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Nesta believes Lazio made a ‘great response’ by going for Sarri

Wed 09 June 2021 | 12:03

A few hours ago, Lazio officially announced that Maurizio Sarri would sit on their bench next season, and former Lazio defender Alessandro Nesta believes the move was a good response to Mourinho's appointment by Roma.

Nesta believes that Inzaghi's departure was a big blow for Lazio, but the club could not have reacted better.


I believe that Simone Inzaghi's departure left a hole,"

Nesta said during the presentation of the collaboration between Adidas and Calcio Sociale, according to PagineRomaniste.

"Lazio have now taken Sarri, Roma picked up Mourinho. It was a great response from the Biancocelesti."

Nesta left Lazio for Milan in 2002 and was one of Rossoneri's mainstays in winning two Champions League trophies in 2003 and 2007.



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