Balotelli threatens his car’s vandals ‘pray I never find who you are’

Sat 05 December 2020 | 15:46

Former Azzurri striker called on the perpetrator and vowed ‘cowardly b*stards’ will be prosecuted under his watch.

The 30-year-old, who’s a free agent this season as his former side,


, were relegated from Serie A, shared the news that his vehicle had been attacked on his Instagram account, along with a video that showed broken windows and further damage to his vehicle, he detailed his angered response to the incident in another post.

"I know that you... YOU whoever you are will become aware of this message,"




Man City

’s striker wrote.

"I tell you just that you better pray, and pray hard, that I never find out who you are, because I will make sure you are persecuted for life by the law, seeing as ‘I can’t’ do it any other way. You cowardly b*stards."

With 30 years old,


has been seen as a wasted talent. He’s journeyed through a fractured career path, from his breakthrough at Inter to spells in England with Manchester City and Liverpool. Though, Azzurri manager

Roberto Mancini

believes it’s still not late for Balotelli.

“I trained him when he was still just a kid, I played him and he was extraordinary for many years,"

the Azzurri coach previously stated.

"My hope is that he will do something to change all this, as he’s still only 30 years old and would be at the peak of his football maturity."

Balotelli is close to sign a deal with the Brazilian side,

Vasco da Gama


source: SportMob