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facts about Oriana Sabatini, Paulo Dybala's wife

Sat 26 September 2020 | 14:30

Going through celebrities' lives is always fun. if you are interested, be with us to flip through the life of Oriana Sabatini, Paulo Dybala's wife

Being in a romantic relationship with someone famous can be fun and at the same time overwhelming. When the other side of this relationship is also a celebrity, the level of difficulty gets double. You should always and under any circumstances keep the cover of your relationship all beautiful and attractive. As time passes, you would be begging for a moment of relief, just straying in street without being drowned under the pressure of all gazing looks.

Whether you are asking for it or not, you would become a role model for people-notably teenagers. That's a lot to take. Oriana Sabatini doesn't obtain her fame from his husband. When these two stars fell in love, she was already an independent famous young girl with a shining future.

During coronavirus quarantine, this lovely couple, who just celebrated their second anniversary, with their Tiktok videos became much more famous than before and triggered the curiosity of people who do not know them much. In the following article, we have provided some facts regarding Oriana Sabatini.

9 need-to-know facts about Oriana Sabatini, Paulo Dybala's wife

let's get to know 9 facts about Oriana Sabatini, the 24-year-old prosperous girl.

Oriana Sabatini Net Worth

The first fact on our list of

facts about Oriana Sabatini

, is about her net worth. when it comes to celebrities' salaries, some people get jealous of them, and some admire their talents and hard work. Oriana Sabatini is not an exception. she is finding her way into the world of fashion and entertainment and her life is already under close surveillance of paparazzi.

In 2019-20,

Oriana Sabatini net worth

has a significant growth. maybe it is due to her eye-catching relationship with


footballer. based on Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb & Various Online resources, famous TV Actress Oriana Sabatini's net worth is $1 Million - $5 Million at the age of 24. her net worth in 2019 was $100K - $1 Million, this means that, she is five times richer than last year. She has accomplished to raise her net worth through her acting and singing career, the sky seems to be the limit for Oriana.  Now that her fame is increasing every day, we should all be expecting much more huge growth in Oriana Sabatini net worth in the near future.

Oriana Sabatini age

Our second fact about Oriana Sabatini, is her age. although some women do not want anyone to know their age. But when you are famous, you can not ditch this question. as you are working as a model, your age is one the most important factors, and lots of people want to know about the age of their beloved models, so as a model,

Oriana Sabatini age

might be the question of many of her fans. Oriana Sabatini age is 24, she was born on 19 April 1996 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. her husband-Paulo Dybala is two years older than her and it seems that these two young stars are getting along so well. 

Oriana Sabatini height

Our third fact about Oriana Sabatini is her height. What is your guess of Oriana Sabatini height? Besides any artistic talent, working as a model, singer, and actress requires good body shape. You should meet some standards to be able to fit into the fashion industry.

Oriana Sabatini height

is 1.72 m (5 ft 7 1⁄2 in), which is almost the standard height for a model.

Oriana Sabatini Tiktok

Let's move on to the fourth

facts on our list of

facts about Oriana Sabatini

. We all have heard of the popular application-TikTok, the Chinese video-sharing social networking service. people, mostly young ones use it to create short music, lip-sync, dance, comedy, and talent videos of 3 to 15 seconds. once COVID 19 spread into the world, there must be something to spend the quarantine days with. The internet plays the biggest role during this pandemic and celebrities indeed know how to use it for their own benefits. The account of

Oriana  Sabatini TikTok

was one the most viewed ones during the quarantine.

Oriana Sabatini tiktok has almost 800k followers. this number compared to some other celebrities is not that huge, but her videos with his handsome husband got viral soon they got posted. her harmonious dance with his husband gained more than 3.3m like. she also created the #challengelunallena hashtag and invited her fans to record their own dance with her latest song.

Oriana Sabatini career

Oriana was born into an artistic family. She is the eldest daughter of Osvaldo Sabatini, an Argentine actor, and businessman; and Catherine Fulop, a Venezuelan actress, model, and a beauty pageant contestant. She began her artistic training at a very young age, studying singing, piano, and theater. she started writing songs at the age of 8. Her studies include two years at the Julio Chávez acting training Institute and one year at the New York Film Academy.

Oriana began her professional modeling career at the age of 13 with a magazine in an article regarding her relationship with the mother. two years later she got a bigger step and participated in a television show. in 2011 when she was 15, starred in the Uruguayan telenovela Porque te Quiero así which means Because I Love You So. She portrayed Rocío, the girlfriend of the protagonist of the telenovela.

After a year, in 2012, due to her great performance, the company of Cris Morena summoned her to perform a casting of the production. she obtained a co-feature in the series Aliados. in that series, she played the character of Azul Medina . In 2013, she won the prize "Revelation" from the Kids Choice Awards Argentina for her performance of Azul Medina in the series Aliados.

She also participated in the second season of the Aliados series with the role of Azul and once again won the prize of Favorite Actress in the edition of the Kids Choice Awards Argentina 2014. Oriana also has a theater experience. She had a part in the play Aliados, the musical presented at the Teatro Gran Rex.

Apart from all of the above activities, we should consider her appearances in two reality show, as her breakthrough. she had special appearances in the reality show Tu Cara me Suena 2 - meaning Your Face Sounds Familiar - where she imitated Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera and later on she participated in the talk show Am Antes Del Mediodia.

she continued her artistic life as a model with the well-known brand L'Oréal doing an advertising campaign about their Casting Creme Gloss products in 2017. In April of the same year, she officiated her solo music career by releasing her first single in English «Love Me Down Easy» and just by this single she proved herself as a skilled singer.

in June 2017, as her first single broke into the world, she was asked to participate in the opening of the well-known program called ShowMatch conducted by Marcelo Tinelli, singing "Love Me Down Easy" and she showed that she has a light Soprano type voice range.

Oriana's life completely renovated on July 5, as she appeared as a backup artist on Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman Tour singing her first single "Love Me Down Easy" and two new songs: "Stay Or Run" and "What U Gonna Do". it was when Oriana and Paulo Dybala met.

being in a concert with well-known gifted Ariana Grande, made her path as easier as ever, so on September 21, she performed as a solo artist at Usina del Arte, Ciudad Emergente- a show for new artists. On November 14 and 15 of the same year, she performed the opening act for the band Coldplay, who finished their A Head Full of Dream tour in Argentina, performing at the Unico Stadium in La Plata.

below is the list of some of her famous songs:

  • Luna Llena 2020                                        

  • BAD 2020

  • love me down easy 2017

  • Stay or Run 2017

  • El Último Tango 2019

  • What U Gonna Do 2018

  • Amor Mio 2018

  • Mis Manos 2019

  • Stay 2014

  • Mis Voor Die Son 2019

Oriana Sabatini family life

Given the importance of the family issue, the next

fact about Oriana Sabatini

is her family life. Oriana Sabatini family life is one the most inspirational one.

to be a successful and well-off human being having a thriving and supporting family is of great importance. your family should understand your deep feeling to help you flourish. family can either touch the artistic esprit or destroy it..

fortunately, Oriana is blessed with a good family. It can be said that

Oriana Sabatini family life

has played an important role in her success. Osvaldo Sabatini is her father. he is a well-known Argentinian actor and producer. he was born on June 8  1965, in Buenos Aires, Argentina as Osvaldo Aníbal Sabatini Garofalo. Osvaldo is notably famous for Nada x perder (2001), Déjate querer (1993), and La banda del Golden Rocket (1991).

Catherine Amanda Fulop García is Oriana's mother. she was born on March 11, 1965. she is as active as her eldest daughter. she is a Venezuelan actress, model, beauty pageant contestant, and television presenter. She participated in the Miss Venezuela 1986, finishing as the fourth runner–up. Fulop has since started a successful acting career throughout Latin America, most notably on television.

since 2002 till 2008 she hosted her own TV show, named Catherine 100% on the FOX Sports. she was also one of the participants of Bailando por un sueño, an Argentine version of Dancing With the Stars in 2007.

from 2008 to 2011, she was also one of three judges of Argentina's Got Talent. furthermore, she is considered an international figure. she is believably the best known for her performance as Sonia Rey in the coming–of–age series Rebelde Way, directed and produced by Cris Morena- the Argentinian Award-winning television producer.

in Argentina, she had been regarded as a sex symbol and because of her parents, she refused the offer of Playboy magazine. Catherine In 1990, married actor Fernando Carrillo, with whom she starred in some different movies but her relationship ended up after 4 years. she accused her former husband of having an affair. in 1998, she fell in love with Osvaldo Sabatini, the brother of former Argentine tennis player Gabriela Sabatini. they now have two daughters and live in Buenos Aires. she is indeed an active mother, isn't she?

Oriana has a close bond with her sister-Tiziana who is three years younger than her.

Oriana Sabatini relationships

As we move through the list of

facts about Oriana Sabatini

, it's time to talk about Oriana Sabatini relationships. the more famous the more trouble you have in your relationships. undoubtedly it is more difficult for a well-known person to keep her/his relation hidden from the paparazzi's camera. Oriana with that body shape and charismatic visage touched off the curiosity of people. they all want to know about

Oriana Sabatini relationships

and  why she had ended up with them.

Oriana from 2014 until 2017 was in a relationship with Argentine television personality and actor Julián Serrano. Julián was born on October 16, 1993, in Paraná, Argentina. he left his studies of psychology in his hometown to move to Buenos Aires to begin his actor career in Aliados. he is a solo singer under the stage name Jota Esse, the initial letters of his name in the Spanish language. since March 13, 2020, he started his cooperation with Warner Music Group.

A year after her separation, she started dating

Paulo Dybala

- the start of Juventus. Oriana Sabatini and Paulo Dybala's romantic relationship started in 2017 on social media when Dybala was still dating his girlfriend Antonella Cavalieri; another celebrity model. In July 2018, after Paulo broke up with Antonella, the rumors of Oriana and Paulo Dybala's relationship got more serious.  unlike so many famous celebrities, Oriana Sabatini relationships limited to these two persons, meaning that Paulo Dybala indeed is her soul mate.

Oriana Sabatini body measurements

Our eighth

fact about Oriana Sabatini

is her body measurements. The body is the main work tool for a model. you should always be in form and not to forget daily and constant workout.

Oriana does workout every day to be in a good shape and more importantly to stay healthy. she knows a healthy body is indeed a capital for a model and actress. Oriana Sabatini body measurements is 31-23-35 Inches and she is 60 kg (123 pounds)weight. She wears a 32B inch bra size.the fact about

Oriana Sabatini body measurements

might be useful for teenagers who want to work as a model or an actress. the should be aware of the importance of a healthy diet and workout.

Oriana Sabatini interesting and funny facts

As the last fact on our list of facts about Oriana Sabatini, we want to talk about the interesting and funny aspects of her life. some fans-mostly teenage ones- would die to get to know fun facts of their popular stars. ordinary people somehow think that celebrities belong to another planet and they are almost perfect, whatsoever. but in fact, celebrities are just like other people. we all have some habits that would seem interesting to others, so have celebrities.

One of

Oriana Sabatini interesting and funny facts

is that she loves dancing, a lot!! Contrary to popular belief that a model or an actress should be a dancer too, she is not a professional one. one of her favorite hobbies is to dance and post the video on Instagram or TikTok. she is one of the most-followed celebrities on Instagram. she has almost 5.2 million followers.

The other Oriana Sabatini interesting and funny facts is one of the most controversial ones. recently, some fans believed that she is Miley Cyrus style. we all know what it means. in her single 'Stay or Run', she recently generated a lot of rumors as she Katy Perry-ed in the steamy music video. The singer is seen to be extra close and was also kissing another girl. Paulo Dybala didn't show any specific or aggressive reaction towards this controversial scene but his mother-in-law did.

once the video got viral, Catherine Fulop confessed that " "I loved seeing Oriana kiss another woman. I found it beautiful." she often jokes with Dybala about how he "stole her away" to Europe and she is happy to see her daughter kissing another girl.

The lives of famous people are so astonishing in the eyes of ordinary people. They often envy the lives of these people. But the reality is something else. These people are never safe from the camera lens of reporters or fans. Even the most ordinary daily activities are more difficult for them than ordinary people. If they are upset or angry, they have to smile to prevent the rumors from spreading.

This couple is not immune to these events. once they post a controversial video on their Instagram account they would face a wave of judgments and accusations.

In this article, we had a quick overview of the facts about Oriana Sabatini -this famous Argentine actress and singer. What do you think about the future of this famous couple? do they have a happy ending? have you ever felt jealous of celebrities? do you find their lives easy? feel free to share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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