Potter on Bissouma and Brighton’s FA Cup qualification

Sunday24 January 2021 | 6:28
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The Premier League manager admitted to being frustrated with his player before he earned them their first goal.



Graham Potter

, revealed that he was getting frustrated with

Yves Bissouma

’s futile shots at


’s target before he scored the opener in their 2-1 win. Bissouma’s goal was followed by

Gary Madine

’s equalizer before

Steven Alzate

scored their winning goal.

“We’re getting a bit frustrated with him because he had a couple of shots before that that were scuffed along the floor,”

said Potter.

“And, when he shot, I was nearly close to getting frustrated again and then you see it fly in the top corner and it’s hard to argue with that.”

“He keeps telling me he’s got that quality and that ability to strike from distance and we’re happy for him, happy that he’s contributed to the game and us getting through to the next round.”

Potter added on Bissouma’s outstanding performance while admitting that the 24-year-old plays at a 

Champions League

level despite not being eager to part ways with him soon.

“He’s got that quality (to play in the Champions League), he’s got those attributes that you need at that level,”

he added.

“It’s about him being consistent enough to do that. I think he’s made steps with that but there’s still more to do and more to come.”

“It’s just nice that our players have taken a step forward, it’s nice for Yves that he’s taken a step forward. You never know anything in football these days.”

“But from his perspective, I think he’s happy here, he wants to help the team, so we are quite relaxed about everything.”

Commenting on their missed shots after scoring their winning goals, Potter continued:

“That’s probably the only bit that we can say we can do better with.”

“I thought we controlled the game but while it’s only by one goal, anything can happen, especially in this competition.”

“Credit to Blackpool, they were organised, and it’s nice for us to go through.”

source: SportMob
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