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Krawietz explains Klopp’s plans in the transfer window

Mon 30 November 2020 | 16:12

Peter Krawietz has talked about the reason Klopp didn’t ask for big signings in the transfer window.

Peter Krawietz

who works with

Jurgen klopp

as assistant manager has revealed that the boss didn’t want unnecessary changes in the team unless he was sure that they will help them grow.

Kostas Tsimikas


Thiago Alcantara


Diogo Jota



only signings and Klopp’s right hand has explained the reason in his interview with the Athletic.

“Our conviction was total. As total as it can be. We knew that there are no guarantees, but we were convinced that the squad’s composition was ideal for the challenges that season posed.

” Krawietz said.

“There were no reasons to make any fundamental changes. Unless you’re totally certain that a new player will move things forward, you’re better off staying well clear. You’re not doing your team and the new guy any favours otherwise.

“We knew that we were very well set up. We had played well and had had success but we did see the potential for development within.

“That’s always the basis for making such decisions. Finances come into it as well, but the decision not to make any changes was informed by us knowing it wasn’t necessary.”

Considering the team’s fitness problems they may have to make some important moves in the January transfer window unlike their summer performance in the market.

source: SportMob