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Ranieri:‘We should defend tooth and nail after taking the lead’

Sun 22 November 2020 | 20:01

Ranieri takes responsibility for losing the match after taking the lead in the game.


lost their match against


in a game that they were ahead at first.


thinks they were good in the first half but they lost their way after the second goal.

“We had done some good things in the first half, and we went back to 4-4-1-1 at the break to cover Jerdy Schouten better, but after the second goal we lost our way,” said Ranieri in his press conference.

“We tried our best, but weren’t sharp enough. We had got away with it when they hit the crossbar, but then Bologna scored on an unlucky incident just before half-time. It’s a pity.

“I only made two substitutions because we were already pinned back and if I’d made more changes, it would’ve been even worse.”

It wasn’t the first time they lose despite being ahead at first.

“It is disappointing, because it is tough to score goals, so once we do take the lead, we ought to defend that tooth and nail with the utmost concentration.

“We weren’t the same team all the way through the game and I have to take responsibility for that. We have lost our way and it’s up to me to get us back on track.”

Sampdoria boss was sent off by the referee during the game.

“I told the referee he was wasting too much time, taking us, himself and football for a ride.”


source: SportMob