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Top Facts about Maria Zulay Salaues, Paul Pogba's Wife

The stunningly gorgeous Maria Zulay is mostly known as Paul Pogba's wife than a stylish and successful model. Read on to find out some interesting facts about Maria Salaues’ life, career, children, net worth, and her entertaining love story with Pogba.

The meeting with famed football player

Paul Pogba

completely altered the life of the Bolivian model. Her life changed after she immigrated to California.

She is a stunning girl, and she had many chances. 

She met the love of her life after receiving an alluring offer from a modeling agency. She entered a relationship that was advantageous to her both emotionally and financially.

Lets talk about facts about Maria Zulay Salaues, Paul Pogba's wife.


The followings are some interesting facts about Maria Zulay Salaues, Paul Pogba's wife

Maria Zulay is believed to be Muslim. However, she was in a Christian family and had a Christian upbringing. It is assumed it was after her marriage with Pogba that she converted to Islam.

Maria Zulay Salaues Relationship

The worldwide popular football player who managed to own the 2018 World Cup is undoubtedly Paul Pogba. He plays for Juventus and France national team. His spectacular playing techniques made him stand out from other players.

However, this is not the only thing that puts him under the public spotlight. His amusing romantic story with the charming Bolivian model Maria Zulay Salaues


attracted the public’s attention which is the major focus of this article.

The starting point

It can be said that the summer of 2017 was the year

Maria Zulay Salaues love story

began with a realistic, happily-ever-after ending. In fact, it was the year that Pogba was getting over his hamstring injury. It was in 2017 that Pogba participated in the International Champions Cup (ICC) in the US for Man Utd.

It seems Pogba met his gorgeous wife in Los Angeles and was instantly captivated by her beauty. It is said they both clicked immediately at the first meeting and were lucky enough to experience true love at this age. They began to go out and the love between these two grew bigger day by day.

As a model, she was working with a company in Miami, therefore, she had to stay there. However, she made regular trips to Manchester to visit the love of her life.

Those days the rumor of their engagement was circulating. Their fans also noticed a sparkling diamond ring on her left finger and Maria Zulay Salaues’s

meetings with Pogba’s mother. Paul had also made several trips to Bolivia to meet Maria’s family.

Yet, the trendy couple remained silent to all these rumors. Maria never appeared in Pogba’s photos on Instagram. The social media evidence, particularly Maria’s Instagram account, showed that they already got married and Maria Zulay

was using his brand-new surname, Pogba.

In 2019, Maria shut down her account for a while and then returned back with the name, “Maria Zulay Pogba Salaues”. Later she shared romantic photos of theirs from Paris mentioning their permanent ties and their firm relationship.

In fact, there wasn’t an official announcement on this from their part, but we assume they had made their wedding vows far from the curious crowd in a secret ceremony.

Maria Zulay appeared beside Pogba’s family with her stunning ring on her finger at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. She passionately supported her lover throughout the match. It seems she wanted to officially announce her commitment to this legendary footballer to the whole world. Maria Zulay never stopped appearing in almost all of her partner’s matches and cheering him wholeheartedly.

 The ring on Pogba’s finger also aroused the curiosity of his fans when he appeared on the red carpet for the award ceremony of the United’s players. But again, Pogba preferred to remain silent when faced the searching questions addressing his personal life and his affair with Maria.

As a matter of fact, the couple was known for their directness and openness toward their fans and media. Oddly enough, when it came to their relationship, they were so secretive. However, they couldn’t hide their love and strong emotions to each other. Their happiness couldn’t be concealed.

The couple traveled widely. During almost most of their vacations, they were pinpointed by the media and journalists. That is why their relationship soon came to be the major rumors of paparazzi’s.

Maria Zulay Salaues Children

Later on, Pogbas Family crowned their happiness by having a child in 2019. They could realize the significance of parenthood dad at such a young age. Although Pogba is seen as a down-to-earth celebrity among people, it wasn’t easy for him to break the news of his son to the public. His fans discovered the fact after months. He has always been so frank about his life, achievements, and even his paid fees, but when it came to his personal life and relationship, he was so conservative.

Surprisingly, it was Bryan Robson, the magnificent Manchester United football player that revealed this exciting fact to everyone. He described Pogba’s feelings as a father, “When I saw Paul last week in Dubai with the United squad, I had a little chat and congratulated him on the birth of his baby. He just seemed so relaxed and easy with things.”

After his victory over Brighton, Pogba and Maria decided to celebrate the two important events, the birth of their son and the victory. It was when he finally made this secret known. Afterward the couple officially announced this wonderful news to their fans by sharing the photos of their son, Labile Shakur.

The exact birthdate of Pogba and Maria’s child is not known. Yet, we assume it is on 5th January 2019, since exactly on that day the couple held a splendid birthday party, and shared their son’s first birthday party’s photos.

Family Life of Maria and Paul

In interviews, whenever the interviewees posed questions about marriage, they strangely remained silent. Therefore, there is no evidence that could prove their marriage. Yet after the birth of their son, they got married and made their fans happy.

On and off they publish their family photos on social media to demonstrate the importance of family life. As the family is growing bigger, they are more attached to each other. They have carried their love story to England and are currently living with their two kids in Italy.

The couple does their best to keep their relationship private and reserve their peace by not being constantly in the public eye on social media.

The birth of their child was the turning point in Pogba and Maria’s life. In an interview Maria declared she considered her baby the “souvenir” of her life. She also shared the photo of her son taken in the hospital, as she was holding his tiny finger. As a mother of two children, she proudly stated she had two amazing friends.

Later on, Pogba also in an interview referred to his son as the greatest gift of 2019 and thanked God for letting him experience the wonderful feeling of fatherhood.

In an interview with Figaro, Pogba said he hoped to make his family bigger and planned to have more children. Currently, he is enjoying his life as a father of two and blessed with a wonderful partner who is not only a supportive wife but a loving mom.

Maria Zulay influence in Pogba’s Life

Maria Zulay played a key role in Pogba’s life. Her role in protecting Pogba and avoiding the potential troubles and failures is of great importance. The two have completed the character’s gaps existed in both, and, together, they have become stronger. What is more, the birth of their children fortified the pillars of their relationship.

To penetrate

Maria Zulay Salaues personal life

a bit, we can say that she is into cooking and keen on making pasta and Mexican food. Her favorite actors are Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman. Taylor Swift is the singer she admires the most. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Tarte, Gucci, and Nars are among her favorite brands. She loves red. And finally, needless to say, her most-liked social media platform is Instagram.

Maria Zulay as a Stylish Supermodel

The noticeable

fact about Maria Zulay Salaues

is that she is mostly known as Pogba’s girlfriend than a successful model. As a matter of fact, Pogba’s fame paved her way in the modeling industry. When she immigrated to California, she wasn’t well-known. However, after her appearance beside Pogba, she started to make great progress in her career. Later, Maria Zulay Salaues rose to fame and turned into a social media personality with countless followers.

In the first place let us inquire a bit about the interesting facts of her personal life and find out more about this gorgeous model that won Pogba’s heart.



Maria Zulay Salaues height

the marvelous model is 1.73 meters tall and weighs 58 kg. With her blue eyes, shiny blonde hair, her stunning height and impeccable figure, she has captured millions of people’s hearts across the world. She is also an influential figure on social media, especially on Instagram, with more than 809,000 followers.

Maria Zulay Salaues Childhood

She was born in 1994 in Bolivia, the town of Robore.

Maria Zulay Salaues childhood

in this town. Her birth name was

Maria Zulay Salaues Antelo. She stepped into a wealthy family. She is the youngest child of the family. She has two older sisters, Gabriela and Carla, that both work in the fashion industry as models. She is 28 years old now.

Regarding her religion, Maria Zulay was born and raised as a Christian. Yet after meeting and marrying Pogba she has converted to Islam, although there is no official confirmation about it. As Pogba is a Muslim and went on pilgrimage to Mecca, we assume, following Pogba, Maria has also become a Muslim.

The unknown

fact about Maria Zulay Salaues

is that she first

joined the

Business School of Bolivia University, but after a while lost her interest in this major and dropped the school.  She left her education unfinished and decided to work. From then on, she worked in various jobs. She managed to make a living by working as a real estate agent, interior designer and model.

Modeling turned out to be her favorite among all. As declared by Maria, being a well-known model was her childhood dream. With her marvelous height and figure, she was a very vibrant model. She participated in countless projects in her home country and turned out to be highly competent in all of them.

Maria Zulay Salaues Professional Life

Maria Zulay Salaues’ professional life

started when she finally discovered her

strong passion for modeling, and she decided to move to the United States to go after her dream. The scandalous video spread by one of her friends and quickly circulated on social media deeply shattered Maria Zulay.

She was filmed as she was snorting a substance, which is thought to be cocaine. This is the main reason behind her firm decision for emigration and settlement in Miami. She said she needs to turn the page and create a clean slate in her life.

There are still rumors about this video that say it could be a scenario designed for further publicity. In actual fact, it is not an unlikely theory, as it is a common strategy among celebrities for making a name. Well, all these are just speculations with no firm basis.

 In 2012, she was elected as Miss Expobelleza. And in 2013 she became the spokesmodel for Ipanema Sandals. Throughout her professional modeling career


she tried her hand in doing some part-time jobs, like a real estate agent, to cover her expenses.

It was when her modeling career started to gradually take off. It shouldn’t be dismissed that she rose to fame after her dating with Paul Pogba. Her relationship with Pogba was a milestone in her life.

It was in 2018 that she came to public notice as a model and continued to climb her career ladder at a significant pace. She happened to be very successful in her career, and now she is a celebrated entrepreneur and a famous and stylish model.

Her activities are not limited to modeling. She went further and got the opportunity to cooperate with famous brands, advertisement campaigns and even TV commercials. By endorsing various brands, and doing modeling projects, she has gathered a considerable number of followers on social media.

Maria Zulay Salaues Net Worth

The interesting

fact about Maria Zulay Salaues

is that she is a leading and well-liked model; she has always succeeded in attracting the public’s attention. 

Maria Zulay Salaues net worth

 is the big question that preoccupied her fans’ curious minds. There is no definite answer to this question. However, the property owned by Maria is estimated to be between $500,000 to $1 Million US dollars.

The source of her income is brand presenting, sponsorship, paid content, and modeling. We consider the amount of her net worth a great success for a lady who is a model and only 28 years old.

There is nothing to say except for accepting the fact that Maria as a model is so successful in the fashion industry. It seems she is on the right path. As the wife of a distinguished football player, Maria has made great use of her fame and creativity. And finally, she managed to land a lucrative career.

Maria Zulay Salaues Social Media

The last but not least fact about Maria Salaues is that the videos that she shared on social media during the lockdown were so entertaining for her fans.

As the legendary footballer, Pogba, tried to lessen the cabin fever by kicking the toilet roller. He considers it a-football-player strategy to tackle the situation in the most harmless way.

In this video,

Maria Zulay Salaues child

, Pogba junior, is unknowingly involved in the game and received the roller on his face, which gave rise to comic and entertaining moments for the fans.

During the lockdown, the couple bridged the gap with their fans by making entertaining videos and showing the fun they were having in the family during this stifling period.




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