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Neymar didn't deserve the red card, says Pochettino

Tue 06 April 2021 | 19:29

The Argentinian manager says that Neymar should channel himself for the Bayern Munich match.


returned to action for


while he made his last appearance for the French club back in February. However, his return was not in the best style as he was sent off in the 1-0 defeat against



PSG should face Bayern Munich ahead of the next stage of the knock-out matches of the Champions League and Pochettino wants Neymar to focus his energy on the next Champions League matches.

"After six weeks, he was very excited to start a game,"

Pochettino told a news conference on Tuesday, explaining Neymar's red card.

"He's an emotional player, he likes to play, he likes to fight, he's a competitive player. He didn't deserve this red - he was sent off for various reasons - but he knows he has to channel himself.

"I hope that tomorrow everything will be fine, that we can play a very good game, and that the whole team will get the performance we hope for."

source: SportMob