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Manchester United warned Lindelof over his fitness

Tue 24 November 2020 | 15:06

Janne Andersson is worried about the number of games his players are going to play, with his defender at Old Trafford complains of back pain.


Janne Andersson

is worried about the number of games that the defender must play,

Manchester United

have been sent a warning over

Victor Lindelof

’s fitness.

The games have to be played fast and thick as there have been three international breaks to the 2020-2021 leagues so far. 

Lindelof is one of those players who have plenty of game time, he has 15 appearances for the club and his country. 

He is seeing the effects of a condensed campaign as he had a shorter summer because of Coronavirus.  

According to

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

, this 26-year-old player complains of his back pain, with the Red Devils center-half admitting to playing through pain. 

Anderson says he may face serious problems if he does not include rest in his plans. 

“He basically plays Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday, Tuesday, and so on, for as long as he wants,” Andersson told Fotbollskanalen.

“And he had hardly any leave at all between the seasons now.


“That not more players have injuries… I am surprised. I am also surprised that there has not been more discussion and reasoning about it from a sporting and medical perspective.


“This is extremely tough for the players. And it’s not like they play against bad teams. These are very tough matches all the time.

“I really hope Victor can get his back in order. Injured players… it’s not fun. If he gets the chance to fully recover, we will see in the future.”

Anderson's problem has also worried Manchester United’s coach. He told the news:

“We were set up to fail.


“I said to you before, I want to talk about the kick-off time. They set up the boys to fail.

“We've got

Luke Shaw

injured today because we've been to Turkey, we've played loads of games already this season, we've been to Turkey on

Wednesday night, back in Thursday morning and we're playing Saturday in a lunchtime kick-off, it's an absolute shambles.

“I can't praise the boys enough for the character they've shown. Those boys deserve better than being thrown out here to fail.”





source: SportMob