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Brophy is confident Killie have what is required to turn things around

Tue 29 December 2020 | 18:07

Eamonn Brophy is determined that Kilmarnock’s dressing room has enough quality to run on a richer run of form for the better.



Eamonn Brophy

believes actions need to be taken after five consecutive losses.

Killie were vanquished for the eighth time in nine Scottish Premiership matches. They are hoping to turn things around, going against


on Wednesday.

Brophy said: “

It’s been difficult as everybody knows but everybody needs to stick together and try to turn it around. I know we will but we just need to go out there and prove that to everybody and start picking up points.

“I’m sure there is enough in there to hopefully turn it around.

“I can only speak for myself but I am confident, and I am confident the boys can turn it around because I feel when I look around the dressing room we have enough to get us out of this and I believe we will.

“It’s just a matter of going out and putting performances in and getting points and climbing the table.

“It’s easy me sitting here saying we need to do this and that but we need to go out on the pitch and actually do it


The 24-year-old striker denies any major issues at the club.

There’s not one issue, I just think sometimes you go through these sticky patches in your career or as a team,” the 24-year-old said.

“But it only takes one win or one good performance to change this hopefully. And I believe we have enough to change it.

“It’s a similar squad to what we have had in the past few years. But we don’t want to just think that because we did well in the past we can do so again. We need to go out there and earn the right to win games.

“I feel we have been unfortunate in this spell as well but that gets you nowhere so we just need to work hard and put in good performances and start picking up points, most importantly.

We need to stick together. It’s not one individual to blame. It’s a team game and everybody needs to look at themselves and be better. It’s as simple as that.”

source: SportMob