De Rossi: “Roma would be the dream”

Sat 27 February 2021 | 17:23

Daniele De Rossi has revealed his dream of being Roma’s coach and expressed his frustration at another flop for Roma. He also gives some pieces of advice to Lorenzo Pellegrini.

The former player

Daniele De Rossi

is keen on starting his career as a coach; however, he turned some offers away waiting for the best opportunity to come along.

I feel ready for this new challenge, I am really determined and won’t ask myself if I will start with a small or big club, although I doubt a really big club will ask me, as everyone needs to have their career path,

” said De Rossi.

There are few like Andrea Pirlo who can begin right at the top. The interest around me is pleasing, even if nobody can put me on the bench now.

“Naturally, Roma would be the dream, but I try not to talk about Roma, because I know that my words are given a certain weight. I know that I will always exist in the Roma world, but today I am effectively their ex-player, so I try to stay out of it.”

Pellegrini, who received criticism for telling Ciro Immobile ‘happy birthday’ on social media, was advised by De Rossi.

Some fans put up a banner for the Italy international, saying he is ‘not our captain.’

If I want to send a message to a friend of mine who plays for Lazio, I either call him on the telephone or do it privately.

“That’s not to say that putting up a photo of them together was wrong, but rather it’s best to avoid anyone getting offended, especially only a few days after losing the derby.

“For example, I did the same thing when Immobile had his birthday or Giampaolo Pinzi, who is like a brother to me. We need to be smart to avoid unnecessary trouble.”

The 37-year-old De Rossi is not pleased with the decision to cancel out building a new stadium for



I cannot comment on what was behind the choices, but I will say that I participated in two presentations of new stadium projects, one with the Sensi Presidency, one with Pallotta, and both times I really hoped it would happen.

“It’s a pity, because a new stadium would’ve lit a touchpaper for Italian football.”

source: SportMob