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Ceballos says that he is happy with his progress

Thu 14 January 2021 | 12:24

Ceballos talks about the importance of his loan move to Arsenal.

Dani Ceballos

who has joined


with a loan deal from Real Madrid has talked about the reasons behind his move and the progress he has made during his time in London.

Ceballos has told Arsenal’s official website:

“There's nothing more important than a coach having faith in you and asking you to come back. That's why I made the decision to come back to this club. The pressure he put on the club to bring me back here was key.

“The main reason I decided to come back was because I had real faith in the project led by Mikel. We did quite well at the end of last season, and I think the confidence that the coach and my team-mates showed in me was what made me come back to this great club.

“I told Madrid that I wanted to come back to Arsenal because during the first year I'd learned a lot about a new league. I'd improved a lot both physically and tactically, and after Mikel came in, the standard of my football improved. I think the best decision for me this year was to remain in the Premier League with Arsenal and keep working with a coach like Mikel Arteta.

“Since joining Arsenal I've become a much more mature player and I make better decisions. People knew my attacking game but nobody knew that winning duels and winning the ball back could be part of my game too. I think I've improved that side of my game a lot – the same goes for my positioning on the pitch.

“I think the FA Cup win was really important in terms of giving us confidence going into this season. I think we need to build on that this season.

“I think this team has lots of good players and a lot of room for improvement, and I'm absolutely convinced that we'll achieve big things. If we all pull in the same direction and if we all stick together, it will be a lot easier. I'm sure that this team has everything it needs to be successful.”

source: SportMob