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Top facts about Sergen Yalcin, the soldier of Kartal

The top facts about Sergen Yalcin will be about one of the best midfielders in the Turkish football history. We are pretty sure that in the end, you will have enjoyed the article.

Ali Riza Sergen Yalcin, also known as Sergen Yalcin, was born in Istanbul on October 5, 1972. The former midfielder who also served as a football analyst and coach for the national team. In 2003, the directors, media representatives, and fans who were members of the Board of Directors, as well as the Board of Directors of Besiktas, voted him as one of the best players of the century. Player of the Year in Turkey was chosen in 2003.

On October 1, 2003, Sergen Yalcin's two goals in a Champions League group game against


resulted to the team breaking numerous Besiktas and Turkish records. He became one of the few midfielders in the league to score more than 100 goals. He is the Besiktas JK coach. As a football player and coach for Besiktas, he became the first name to win a Super Lig title.

In the following, we will mention Sergen Yalcin net worth, stats, and other points. Today we want to talk about the 

top facts about Sergen Yalcin

 and tell you some special facts about this former star.

Top facts about Sergen Yalcin you might want to know

Sergen Yalcin is a 49 years old former star who has played for Turkey national team, Besiktas,


, Galatasaray, Trabzonspor, and Eskisehirspor. He is known as one of the gifted Turkish midfielders of all time, so in this part of the article, we want to look at Yalcin’s adventure and story through a new aspect.

We will discover everything you want to know about

Sergen Yalcin personal life

and then in the next parts, we will review the top facts about Sergen Yalcin.

  • Full Name

    : Ali Riza Sergen Yalcin

  • Date and Place of Birth

    : 5 November 1980 in Istanbul, Turkey

  • Sergen Yalcin age

    : 49

  • Height & Weight:

     Sergen Yalcin height is 1.76 m and he weighs 78 kg

  • Family Members

    : Ozer Yalcin (father), Gul Yalcin (mother), Gursoy Yalcin (brother)

  • Marital Status

    : In a relationship

  • Girlfriend:

    Asli Turanli

  • Sergen Yalcin Children

    : No kids

  • Current Team

    : Besiktas (manager)

  • Jersey Number

    : #10 Besiktas / #10 Turkey

  • Nickname

    : “Kepce”

  • Position

    : Midfielder

  • Zodiac Sign

    : Libra

Sergen Yalcin Birthday, Zodiac Sign and Nationality

Sergen Yalcin was born on 5 November 1980 in Istanbul, Turkey. Sergen Yalcin nationality is Turkish. Sergen Yalcin zodiac sign is Libra. Librans are extroverted, cosy, and friendly people. Librans, like the Scales that symbolise the sign, are often concerned with attaining balance, harmony, peace, and justice in the world. With their vast stores of charm, intelligence, frankness, persuasion, and seamless connectivity, they are well-equipped to do so.

Some of the most famous figures born on the 5th of November (Sergen Yalcin Birthday) are Tilda Swinton, Marco Verratti, Kevin Jonas, and Eva Gonzalez.

Sergen Yalcin Parents and Childhood

Sergen Yalcin was born on November 5, 1980 in Istanbul, Turkey. Yalcin was born to Turkeyn parents.

Sergen Yalcin parents

always supported their son and tried to be on Sergen's side.

Sergen Yalcin childhood was pretty interesting. Ali Riza Sergen Yalcin was born on 5 November 1972 in Istanbul. His father, Ozer Yalcin, was a football player. He started football in Besiktas infrastructure. He became one of the names that Serpil Hamdi Tuzun brought to Turkish football.

He was promoted to Besiktas first-team during Gordon Milne's term. Sergen played his first official match against Genclerbirligi on September 1, 1991. He attracted attention with his successful performance between 1991 and 1996, and he won 2 league championships, 2 Presidential Cups and 1 Turkish Cup. However, besides his achievements, he was also criticized for his passions such as gambling and horse racing. 

Sergen, whose contract expired at the end of the 1996-1997 season, could not agree with the club because he wanted more money than Besiktas could give with his teammate Alpay Ozalan. Sergen, who had problems with the management in Istanbulspor and was not paid in November 1998, terminated his contract unilaterally. He could not play football for a long time, although he met with clubs from Europe, he could not reach an agreement.

At the beginning of 1999, he transferred to Siirt JeT-PaSpor.

Sergen Yalcin

, who wore the Siirt JeT-Pa Spor uniform, later went to Fenerbahce for free and on loan. He was selected for the national team again with his performance in Fenerbahce.

At the end of the season, although Fenerbahce was 3rd, Sergen, who played well, was decided to stay in the team and was loaned for one more season. Sergen's contract was terminated in December. Sergen Yalcin has always been one of those boys who had the capability to realize their goals, and that is why

Sergen Yalcin childhood

was spent with hard-working to achieve goals.

Sergen Yalcin Girlfriend, Personal Life and Marital Status

Besides discussing Sergen Yalcin career, we will also talk about Sergen Yalcin children and family. Sergen Yalcin, the coach of Besiktas, came to the agenda with love events. Former football player and coach Sergen Yalcin allegedly had a relationship with Asli Turanli.

While investigations continue about Sergen Yalcin's lover Asli Turanli, researches such as whether he is married to Asli Turanli, who is Sergen Yalcin married to, is single or divorced.

Researches such as which TV series he played and whether he is an actor are continuing. Born in 1994, Asli Turanli completed her university education at Marmara University, Department of Foreign Trade and International American Relations. Acting in some plays at the Emek Sahnesi, Asli Turanli joined the cast of the musical "Ahh Sureyya", directed by Ferdi Merter and written by Kaan Erkal, staged at the Theater Carnival.

Sergen Yalcin Career

Following the

top facts about Sergen Yalcin

, you should probably be more excited about the rest of the article, so we intend to bring up a new topic. Sergen Yalcin was born on November 5, 1980, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Sergen Yalcin career story is a great one. He began his football career at Besiktas' academy and went on to become one of Turkey's most famous players. In 1989, he was a member of the Turkish Youth Teams Championship winning team. During Gordon Milne's tenure, he was promoted to the Besiktas A-Team. He began training with the A team in the beginning of 1991. With a goal and an assist in a friendly encounter versus Sariyer, he created a name for himself.

In the second part of the 1990-91 season, he did not play in any games, but he was occasionally named in the 16-man squad. In the same season, Besiktas PAF won the Istanbul championship, and Sergen contributed goals to the club.

On September 1, 1991, Sergen Yalcin made his professional debut against Genclerbirligi. He did not play for Besiktas for a long period after the second half of the season, although playing for the PAF team for a short time in the midst of the season. Between 1991 and 1996, he was a standout performer, winning two league championships, two President's Cups, and one Turkish Cup.

With his goals, he helped Istanbulspor get out of the group in the Intertoto Cup as soon as he arrived. They finished fourth in the league and qualified for the UEFA Cup at the end of the season. Cem Uzan stepped down as president after being knocked out of the UEFA Cup in the first round the next season, and all of the players were placed on the transfer list.

Sergen unilaterally ended his contract in November 1998. For a long time, he was unable to play football, and despite meeting with clubs from throughout Europe, he was unable to reach an agreement.

Fadil Akgunduz's team was relocated to Siirt JeT-Pa Spor in the start of 1999. Sergen, dressed in the Siirt JeT-Pa Spor uniform, was suggested to Fenerbahce free of charge and on loan by Akgunduz and Tanju Colak. He wore the Fenerbahce jersey with coach Joachim LOw's permission.

He stated at the signing ceremony that he had been a Fenerbahce fan since he was a boy. With his performance in Fenerbahce, he was re-elected to the national team.

At the end of the season, although Fenerbahce was 3rd, Sergen, who played well, was decided to stay in the team and was loaned for one more season. However, Zdenek Zeman and Sergen could not come to an agreement with the coach Ridvan Dilmen, who resigned after he was eliminated from the UEFA Cup. Losing his jersey at the end of the first half, Sergen's contract was terminated in December.

In order to be able to play for a team in


again, he had to be sold to a team in Europe with the "hulle" method according to the federation rules and then returned to Turkey. That's why Sergen was sold on paper to the Macedonian team FK Sloga Jugomagnat, then loaned to Galatasaray at the beginning of 2000.

Sergen thus became the 4th player to play in the 3 Seniors after Refik Osman Top, Ali Soydan and Saffet Sancakli. With his successful performance in the midfield, he contributed greatly to his team's winning the league championship and the Turkish Cup.

Although Galatasaray won the UEFA Cup at the end of the season and won a European Cup for the first time in Turkey, Sergen could not be included in this legendary squad because he played a match with Fenerbahce jersey in the cup at the beginning of the season.

He left the team at the end of the season towards the end of the season. At the beginning of the 2000-2001 season, he was loaned to Trabzonspor and became the first player to play in all 4 big players. He struggled with injuries in his first days with Trabzonspor. At the end of the season, Trabzonspor became the 5th, while Sergen Yalcin parted ways with



He was loaned to Galatasaray for 1 year by the chairman Mehmet Cansun for the 2001-2002 season. Sergen, who shed more weight under Mircea Lucescu's management, started to draw attention again with his performance. At the end of the season, Sergen won the championship once again with Galatasaray, and he played in 9 matches in the Champions League and helped his team get out of the groups with 2 goals.

In order to be able to play for a team again in Turkey, he had to be sold to a team in Europe and returned to Turkey from there, using the "hulle" method, according to the federation rules. That's why Sergen was on paper sold to Macedonian team FK Sloga, then loaned to Galatasaray at the beginning of 2000. Sergen thus became the 4th player to play in the 3 Seniors after Refik Osman Top, Ali Soydan and Saffet Sancakli.

Sergen made his debut against Macedonia in a friendly match in 1994. He would go on to represent his country in Euro 1996 and 2000, but was unable to compete in the FIFA World Cup in 2002 due to injuries. Sergen scored five goals in 37 games for the Turkish national team.

Turkey had not competed in a major tournament since 1954. Sergen was instrumental in the qualification process, scoring two goals. Sergen played in two finals matches, both of which ended in a scoreless and goalless draw.

Sergen attracted multiple offers from European clubs following the competition, including West Ham United. Sergen's refusal to transfer was exacerbated by the fact that the clubs chasing him were not as big as Besiktas.

During this time, Sergen was largely inactive on the national team. Sergen came in as a second-half substitute against Belgium in the first round of World Cup qualification.

Sergen went from hero to villain in the space of five minutes by orchestrating his own dismissal after scoring a brilliant half-volley on the edge of the area. The match ended in a 2–1 loss for Turkey in Brussels. Sergen was not selected for the next 13 months by manager Mustafa Denizli, who considered him as a liability. Sergen's only other qualifying match was a 5–0 win over San Marino, and he was a severe disappointment. Turkey was unable to advance to the championship round.

Sergen missed the majority of the Euro 2004 qualification campaign, but he was selected for the vital final qualifying match against England thanks to his remarkable performance against


. His final outing for Turkey concluded in a 0–0 draw. He missed the play-off ties against Latvia due to injury, and Turkey lost.

Sergen Yalcin Religion


Sergen Yalcin religion

in top facts about Sergen Yalcin article, like most of the Turkish people, he is Muslim.

Islam is the largest religion in Turkey according to the state, with 99.9% of the population being initially registered by the state as Muslim, for anyone whose parents are not of any other officially recognised religion and the remaining 0.1% are Christians or adherents of other officially recognised religions like Judaism.

Sergen Yalcin Salary, Net worth and Market Value

Now the whole

Sergen Yalcin net worth

is around €8m and he also had an annual net salary of €0.5m. After all, about

Sergen Yalcin market value

, it should be said his highest market value was in 2004 worth €4m.

Sergen Yalcin Transfermarket Stats

Sergen Yalcin transfermarket stats

 are great. As we said, in terms of Sergen Yalcin stats, he managed to play 432 games throughout his career. Sergen Yalcin entered the first team of Besiktas in 1991; he joined Siirt Jet-Pa Spor for free and it was the start of an exciting path.

Sergen Yalcin, had a bad time at Inter, but then he joined to Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Trabzonspor for free. His performances in Besiktas, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Trabzonspor, and Eskisehirspor, proofs,

Sergen Yalcin stats

are fantastic.

Some Short Top Facts about Sergen Yalcin

One of the favorite parts of SportMob's article on

top facts about Sergen Yalcin

is amazing quotes.

Sergen Yalcin on Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Lionel Messi

and Ronaldo are both great players. One plays with physical strength and the other plays with talent. But neither is a Maradona."

Sergen Yalcin on Besiktas

“I entered Besiktas Club when I was 11 years old. Besiktas is my everything. In my soul, in my blood, in my brain cells, in short, everywhere in my body. 7 years ago, I won the black and white team the highest amount of money in its history. While I was going to Istanbulspor, I left Besiktas as the player of the champion team. I have gained a lot financially in 7 years. The love of black and white has always lived in my heart.

Sergen Yalcin Achievements

Sergen Yalcin has played for in Besiktas, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Trabzonspor, and Eskisehirspor. In addition, he also played with the Turkey national team, making his debut in 1994. Let's take a look at Sergen Yalcin's achievements in the top facts about Sergen Yalcin's article.


  • Turkish Champion in 1991/92-1994/95-2002/2003 and 2020/2021 (as a manager)

  • Turkish Super Cup Winner in 1992 and 94

  • Turkish Cup Winner in 1993/94-2005/2006


  • Turkish Champion in 1999/2000-2001/2002

  • Turkish Cup Winner in 1999/2000

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Sergen Yalcin was a midfielder. His height is 1.76 m and he weighs 78 kg.

About Sergen Yalcin age, it should be said that he is 49 years old.

When it comes to the

top facts about Sergen Yalcin

, great technique, fighting attitude, dribbling ability, creativity, and outstanding achievements come to mind.

Sergen Yalcin salary at Besiktas is €0.5m per year.

Regarding Sergen Yalcin children, he has no kids.

Sergen Yalcin is Turkish and he plays for Turkey national team.


Sergen Yalcin social media

, he is not active in social media, and his relationships are limited to the pitch.

Sergen Yalcin Instagram account

 has 650K followers. Besides all this information, it is better to mention Sergen Yalcin Facebook account and

Sergen Yalcin Twitter account


Sergen Yalcin Quotes

Relating to 

Sergen Yalcin salary

, he earns €0.5m. His salary as a player was more than this fee.

Sergen Yalcin net worth is around €8m. He made his €8m fortune in Besiktas, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Trabzonspor, and Eskisehirspor, and Turkey national team. 

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