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Real Madrid blames La Liga following their flight delay

Sat 09 January 2021 | 12:56

The Whites had to spend two hours on the ground before taking off due to the heavy snowfall.

According to

Mundo Deportivo


Real Madrid

’s 2-hour flight delay due to heavy snowfall has made the team angry with La Liga. Los Blancos believed their match should have been postponed considering the weather conditions since

Athletic Club

match with

Atletico Madrid

was also delayed after the former were unable to land at Barajas Airport.

The snowfall not only caused delays in Real Madrid’s flight but also it forced them to hold their training session latter than usual. Before the commencement of the match it is expected that the pitch will be investigated for the game. If Real Madrid win this match they will be able to take the lead in the

La Liga




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source: SportMob