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Pippo Inzaghi becomes Brescia manager

Tue 08 June 2021 | 21:43

Pippo Inzaghi has trained Brescia players but he hasn’t been announced as their coach yet.

Massimo Cellino

has not announced

Pippo Inzaghi



head coach yet, even though he has been at their training ground because he has superstitious beliefs. He thinks that he shouldn’t announce important news on a Tuesday.

The reports suggest that Pippo Inzaghi, who has worked as Benevento, Venezia, Bologna, and Milan head coach, has agreed on a two-year contract with Brescia, and it will be announced on Wednesday because of the Brescia president’s superstitious believes.

The Gazzetta Dello Sport has reported that Cagliari and Leeds United’s former Patron will announce the news of hiring Inzaghi late because of his superstitious belief that announcing big news on a Tuesday brings bad luck for the team.

The club’s players have worked with five different head coaches in this Serie B season in search of finding a manager to help them get away from their situation.

Inzaghi has not been able to prove himself as a big manager despite being a very successful football player playing for Italy and Milan. The former Italy international hopes to change things around in his career by showing his quality as Brescia’s manager, but it seems like a risky decision considering the number of head coaches that Brescia has had this season.

source: SportMob