LaLiga is more important than Messi, says Diego Forlan

Mon 16 November 2020 | 8:34

Former Atletico Madrid forward plays down Messi’s stay at LaLiga and believes that it ‘is not a gift’ for the competition.


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before he decided to continue with his club until the end of his contract. Messi’s contract will expire at the end of the current season and it remains to be seen whether the Argentinian super star will continue with Barcelona or he will play with another team’s jersey in the next season. In a recent interview with Marca, Former Atletico Madrid forward Diego Forlan has spoken about Messi’s transfer and his effect on LaLiga as a competition.

"I wouldn't say it is a gift [Messi finally staying]," former Atletico Madrid forward Forlan, who won the Europa League and UEFA Super Cup during his time in the Spanish capital between 2007 and 2011, told Marca Sport Weekend.

"Obviously, LaLiga has grown up thanks to the great players who played in different club. But LaLiga is LaLiga, and the clubs are very important, and are in the history.

"It is very good he stayed, but they are growing… Leo Messi, Luis [Suarez]… great players, they are changing and LaLiga will be still there… It is more than 90 years history of LaLiga and big stars has been here, and will be also.

"But at the end, what remains in LaLiga, the teams, and that is the important thing."

source: SportMob