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You cannot have one day of being lazy or late, Remy warns Pepe

Fri 08 January 2021 | 11:10

Former teammate, Loic Remy has got some advice for Arsenal's player, Pepe.

Loic Remy

, former Chelsea player and former teammate of


, Arsenal’s winger has some advice for him. Pepe scored 22 goals in 38 games at


and the record convinced


to pay £72 million for the player. However, since his arrival, he scored 7 in 42 games for Arsenal.

Remy urges Pepe to not even stop working hard for a day to avoid being remembered as an expensive flop.

"He was flying in Lille and he was the best player in the team,"

Remy told Goal. 

"Then, when you get to the next step, the expectation is really high. You cannot have one day of being lazy or late. The intensity in big clubs is like that.

"You can’t complain and there’s not much time to adapt. You can't get away with mistakes anymore like you can at smaller clubs. There are always players waiting on the bench to take your spot.

"They will be training their hardest to replace you and that’s the biggest difference between big clubs and a smaller club.

"For him, the whole team are having a difficult season. Arsenal is Arsenal, so I think they will get back to having good results even if there are no easy games in the Premier League."



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source: SportMob