Moratti and Pellegrini wont return to Inter

Tue 09 February 2021 | 20:36

Inter are facing a financial crisis and Suning are looking too sell their share.


Inter Milan

president and owner Ernesto Pellegrini has denied that he and Massimo Moratti have returned to the club.

Suning, the owner of Inter, is facing critical financial conditions and is looking to sell the club's shares. BC Partners is their most serious client and has made offers and negotiations are underway. However, Pellegrini denied the possibility of returning to his former club.

“Neither Moratti nor I will think about it.”

“I don’t have a crystal ball, but I have hope for Inter because they have been playing very well lately,” Pellegrini added.

“It’s an open game, but Juve are the favourites given the victory at San Siro.”

Inter owes a lot of money, so it will be difficult for the club to find a new partner.

source: SportMob