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Joan Laporta’s plans to deal with Barcelona’s financial crisis

Wed 13 January 2021 | 20:59

The presidential candidate revealed how he wishes to change the current struggles at Camp Nou.


presidential candidate,

Joan Laporta

, revealed his plan to reverse the Spanish club’s current financial crisis after admitting that the team’s revenue is expected to be around €650m by the end of the season, which is 15% less than what was reported by the previous board.

Laporta believes the club needs long-term solutions and as

Jaume Giro

, a component of Laporta’s team, stated the team needs to follow the same models pursued by

Real Madrid


Bayern Munich

regarding their finances.

Laporta suggested three ways for Barcelona to reduce their debts, which are keeping their debts below €270m until 2023, altering the way in which they recruit players, and proposing two bonds aimed at supporters and investors.

Alex Barbany

, another Laporta team member, also added to the candidates suggestions by proposing a number of ways to increase the club’s income.

source: SportMob