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Facts about Agustina Gandolfo, Lautaro Martinez's girlfriend

Agustina Gandolfo is the girlfriend of the Argentine professional footballer, Lautaro Martinez. Read on to find out more facts about Agustina Gandolfo.

Lautaro Martinez

is currently playing as a striker for

Serie A

, Italian club,

Inter Milan

. He is also a member of the

Argentina national team


The young striker also has Racing Club in his records which he was playing in for 3 years. Martinez has scored 22 goals for The Academy and 33 goals for Inter Milan. He started his career at Inter in 2018. Around that time, he started his relationship with the Instagram star Agustina Gandolfo.

After the 23-year-old striker joined Inter Milan, teammate,

Mauro Icardi

, took him under his wings and helped him in the games. This friendship led to his introduction and eventually a relationship with Agustina Gandolfo.

Icardi’s wife, Wanda Nara, introduced the two and they both fell in love in a heartbeat. Ever since, the Argentinian striker and his girlfriend have been inseparable.

The followings are some lesser-known facts about Agustina Gandolfo:

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facts about Agustina Gandolfo

, her life, and her relationship with Lautaro Martinez, read the following article.

Agustina Gandolfo’s Early Life

Agustina Gandolfo was born on November 6, 1994, meaning that

Agustina Gandolfo’s age

is 26 as of 2020. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. The Scorpio beauty’s name means majestic and grand in Latin.

The stunning blonde was born in Argentina just like her boyfriend. Lautaro Martinez was born in Bahia Blanca but his girlfriend, Agustina Gandolfo was probably born and raised in Ushuaia since she has a great love for the city.

She was not born into this world alone. Augustina has a younger sister named Giuli Gandolfo who was born on August 5, 2003. Agustina and Giuli were born to their father Sergio and their mother Guadalupe Gandolfo. There is not enough information regarding

Agustina Gandolfo’s parents


Agustina Gandolfo has a great slim body and it shows how important working out is for her. She has been working as a model since she was a young girl. She started her education at Patagonia Spanish School, which provided her with basic education.

However, she always had a passion for modeling and fashion. After finishing high school, Agustina decided to study Business management but instead of going to university, at the age of 17 she finally made her decision about becoming a model. She actually became popular through her Instagram posts and gained tons of followers. Now, she is an Instagram influencer.

The fitness enthusiast also has a passion for volleyball, horseback riding, and yoga. Before meeting Lautaro Martinez, she was part of a local volleyball team and shared her victories on Instagram.

Agustina Gandolfo’s love life

Agustina Gandolfo started dating the famous footballer Lautaro Martinez in 2018. There is no information on her ex-lovers and boyfriends before Martinez.

After announcing the relationship, she immediately moved to Milan, Italy to be with her boyfriend. Being the supporting partner that she is, she’s been attending her boyfriend’s matches as much as she can.

The young couple loves spending time together at relaxing beaches and luxurious romantic trips. Martinez does not like to keep his beautiful love life out of sight and he expresses his love for his girlfriend publicly whenever he gets the chance.

Agustina and Lautaro both are animal lovers and have adopted a dog together. Agustina had a female Shar Pei dog in 2015 but after moving in with her boyfriend she had to leave her behind with her parents. Instead, they adopted a small Pug which they love dearly.

To state more

facts about Agustina Gandolfo

’s interests and hobbies, it is worth mentioning that she enjoys traveling and spending quality time at the beach whether she is alone or with Lautaro. Before dating Lautaro she traveled all over Argentina and visited all the beautiful beaches there.

Later on, she visited New York and spent some time there. It’s not surprising that Agustina took a couple of photoshoots at the South Beach, Miami too. She really seemed to have enjoyed her stay in the United States.

Agustina Gandolfo’s life in quarantine

As the pandemic started, Italy was one of the countries which had the most severe cases. Agustina and Lautaro were both in Italy at that time and had to take extra precautionary measures with face masks and social distancing which they did and still do.

On 26 April 2020, they were caught, by the paparazzi, wearing face masks while walking their dog in the park. Both were wearing black tops and black shorts as they did their daily walk to keep their life rolling.

Ever since the coronavirus crisis, the fit couple has been doing their workout routine at their beautiful house in Milan. Gandolfo has shared many pictures and videos of her sunbathing and workout sessions from their rooftop while Martinez also posted similar pictures of himself working out on their social media accounts.

An interesting

fact about Agustina Gandolfo

is that at first, she started her trainings just to pass time when she moved to Milan with Martinez. She had lots of free time on her hand in a foreign country but later on, it became her passion and she couldn’t keep herself from exercising all the time.

Agustina does her training sessions regularly and shares them so others can join in too. She believes that training regularly is only 30% of the physical health and eating healthy is the remaining 70%. Being an influencer, she has encouraged many of her followers to do the same and lead a healthy life, both physically and mentally.

“I get a lot of messages saying that they are motivated when they see me train and that fills me, it makes me happy to know that I am influencing and helping, from where I can, so that the people who are encouraged to start do not lower their arms, and improve,” she stated.

“Quite a challenge! I’m used to training in a gym, with all the equipment I needed and a teacher motivating me, correcting me, from one moment to the next I find myself having to train alone, without equipment, basically, what do I do ?!”

However, her coach from Mendoza is always present and they hold virtual classes from time to time. Two days a week they hold a live session helping others to train from home too.

Due to hardships of life during the pandemic, many stars and celebrities have reached out to medical centers and helped them financially and Martinez is no exception. The Argentine striker decided to support the doctors and nurses engaged in the fight against COVID-19 of his hometown.

He donated a large number of gloves, medical gowns, and other essential medical supplies to the hospitals in Bahia Blanca. He even stayed humble about it and didn’t tell anyone and this gesture of kindness was revealed later by Hector Garay, the mayor of Bahia Blanca.

The mayor thanked Lautaro Martinez and Agustina Gandolfo, “I Thank Lautaro, His partner and his family. We received the first part of aid for medical personnel: 3,350 liters of alcohol, 100,000 latex gloves, 5,000 gowns, and as many caps. And we know what else is ready for the city of Mendoza.”

Agustina Gandolfo children

On August 11, 2020, the duo announced on their Instagram accounts that they are expecting their first child together which is a girl. Lautaro Martinez was so happy for being a dad and he even changed his goal celebration during that time with putting a ball under his shirt as an imitation of a pregnancy and he would then kiss the ball.

The stylish model didn’t stop wearing glamorous clothing after her pregnancy or even during that 9 months. Every piece of clothing she wore had a famous brand name on it.

To find more facts about Agustina Gandolfo and her pregnancy, keep on reading the article.

On 12 December 2020, at a gender reveal party, Agustina had some friends and family invited over and in a series of photos, she revealed that her daughter’s name will be Nina.

Agustina posted a picture of herself with the tummy which was still super flat and their beloved dog:  “With some fears and uncertainties, so much still to learn but full of love, we are waiting for you,” then she dedicated the post to her boyfriend “I love you with my whole life, the three of us are always here to cheer for you.”

As a response to the loving words of his girlfriend, Martinez scored to goals on his next game and wrote on his social media the sweet words, “I love you my life, I’m the happiest man in the world!”

Agustina was pregnant when 2020 ended and she posted a beautiful picture of her baby bump with an emotional caption about how she appreciates the lessons 2020 gave her, “We sure wish you wouldn’t come back…but 2020, I instead of thanking you that you’re going, I thank you for teaching us so much; to appreciate.

To appreciate what really matters, things as simple as a hug, with our family, with our friends, the moments we share with the people we love, for teaching us to tolerate, to be supportive, and think more about each other than ourselves. I thank you for giving all the meaning to that vain phrase that says [distance separates bodies not hearts]. And I especially thank you for giving me the miracle of creating love.”

On 1 February 2021, Nina was born and she brought much more happiness to her parents’ life than before.  Agustina and Lautaro both welcomed their daughter via Instagram posts and the same picture.


Even though with COVID-19 and the pandemic almost all families are affected and having a tough time, little Nina is privileged with having her dad by her side all time and being protected and loved by her parents.

Agustina Gandolfo’s personal life

Agustina spent her time in quarantine having relaxing spa and massages at her home, cooking delicious meals for the family, and love dates with boyfriend, Lautaro, and daughter, Nina.

Recently she travelled back to her hometown, Mendoza, Argentina, so that Nina can meet her grandparents and aunt. Although Giuli, Agustina’s sister, visited them in Italy and expressed the love she has for Nina with adorable pictures of herself and the baby.

Of course, during her travels, Agustina took the precautionary measures very seriously, but just like any other individual she’s tired of the lockdown. She posted a picture of herself in one of alleys in Milan with the caption: “So bored, all closed. I’m tired of this virus. We’re all the same here, aren’t we?”

On 25 march 2021, after six weeks of her daughter’s birthday, Agustina talked about motherhood, “The puerperium, when you suddenly feel like another person. When you suddenly split into two. Your head turns you all around. You don’t know what day it is. You don’t know what time it is. Whether it’s hot or cold outside. You don’t understand much.

But you stop for a second. You got that little hand on your chest. You got the sleeping body on top of you. You have those eyes that look at you. You have that confused face that admires you and knows you’re always going to be there.

That you’re all they need. As much as you feel like you’re not doing anything right, to your baby, you’re all that’s right. You’re all that they need.”

Little Nina Martinez is currently almost two months old and is already the most stylish kid you could have ever seen. From wearing Nike from head to toe while strolling in a park with her stylish mama, to wearing Gucci pajamas in bed. Well, the apple does not fall farm from the tree. Such a well-dressed mom would certainly give birth to a princess like Nina Martinez.

Stick around to find more facts about Agustina Gandolfo’s social media accounts and her net worth.

Agustina Gandolfo’s Body Measurements

The stunning model often posts a range of photos of her in a bikini which shows her abs alongside her many tattoos. Being a model, she is obliged to stay fit and have the same size almost all the time. The five feet and eight inches tall model weighs around 55 kilograms.


Agustina Gandolfo’s body measurements

, it is worth mentioning that her dress-size is 6, and her body measures around 34-26-34 inches. She has her breast size of 32B which is a huge plus to her looks like a model. She also has a shoe size of 8 (US).

The gorgeous-looking model loves showing off her fit body and her tattoos in her pictures. Her tattoos include flying birds on the back of her left shoulder, a heart symbol above her elbow, writing under her left breast “stronger together,” and a few more.

Agustina Gandolfo’s Social Media

Speaking about

Agustina Gandolfo’s social media

, it is worth mentioning that she is a fitness enthusiast and shares all her pieces of training and workout videos on her Instagram (


). She has now (as of March 2021) more than 748k followers on her Instagram. Gandolfo is also active on Facebook (



The first picture that she posted on Instagram was on 14 April 2015 which was of a volleyball team that she was a part of. The very first picture of Agustina and Lautaro on Agustina’s feed was posted on 27 October 2018 but we know for a fact that they had started dating way sooner than that because, at that time when she posted the picture, she was already in Milan, Italy.

On 7 November 2018, a day after her birthday, Agustina posted a picture of her 24th birthday dinner party with her boyfriend and their now mutual friends. Among those friends, you can spot Mauro Icardi and his wife Wanda Icardi.

Agustina Gandolfo is also very close with her sister, Giuli, and has shared many of their moments together. Giuli can be found



Agustina Gandolfo’s Net Worth


Agustina Gandolfo’s net worth

, it should be mentioned that her net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $1 million and $5 million.

There’s not much information regarding her assets and other ownerships. She is currently living in a luxurious house in Milan, Italy with his boyfriend and their beautiful newborn, Nina.

Agustina Gandolfo is currently an Instagram influencer and has an income from advertising the clothing she owns and wears.

On the other hand, Martinez’s net worth per year is €2,700,000 that is about £2,300,000. Amazing fact about his net worth is that his income is €0.09 per second that is about £0.07.


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