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Gosens: ‘Real Madrid will know the true face of Atalanta’

Tue 16 March 2021 | 11:24

Robin Gosens is determined to give Real Madrid a proper fight after their 1-0 loss in Bergamo.



lost 1-0 to

Real Madrid

in their last match after having played three quarters of the game with 10 men,

Robin Gosens

has vowed to give them a proper fight for their tonight’s return leg in the

Champions League


“Tomorrow they will know the true face of Atalanta,” Gosens told Kicker. “I spoke to Kroos: I’m not saying they were scared, but they have respect for the way we play.”

Gosens hopes to get a place in Germany’s squad for Euro 2020 this summer and does not agree with anyone who believes he can only attack.

“You can see that those who say this don’t watch our games,” he continued. “I have worked hard on the attacking phase, to be in the right place and anticipate the opponents’ defender.

“But I also made a qualitative leap in the defensive phase. When it comes to defending, I’m a normal full-back.”

Although he has attracted interest from top clubs across the continent, he still hopes for a return to the German Bundesliga.

“When you are on the radar of the European elite, it’s a pleasure,” he continued. “Playing in the Bundesliga is a lifelong dream and I hope to be able to realize it one day.

“Atalanta can activate a clause to extend the contract expiring in 2022 with another season. And then, no one knew Atalanta before, today they applaud us for the great football we are playing.”

source: SportMob