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Sissoko on Mourinho ahead of their Man-City clash

Fri 20 November 2020 | 20:23

The Spurs could move to the top of the table if they win their upcoming game against Man-City.

According to



Moussa Sissoko

their Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho could be their key to Premier League glory. Sissoko believes every win of theirs so far should be credited to their coach and if the Spurs do win over

Manchester City

they will the top contenders for the title.

“It's good to have a manager who knows how to win,” Sissoko told the 


. “It's as simple as that.”

"Every club wants to win trophies, to win every week. Of course everyone would like to have a team playing great football, creating a lot of chances and giving the opponents no occasion to score.”

“But the main thing is to win games. He knows how to do it and he's done it many times. But he also knows how to play, to give a difficult time to the opponent.”

"Having a mix of both is perfect. So let's use it.”

Sissoko also talked about how they can face Man-City without fear.

“It's City but we are Tottenham: we don't have to be afraid of them. If we want to go far in this league, we have to beat them of course.”

The player further talked about their 2019 Champions League loss to


and where they stood at that point.

“Before Jose came, we were struggling a little bit,” Sissoko said. “I would say that the final impacted on us because to lose that final was a big drama for us. We came back with a lot of motivation to do well. But something was missing.

“Jose came and he came with a lot of energy, a lot of positive things and he came with a new philosophy and that helped us to come out again.”

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source: SportMob