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Gattuso: The team is alive and kicking

Sun 10 January 2021 | 17:45

Napoli boss, Gennaro Gattuso has commented on the victory against Udinese.





faced each other in Week 17 of Serie A and Napoli managed to defeat the opponent with two goals.

In a post-match interview, The Blues’ boss,

Gennaro Gattuso

has talked about the game and his team’s performance.

“The team is alive and kicking, but must always play at the top of its game, as we have important targets,”

Gattuso said

“On Wednesday we lost an incredible game with Spezia, so it was tough here to get back on track, but I am glad that we took back what we dropped three days ago.

“I don’t get angry with my players for their technique, it’s when they don’t smell fear. I think we are a team who repeatedly don’t spot the danger when it’s coming. I want to see a team that keeps going. I don’t want us to miss a chance, then I see immediately the defenders start complaining to each other, oh we missed a goal that means we’re bound to concede one. No! We have to work as a team.

“We have to improve in when we’re under pressure, because I know I don’t have a side that can soak up pressure for ages, that’s not our approach, but we can do better than we are now. You can’t tell me that mentality cannot be improved or coached. I don’t believe it.

“What happened with Spezia infuriated me, because the ball came off the post, we had five players ball-watching while Tommaso Pobega reacted quicker. That is a lack of determination that is unacceptable.

“Napoli want to always be beautiful, but sometimes being a bit ugly is a good thing. You can’t always be Brad Pitt, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Sometimes you have to be a bit ugly, like me. I look worse than usual now, as I’m all puffed up due to the cortisone shots, but I feel better…”



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