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Bonucci tested positive for coronavirus

Thu 01 April 2021 | 16:00

Leonardo Bonucci has joined his teammate Merih Demiral in testing positive for coronavirus.

A day after the Italian Football Federation announced that four members of their staff had tested positive for coronavirus,

Leonardo Bonucci

returned from his international duty with Italy.

He has now also tested positive for coronavirus as


have confirmed it and is going to self-isolate and also is going to miss the games against Torino, Napoli, and Genoa over the next 10 days.

"Leonardo Bonucci, upon returning from the Italian national team, this morning underwent a diagnostic molecular test for COVID-19 which came back positive,” Juventus stated on Thursday on their official website.

"The player has already been placed in home isolation."

Juventus earlier on Thursday confirmed that

Merih Demiral

has tested positive for COVID-19 on March 26 while he was away on international duty with Turkey.

He then was permitted to return to Italy on a specially arranged flight and is now isolating himself at the club’s J Hotel.

Meanwhile, Juventus are going to fine three players for breaching coronavirus restrictions by going to a party, according to reports from Italy.

source: SportMob