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Barnes: Jota shows that Liverpool were right to not go for Werner

Mon 30 November 2020 | 13:42

Former Reds midfielder is impressed by Diogo Jota’s integration into Klopp’s team.

Having left


with a £41 million deal,

Diogo Jota



in the summer transfer window. The Portuguese forward has quickly established himself as a key player for Klopp’s team as he keeps shining for the Reds. His latest goal was scored in the team’s 1-1 draw against


on Saturday. Before signing Jota Liverpool were linked with

Timo Werner

, but RB Leipzig’s high fee demand hindered the transfer from taking place and the German forward joined Chelsea instead. In a recent interview with 


, former Liverpool player

John Barnes

has spoken about Liverpool’s smart decision to go for Jota instead of continuing their efforts to sign Werner.

 "Timo Werner is doing well and I’m sure he could have fit into what Liverpool wanted, but Liverpool want a player that wants to come to them,

"From the financial point of view, they would have paid the £48m that Chelsea have for Werner without a problem, but maybe Werner wanted to guarantee that he was going to play in every single week, which he does at Chelsea and he may not necessarily have got that at Liverpool, just as Jota hasn’t.

"From Werner’s point of view, he would not have been guaranteed a starting place at Liverpool. Perhaps it's a decision he made and one Liverpool made in terms of wanting the player that would be happy to be a part of a squad as Jota is.

"Jota is playing well not just because he’s a really good player, but because he’s happy to not play every game and he’s got the right attitude.

"What Klopp does with all the players is he looks at a player that can fit into what he wants and he knew Jota could do what he wanted, I’m sure Werner could have done the same, so like with a lot of players at Liverpool I don’t think they’re improving, I think they’re at a club that suits their style perfectly and the way Liverpool play perfectly suits Jota."



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source: SportMob