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Willian Biography

Willian is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a winger or as an attacking midfielder for Premier League Club Arsenal and Brazil national team. This article brings you the full account of Willian life story and his road to fame so stay tuned and don’t miss the storyline of this remarkable footballer.

Willian is a talented player with a unique style of play. His agility and technics have turned him into a tough opponent to go up against. Willian’s fast dribbling and control on the ball are one of a kind. The footballer is well known to pull off tricks like the elastic to confuse the defenders in order to make his way to the net. No wonder he once was nicknamed Chelsea’s Samba.

We will start with Willian childhood and bring you the full account of notable events of his life. Every little boy’s dream in Brazil is to one day become a professional footballer. Of course Chelsea’s Samba had the same dream and worked hard to fulfill it. Based on Willian Biography before he made a name for himself in football he played the drums. Find out more about the footballer’s storyline in the following.

Things You Didn’t Know About Willian Biography

Willian nationality

is Brazilian and of course you know how gifted the Brazilians could be in football. The same goes for Willian as well and he is considered to be one of the best wingers of his generation. Willian is called the black diamond for his remarkable way of playing and achievements in football. He established himself at Corinthians, before joining Shakhtar Donetsk in August 2007. Find out the details about Willian biography in the following.

Willian Information 

Before we start with Willian childhood and early life we will fill you in with quick facts and information about the footballer’s profile.

Willian Bio  

Full Name: Willian Borges da Silva

Nickname: Willian, The Black Diamond, Chelsea Samba

Willian Personal Information

Birth Date: 9 August 1988

Birth Place: Ribeirao Pires, Brazil

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Gender: Male

Nationality: Brazilian

Religion: Christian

Age: 33 Years

Willian Physical Stats:

Height: 1.75 m

Weight: 68 kg

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black (Curve)

Willian Family Information:

Father: Severino da Silva

Mother: Maria da Silva

Sister: Michele

Marital Status: Married

Wife/Girlfriend: Vanessa Martins

Marriage Date: 19 April 2011

Daughter(s): Manuella and Valentina

Willian football information:

Playing Position: Winger / Attacking Midfielder

Current Club: Arsenal

Favorite Team: Brazil National Football Team

Jersey Number: #12 / Arsenal #10 / Brazil

Professional Debut : 2006

International Debut: 10 November 2011

Hobbies: Playing football, Video Games, Basketball

Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Willian Childhood and Early Life

Now let’s start with

Willian childhood

and early life. Willian Borges da Silva was born on 9 August 1988 in Ribeirao Pires, Brazil. Which is located in the Metropolitan Region of the city of Sao Paulo, in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. According to Willian date of birth his zodiac sign is Leo. He was born to Maria da Silva and Severino da Silva. His mother was a home keeper and his father worked as a car spare part seller. As he grew up Willian tried to find his way financially and he struggled to make an income for himself.

For a time, he played the drums and he was very talented. In an interview he stated: “If I wasn’t a Chelsea star I would still be playing samba beat on my drums in Brazil.” Before making his was in football the Brazilin footballer played all the popular instruments. Willian religion is Christian and during his childhood he was friends with the Brazilin star, David Luiz. In an interview Willian stated about the footballer: “David was my friend from childhood from the age of eight, and it’s a great gift from god to be able to meet him at Chelsea.”

In his early days, Willian himself admitted that he wasn’t such a great student and he often had a tough time learning in school. In an interview he stated with a smile: “I was terrible. So bad that I’d get my mom to do my homework. Not been cut out of education was what promoted me to take football up as a profession.” As a kid, he had a great passion for kicking the ball on the pitch and he showed such amazing talent. His parents, especially his father are very proud of him.

Willian described his father: “My father is very passionate and sometimes he talks too much especially when it comes to praising and boasting about me to his friends. I already spoke to him and asked him not to say anything else from now on. I was also lucky that I had my father. When I was 15 he was the one who told me that if I really wanted to become a professional, I would have to choose between football and futsal, which I had been playing since I was four. He helped me keep my feet on the ground.”

He added: “If you are good at football, agents begin to show interest in you very quickly. I also had the ego boost of playing for the youth national teams. If you are not careful, you might start thinking that you have made it before you actually have. But my father never let me think I was anything special. We knew the competition was great. There is a saying that you have to kill a lion and a half a day, because everyone else is killing at least one. My father always told me that.” Find out more information about

Willian biography

in the following.

Willian profile

Willian started his professional career back in 2007. He joined Corinthians and made his big break while featuring in 11 league games and scoring two goals. On 23 August 2007, he reached an agreement with Shakhtar Donetsk and signed a 5-year contract for no less than €15 million. In an interview Willian recalled: “In August 2007, when I was 19, I got an offer from Shakhtar Donetsk. As you know, every player in Brazil dreams of playing in Europe, especially for one of the big clubs. I must admit that I had not planned to leave Brazil so early, and I had certainly not envisaged a future in Ukraine.”

He added: “But Corinthians really needed to sell me at that moment, and Shakhtar really wanted me. So my father and I went there to check things out. The people from Shakhtar were very convincing. When our flight landed in France they had a private jet waiting for us. I was like, Damn, I have never flown a private jet before. All we knew about Donetsk was that it was supposed to be a cold place. But it was summer, and really, really warm.”

Willian continued: “I thought, Surely the winters cannot get that cold…. Then I met the coach, Mircea Lucescu, and some of the players, including Fernandinho, Luiz Adriano and Ilsinho, who were all Brazilians. The facilities looked good. Finally, my father and I concluded that this could be a great start for me in Europe. And so I decided to join Shakhtar.” Willian’s performance improved and he assisted the team a lot. He led the club to a Vyshcha Liha and Ukrainian Cup double. He also had helped Shakhtar Donetsk to pick up the last UEFA Cup title before it was rebranded as the UEFA Europa League.

During his time with the club, Shakhtar secured the Ukrainian Premier League title for the third year in a row and the Ukrainian Cup title for the second time. On 31 January 2013, the footballer joined Anzhi Makhachkala for more than €30 million. On 14 April 2013, Willian scored his only goal for the team in a 3-0 win over Volga Nizhny Novgorod. Based on

Willian biography

in August 2013, the club struggled with financial problems and they had to sell some of the players including Willian.

Willian Joined His Dream Club

This was a great opportunity for Willian to choose his dream club. “Many clubs wanted me, but I wanted to go to Chelsea. And in the end, thank God, I was able to fulfill my dream. I can still remember visiting the club, seeing the facilities, meeting David Luiz in the dressing room. I was so happy. God seems to have heard what I wanted and said, “This is where he will go.” On 25 August 2013, Willian officially signed a contract with Premier League club Chelsea. Prior to his contract with the club he passed a medical exam for Tottenham.

This confused the two clubs that which one he will sign for. Later the footballer declared that he preferred Chelsea but in case they turned him down he didn’t want to lose Tottenham’s offer. Willian stated about his days at Chelsea: “Since I joined Chelsea, a lot has happened that has shaped my character. The first year was disappointing, because we were fighting for the title but finished third.”

He added: “We also made the Champions League semifinals, drawing away in the first leg against Atlético Madrid. We were 1–0 up at home in the second leg, and I remember thinking, Damn, I have never been in a Champions League final, and now we’re going there!” Find out more details about Willian biography in the following. Stay tuned for more information about Willian biography.

Willian style of play

Before we get into the details of Willian style of play let’s see how things went for the footballer after Chelsea. Willian left The Blues following nine goals and seven assists in his last Premier League season. Overall he scored 63 goals in 339 games for Chelsea. On 14 August 2020, he signed for Premier League Club Arsenal on a three-year contract. According to

Willian bio

and as we mentioned before he plays as a winger or an attacking midfielder. Willian is a versatile player and he is capable of playing on both sides of the pitch.

This feature has turned him into a valuable player. At Chelsea he played mostly as a wringer however he played in the center as well. On the pitch he supports the team with smart movements and precise actions. He is a talented player with amazing technics and remarkable style of play. His dribbling skills on the pitch has turned him into a tough opponent with great control on the ball.

During the 2015-16 season at Chelsea he was under the spotlight due to his prowess at direct free-kicks, with almost all his goals coming from set pieces. Over time Willian came a long way and worked hard on his attacking tactics which led many to call him Chelsea's top performer of the season. Find out more details about Willian biography in the following.

Willian Reception

Willian is a smart player with great vision and he made lot of football experts wonder during his time at Chelsea. He made his way to the heart of Chelsea fans and they even sang a song about him and called it the Willian song which is directed toward Tottenham Hotspur fans. It tells the story of how the gifted Brazilian got a call from Abrahimovic after he passed his medical exam and got to his transfer terms with Tottenham Hotspur and later got on board with Chelsea.

In an interview he stated: “The happiest moments are when you win a league title, because you spend an entire season fighting for it. I will never forget my first one at Chelsea, which we won under José Mourinho in 2015. The party on the pitch and in the dressing room was incredible. We actually won it with three league games still to play, and Mourinho had promised us four days off each week if we won the title. So each week for the rest of the season I would train one day, play a game, and then spend four days with my family on holiday.”

The footballer also has a special place in Jose Mourinho’s heart. Willian and Mourinho had established a father and son relationship. The footballer considers Mourinho the best coach in the world. He further explained: “People ask me about the best coaches I have had. For sure, Mourinho is one of them. We had a special relationship. He demanded a lot, so there were some conflicts, but that’s normal. He would challenge me and call out my mistakes, but if I had played well he would also say something like, “Today you killed it.”

He added: “I loved his management, how he organized training, how he spoke in meetings. I learned a lot from him. Even after he left Chelsea he spoke well of me. We are still friends. Sometimes we exchange messages. When he was at Manchester United he wanted me to go there. And the way in which he made that clear was always respectful.” Learn more details about

Willian biography

in the following.

Willian Goal Celebration

The most epic goals Willian scored were for Chelsea Fc. No wonder every Chelsea fan loves him and sing his song. During 2015-16 season at Chelsea Willian scored his fifth Champions League goal of the season in a 2-0 win against Porto in Chelsea's final group match, ensuring the team qualified for the knockout stage as group winners. Following this victory, he was named Chelsea's Fans' Player of the Year and Players' Player of the Year for 2015–16. The footballer has a unique way of celebrating his goals while he gets down on his knees and open his arms in the air. Stay tuned for details about Willian life story.

Willian Life Outside Football

Just with a quick look at Willian social media including his account on Instagram you will instantly realize that the Brazilian footballer is a family man. Based on Willian bio he is married. The footballer spends most of his time with his wife Vanessa Martins and his two daughters. Willian nationality is Brazilian and the same goes for Vanessa. Recently he posted a photo along with his beautiful wife, congratulating her birthday. He captioned: “Today is your birthday and I want to wish you all the happiness in the world. You deserve it for being a special person that fills me with pride and pleasure.”

He added: “You are a loving and faithful wife who is worthy of being happy. Happy birthday.” To Willian, family always comes first. Unfortunately, at the beginning of 2016, the footballer declared the death of his mother Maria da Silva after a long battle with cancer. On mother’s day, he posted a photo of his deceased mother and captioned: “I miss you every day. Spending mother’s day without you hurts so much. Missing you forever.” Find out more details about

Willian life story

in the following.

Willian Personal Life

You might want to learn more details about Willian personal life and. So we suggest you keep on reading because the good parts are in the way.

Family, Children and Relationships 

Willian met the stunning Vanessa Martins in 2007. The couple made a strong bond together. In 2011 Willian asked his long term girlfriend to marry him. Vanessa walked down the aisle in a beautiful white dress and they got married among their family and friends. According to

Willian date of birth

he is now 33 years old while his wife is 39. Vanessa is six years older than Willian. As we mentioned before just like Willian nationality she is Brazilian too. On February 2012, Vanessa Martins gave birth to Willian daughters, Valentina da Silva and Manuella da Silva. Find out more details of Willian biography in the following.

Willian philanthropy

As we mentioned before

Willian religion

is Christian and over the years he showed how much he tried to be a good one. Willian never forgot his home town and he constantly sends donations, providing chances for the next generation in sports. During the Coronavirus pandemic he worked for the benefit of both UK and Brazil donating his former team’s Chelsea shirt for an auction to raise money for NHS heroes, and lending his voice to a campaign encouraging people to wear masks in his hometown.

Willian legal issues

During his time at Chelsea, Willian came across a letter which was signed by him that authorized a change of agent. Willian claimed that this was a forged letter and instructed his lawyers to take legal action. “I would like to clarify that I never signed such letter, the content of which I completely deny,” Willian wrote on Instagram. “I hope I have clarified the matter and any possible misunderstanding.”

Willian Career Statistics

Willian career statistics will tell you a lot about the footballer’s skills and performance on the pitch. So stay tuned and keep on reading.


As we mentioned before Willian started his career with Corinthians. Later he joined Shakhtar Donetsk. He made 221 appearances while scoring 37 goals for the team. Willian made his big break during his time with Chelsea and made lot of wonders at there. He featured in 339 games and scored the total of 63 goals for the blues.


On international level the footballer made his debut in the 2007 South American Youth Championship over Chile on 7 January 2007, which ended up with Brazil victory. So far Willian made 70 appearances and scored 9 goals for Brazil national team.

Willian managerial career 

So far Willian has no plans for a managerial career.

Willian Honors 

Over the years the Brazilian footballer proved himself worthy and brought victory and honor to the clubs he played for and also his country. Here are some achievements of Willian listed below:

Shakhtar Donetsk 

  • Vyshcha Liha/Ukrainian Premier League: 2007–08, 2009–10, 2010–11, 2011–12

  • Ukrainian Cup: 2007–08, 2010–11, 2011–12

  • Ukrainian Super Cup: 2008, 2010

  • UEFA Cup: 2008–09


  • Premier League: 2014–15, 2016–17

  • FA Cup: 2017–18; runner-up: 2016–17

  • Football League/EFL Cup: 2014–15; runner-up: 2018–19

  • UEFA Europa League: 2018–19


  • South American Youth Football Championship: 2007

  • Copa América: 2019

Willian individual achievements are listed in the following as well:  

Ukrainian Premier League Best Player: 2010–11

UEFA Champions League Team of the Group stage: 2015–16

Chelsea Player of the Year: 2015–16

Chelsea Players' Player of the Year: 2015–16, 2017–18

Premier League Goal of the Month: January 2018

Chelsea Goal of the Season: 2017–18

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