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Vidal joined Vieira and Zlatan in their special record

Thu 26 November 2020 | 14:03

Vidal is the third player to receive red cards with three different clubs in UCL.


is now the third player who has been sent off with three different clubs in the

Champions League


The Chilean international was sent off after he didn’t accept the referee’s decision and kept talking to him and yelling at him after an incident he believed to be a penalty in the Inter’s clash against

Real Madrid

in the Champions League.

There are only two players who have done this before and both of them have played for Inter at some point in their career one of them is

Patrick Vieira

Inter’s former midfielder and

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

who has played for both Inter and Milan and also Juventus.

Vidal has been sent off for Inter, Bayern Munich and Barcelona in the Champions League and joined the two other players who have done the same but with different teams.

Transfermarket has reported that the only red cards he received in Barcelona and Bayern Munich were in the Champions league. He has been sent off the pitch seven times in total.



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source: SportMob