Burnley boss: We’re beginning to find balance again

Thursday28 January 2021 | 13:24
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Sean Dyche comments on the victory against Aston Villa.


are not in a good situation in the Premier League. With 22 points, they are standing 15


in the league table. However, they managed to defeat

Aston Villa

last night to get further away From the relegation area.

Now Burnley boss,

Sean Dyche

has commented on his team’s performance in the victory against Villa.

“I’ve always believed the center forwards will score goals. I thought Woody was excellent in the second half and his goal was fantastic, Jay Rod got a couple at the weekend, Barnesy scored last Thursday.”

Dyche said.

“If we can do the diligent things often enough, these guys who have done a good job for us statistically over the years will score again, and I’m pleased to see they are scoring again.

“We’re beginning to find that balance again which we’ve found many times but we have to continue to work hard at it.

“The good thing about working with a group of people for a long time is you begin to trust more and more what they’re about.

“I had total trust at half-time to just remind them of some of the basics, remind them of the way we work, remind them of the details of the performance and in the second half it paid us back.”

source: SportMob