussia Monchengladbach

over the years, playing some of his best games when playing for ‘The Foals’.

His outstanding performance at his former club, alongside with his impressive pace and extraordinary versatility to play in a multitude of positions certainly did put the Belgium international under the radar of several elite clubs. But it was Dortmund who managed to persuade the winger to join the club for reportedly €25.5 million in 2019, which put his name on the list of

Dortmund most expensive signings ever


The 27-year-old winger has been able to make a total of 50 appearances across all competitions at BVB since joining the club in 2019, when he arrived alongside with his teammate Julian Brandt. During these 50 appearances, Thorgan Hazard has also managed to bag 9 goals and provide 16 assists, which have made him an integral part of Lucien Favre’s squad. It seems that the only way is up for Hazard, and he has the time and potential to make his game even better and make his name even bigger in the history of football.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

  • Price: €27.5M

Henrikh Mkhitaryan gained prominence when he moved to

Shakhtar Donetsk

for €5 million in 2010 and truly kick-started his European football with one of the more widely known clubs in Europe. His impressive performance at Shakhtar meant only one thing, that bigger European clubs were going to come knocking in order to acquire the Armenian’s services. That is why in July of 2013, Mkhitaryan switched clubs to Dortmund for reportedly €27.5 million, a record deal for sure which made him one of Dortmund most expensive signings ever as well.

After his name was put on this list, he quickly made a name for himself in Bundesliga and the

Champions League

, thanks to his work rate and his immense versatility on the pitch, which allowed him to play in various positions in the midfield and the front-three. That could be one of the reasons the club’s then manager Jurgen Klopp opted to sign the Armenian striker and make him one of Dortmund most expensive signings ever.

Mkhitaryan has proved to be quite a lethal and prolific striker or attacking midfielder, scoring an outstanding 41 goals and providing yet another 49 assists in only 140 appearances that he made for the German side across all competitions. This would in fact justify why Klopp actually opted to make him one of Dortmund most expensive signings ever by signing him for such a hefty amount. It is also worth mentioning that he is Armenia’s all-time top goal-scorer with 30 goals in 88 appearances. Mkhitaryan is now playing at

AS Roma

after a couple of seasons in the Premier League.

Abdou Diallo

  • Price: €28M

Next on our list of Dortmund most expensive signings ever is Abdou Diallo, who joined the German club in 2018 to further strengthen the defensive-third of the team. He actually managed to play at almost all the games of that season, but for some reason, he was shown the door as he was sold to the

Ligue 1

side Paris Saint-Germain the very next season for €32 million. At least they got to make some profits by selling one their newest signings for more money than they had spent on bringing him to the club.

At least his move to


has proven to be a good thing for his trophy cabinet, as it has filled his cabinet with a variety of domestic trophies and titles, including two cups and of course the Ligue 1 title, which the Parisians have dominated for quite a long time.

Andre Schurrle

  • Price: €30M

Andre Schurrle is perhaps one of those players that people will miss for quite some time, especially since he retired at the very young age of 29, while many footballers nowadays tend to play until they are at least 35, with others such as

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

and Gianluigi Buffon staying in the top-flight of European football until their 40s.

The German winger played for many clubs during his career, whether it was in the Premier League or Bundesliga, but it was his time in Germany’s top-flight that is remembered by many as his best years. He became one of Dortmund most expensive signings ever when he left

VFL Wolfsburg

for €30 million in 2016.

Not all players are lucky enough to play their games and go through their careers with less to no injuries, as Andre Schurrle’s career was quite full of season-ending injuries that kept him on the sidelines for a majority of the matches, especially during his time at Dortmund. Although he moved to BVB for a hefty price, he could not prove his worth due the lack of play time, whether it was because of his injuries, or because of the manager’s decision.

It is of course weird to see one of Dortmund most expensive signings ever move on loan to

Spartak Moscow

, a less known club in Russia, before finally hanging up his boots in 2020 after mutually agreeing with Dortmund to terminate his contract. When asked about his decision to retire so early, Schurrle simply mentioned that he was tired of the constant competition, a decision on which his injuries might have had an effect.

Mats Hummels

  • Price: €30.5M

We finally reach the number one spot on the list of Dortmund most expensive signings ever.

Mats Hummels

has proven that not only is he on this list, he is also undoubtedly one of the best defenders in Germany’s football history. It is also interesting to know that the 31-year-old center-back has switched clubs back and forth several times, either moving from Bayern Munich to Borussia Dortmund, or the other way around.

Hummels moved to BVB for the first time for €4 million in 2009, when he was an up and coming defender in


. But he moved back to his former club in 2016 for €35 million, which showed how much the defender had in fact improved in those years away from Bavaria. Of course his transfer saga did not end there, as he once again moved back to BVB for €30.5 million.

Hummels is perhaps one of the most decorated German players, who has got quite a full trophy cabinet for himself. Over the years in his career, aside from being one of the team’s most expensive players, the German defender has won many prestigious trophies and honors, including 6 Bundesliga titles, 2


trophies, 6


and most importantly, the 2014 World Cup, a trophy that even the greatest players of all time dream of getting their hands on.

That ends our list for today, but we are surely going to see new players get on the list of Dortmund highest transfer fee paid ever in the near future, as the cost for bringing in new players is soaring nowadays. That is of course up to discussion as who is going to be the next person to join this list. For now, however, Mats Hummels sits on top with a price tag of a little bit over the €30 million mark.




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