Rangers boss talks about his plans

Fri 05 March 2021 | 12:31

Steven Gerrard wants to make changes as they get close to glory.


need only four points to win the Premiership, and their boss can’t wait to finish the job.

“Fans are entitled to think what they want. People will want it to happen for their own satisfaction.

“For me it’s about becoming champions as quick as we can in any way we can do that.

“The important thing as a group is to just keeping winning football matches and it will happen when it happens.

“I totally respect that some fans might want to win it this way or that way – but I don’t think anyone will complain when we get this over the line.

“The important thing is to get that trophy back, get 55, knock all the 54s off the walls – that’s the main thing for me, adding to the wonderful history of this club.

“If it happens on Sunday in April or May, I don’t care so long as it happens.”


insists that the fans should not break the social distancing rules when celebrating their victory.

“We all have to continue to try and abide by the rules and respect social distancing.

“I know a lot of rumors are going about but my job is to focus on the game and try and get three points. People have to understand the situation our fans are in and what they’ve been through and the priority is that they stay safe.

“The fans are the priority here and we totally understand and we can certainly relate to how they’re feeling at the moment.

“We know there’s a real excitement and rightly so. We want them to really enjoy this time and really revel in the moment.

“The fireworks display was impressive, for sure, and I got a bit of a fright. It went on for some time – and some of my players were dodging them when they landed on the pitch.

“So we would say try and keep them away from the pitch so we can focus on the job we’re trying to do.

“But we totally understand the excitement levels and it’s fantastic what’s happening at the moment – and we need to enjoy every single day.

“The important thing for us is to stay focused and try and get over the line as quick as we can. We’ve got an opportunity to make this 99.9 per cent done and that’s what we want to do.”

source: SportMob