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Hodgson prepares to depart Crystal Palace

Sun 23 May 2021 | 9:53

Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson, who is on the verge of departing the club, says he could have ended his career a decade ago when he was in charge of Liverpool.

After being in charge of

Crystal Palace

for four years,

Roy Hodgson

will depart the club after their final battle of the season against


and revealed that he will hang up his boots.

Hodgson, who managed 16 teams across eight countries in 45 years of his career, was Rafael Benitez replacement at Liverpool in 2010, but failing to deliver good results, he was sacked six months later.

If his time at Anfield had ended differently, he would have considered calling it quits.


It wasn't successful enough on the field for me to really make a fuss about that decision. I was disappointed by it,"

Hodgson told 

Sky Sports


"I was honestly thinking at the time that if I could get the three years of my contract there, it would have been a fitting end to my career, but that was in 2010 and it's 11 years later!"

When quizzed what match he would like to play again if he could go back, he said:

"There have been so many matches but the most obvious one is the last England game against Iceland because we didn't look like we were going to produce that sort of performance and go out of the tournament in that way.

"In fact, we were feeling pretty good about ourselves and thinking we could get to France and play them in the next game and reach the final. So of course, that would be the one that you'd like to replay again."

Although he wanted to end his career as England manager, being tempted by his childhood club, he tried to bring stability back to Crystal Palace and now he is ready to depart. The 73-year-old is the oldest to have ever managed a Premier League club. He received a guard of honor by Palace and Arsenal.


One is always close to tears in these situations, there's no question of that, but I'm hoping I'll be able to keep the emotions reasonably in check,"

Hodgson said.

"Most importantly of all, I hope in my final game I'm going to see Crystal Palace give the same sort of performance that they've done in the past two games against Villa and Arsenal. I think we've been really good. If the lads can pull off a performance like that again that would be a really fitting finale when it comes to the football.

"The past few days for me have not been an emotional rollercoaster because it's been constantly going up and up and up, and I don't know how high it can go, but I know there's going to come a moment when like all rollercoasters, the carriage plummets downwards and I'm going to feel an enormous void.

"The world of Premier League football is going to sleep for a few weeks before the Euros starts so I'll take that opportunity to hibernate as well - for a few weeks at least."

source: SportMob